Street 1522: A European-themed Food Court

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How will you react when a pub serves your favourite food? Do you also have some wild wishes like while walking down a European lane and having a bowl of Indian daal khichdi? Street 1522 is here to fulfill all your wild wishes.

Street 1522 is a collaborative step initiated by Eatstreet and 1522. The collaboration aims to give the best experience in terms of food and drinks. 1522 provides the most versatile experience to all Bangaloreans. You will get everything you want, in every situation, the way you wish to get it at Street 1522. No matter what is your age, Street 1522 has something for each and everyone.

Street 1522 is a food court that follows a unique theme inside. The interior and decoration will give you a feeling of visiting a European street. This food court has two floors of decorative seating arrangements. The house is accompanied by doors and balconies, street lights, and street clocks, bringing an exact street-like view. The food court is huge and visitors can enjoy the view from both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

To have a great time with your friends, and family, and enjoy good food, good drinks, and an unforgettable experience, Street 1522 welcomes you with open arms to be a part of their European-themed food court.

Location, Opening Hours, Website, and Much More


Location:Survey 31/1, Chikkakannalli, Carmelaram Road, Hadosiddapura, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560035
Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday: 12:00 pm – 12:30 am
Must-Have Dishes:Falafel, Dimsums, Cocktails, Dal Makhani, Kebabs, Paneer Tikka
Average Cost:
  • ₹2,200 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
  • ₹180 for a pint of beer (approx.)
Restaurants Available @ Street 1522:1522 Kitchen, Chef Kong, Brik Oven, Punjab Bistro, Biggies Burgers, Bangalore Local, Kebab Chowk
Contact Details:+918069091522
Website:Click here

What to Explore at Street 1522

Street 1522 is not only a food court, but also it is full of activities. You will find fun games, music, flavours, and much more in one location.


Street 1522 has mainly caught popularity because of its unique concept of serving food from different brands in one place. Street 1522 covers almost all the possible flavours starting from your favourite vada pav to the comfortable daal khichdi, or to lift up your weekend mood, even more, some wine, beer, or cocktails. Street 1522 kitchens make sure to serve every possible dish according to your current mood so that each time you come back and come back with the same excitement.


Europe is just coming closer to you, with the romantic street lamps, the streets with cobbled stones, cafe seating, outdoor seating, and the faded green touch in between with ficus trees outside your town at Sarjapur Road.

Game Zone

Apart from all the most iconic area is the game zone. You have a great time there with your friends. You will get a chance to show off your billiard skills, flaunt your way to holding the cue, and count how many times actually you have landed the ball inside the pocket.


Nothing can be a better option than visiting Street 1522 during the weekend with your friends. The endless number of food and drinks will set the proper weekend vibe. What if we say there is music as well, yes you heard it right. Street 1522 never fails to entertain you. You can follow their Instagram to keep yourself updated about the upcoming events that are going to be hosted there. You can click on the following link to get landed on their official Insta handle.

Instagram: Click here 

Restaurants Available at Street 1522

Under one umbrella you can enjoy everything starting from street food to authentic South Indian dishes, lip-smacking North Indian flavours, your favourite cocktails or draught beer, and a cup full of ice cream of your choice.

There are more than 8 brands that serve their items. Walk down to the European food lane in Bangalore to enjoy the mind-blowing flavours.

1522 Kitchen

Street 1522 welcomes you to the 1522 Kitchen. Level up the joy with 1522 special classic drinks, LIIT, Manhattan, whiskey sour, cosmopolitan, etc. You can try the shooters, mocktails, boosters, and much more. 1522 offers a vast menu including starters, mains, desserts, and soft drinks. 1522 Kitchen serves almost all the flavours in one plate. Bring your family or friends, as they have everything in one place for all age groups.

Chef Kong

It is now time to get some Chinese dishes to be served on your plate. For all Chinese lovers at the spot, Chef Kong is a great place to try some Chinese dishes at Street 1522. Chef Kong will welcome you with some flavourful soups. You can try Veg or Chicken Hot and Sour Soup, Chicken Steamed Wonton Thick Soup, Chicken Manchow Soup, etc., and move towards the starters. Crispy Chilli Potato, Thai Satay Chicken, Chicken 65, Sweet Basil and Thai Chilli Grilled Fish, Golden Fried Prawn with Chilli Mayo, or Butter Garlic Shrimp Cracker are our favourite starters.

To pair with your favourite rice or noodle items, choose anything from their main course range available in both veg and non-veg. For small appetites, they have a special snack range, where you will find veg and non-veg spring rolls, bao, and much more.

Brik Oven

Are you a big-time pizza lover? Street 1522 brings cheesy flavours to the table. Your favourite pizza store is at Street 1522. The freshly made cheese and delicious toppings on the pizzas, thin from the inside and thick from the edge, baked inside the rustic wood-fired oven at 400C will activate the flavourful volcano inside your mouth. The pizza-making process is authentic and traditional. The pizzas come with the delicious flavours of organic San Marzano tomatoes. Let the cheese give you a creamy and European touch at Street 1522.

Punjab Bistro

If you are looking for some desi flavours to roll down inside your mouth, and enjoy a unique experience. The royal dishes at a European location are truly a dream come true for many of us. You can try their veg and non-veg platters, aromatic biryani, or the completely desi Sarson ka Saag, rajma chawal, daal khichdi, etc. Take a ride on the European road and let it land you at the authentic North-Indian flavours.

Biggies Burgers

Biggies Burgers is one of the top burger points for all the Bangalorean. This is an in-house brand and is known as a pioneer of grilled burgers. Biggies Burger ensures the best quality ingredients and the best taste. Not only the taste but they also serve grilled burgers which are not that heavy on your pocket. The Beggies Burgers has been serving delicacy for the last 11 years successfully in many parts of India. They have veg, grilled chicken, cheese burger, paneer burgers, and a lot more. Apart from burgers, Biggies Burgers also serves four different types of chicken wings, wraps, and fries. To chill the mood a little more there are many cookie shakes. “Halloween Shake” is the most popular in-house shake you should definitely give a try. Lost yourself in the juicy flavourful chicken with the great European beauty.

Bangalore Local

For those searching for authentic South Indian dishes, Bangalore Local at Street 1522 would be a great option. Starting with South Indian Paya Soup, and Modern Koshambadi Salad, you can move yourself toward the South Indian starters. There are both veg and non-veg options available for starters. You can also get some South Indian curries and pair them with mudde, idli, and dose. Also, there are Ghee Rice, chicken, and mutton biryani. To get a slight change in the flavours in between you can take a sip from the healthy and refreshing cold-pressed juice and lassi. End your South Indian food journey at Street 1522 with some famous Indian desserts.

Kebab Chowk

Are you craving some kebabs? Have some juicy flavourful meat and pair it with your favourite drink. Invest yourself in the delicious veg, chicken, and mutton starters along with some specialty rolls. The seafood starters are the all-time favourites for most visitors. Grilled Prawan Kebab, Punch Phutan Steamed fish, Lucknow Tawa Basa Fish Kebab, etc will surely blow your mind. If you are visiting the place with your friend, family, or any large group we suggest you have a look at their kebab platter menu.

You can also try the main course dishes with some Indian bread and rice. For all the biryani lovers, they have two different flavours of biryani. 

To sweeten the mood pick anything dessert item available on their menu.


Your favourite ice cream brand at Street 1522 will sweeten your mood even more. Pick your favourite ice cream flavour, and get lost in the creamy world. Häagen Dazs is an American ice cream brand, that began its journey in the year 1960, with only three different flavours, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. Their passion and hard work made them famous worldwide, and currently available in 900+ different locations across the globe. The unique pick for you here is all the ice cream cocktails by Häagen Dazs, “Coffee & Cream”, “Strawberry Colada”, “Very Berry Sorbet” and much more, You can enjoy all the flavours with the romantic view of Street 1522, which will remind you of a perfect summer day on the road.


Each time we talk about Street 1522, we fall in love with the view, the atmosphere, and the decoration. The vibe is just so perfect that we couldn't describe it in words. No matter how boring one person is, the view at Street 1522 will surely wake the romantic person inside. Imagine walking through a long road holding the hands of your favourite person on a European street, isn’t it romantic? Sitting down on a roadside table, having your favourite cup of coffee on a bright sunny day, sounds just perfect. This is what you will crave after visiting Street 1522. We assure you that you can not hold yourself back from visiting the place again and again once you visit Street 1522.

The place is very popular among all the Bangaloreans, you may find it a little crowded. To avoid the crowd all you have to do is to follow our instructions. Reserve your table before visiting, and you are all set to experience the best experience. Do you want to know how to reserve the table? Here are the simple steps to book. Visit the restaurant page from the renowned booking applications, and reserve your table based on the day, time, and number of people you are going to visit.

Reserve Your Table

You can reserve your table using Swiggy, Zomato, and other online sites. Here is the link to book your table using Zomato and Swiggy. You can use our Zomato Coupon Code and Swiggy Coupon Code to get additional discounts while ordering online.


Book Your Table Using Zomato: Book here

Book Your Table Using Swiggy: Book here

Book Your Table Using Google: Book here


Is there any separate entry fee to be paid to visit Street 1522?

No, there is no entry fee to be paid additionally while visiting Street 1522.

Does Street 1522 serve alcohol?

Yes, Street 1522 has many restaurants inside to explore. Many of them serve Alcohol as well.

What types of dishes I can have there at Street 1522?

In the street 1522, there are both Veg and Non-veg dishes available. You will get a different range of North Indian, Asian, seafood, Continental, Mughlai, Street food, Ice-creams, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages, and much more.

Does Street 1522 have any other outlets available in Bangalore?

No, Street 1522 is a European-themed food court, and no other outlets are available in Bangalore.

What is the minimum cost I have to pay at Street 1522?

The average cost depends on the restaurant you have selected to have food from. To explore all the available restaurants you may have to pay Rs. 2200 minimum for food, and Rs. 180 for a pint of beer.

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