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For healthy skin, nails and hair you can try out What’s Up health gummies. What’s Up gummies are gluten and gelatin free and are made from 100% natural ingredients. You can now get What’s Up gummies at a discounted price, check out for more details. 

What’s Up – For a Fun Way of Getting Healthy 

What’s Up is on a mission to make wellness easy and fun. The health gummies of What’s Up are made from 100% natural ingredients and they are gluten and gelatin free. You can grab healthy treats from What’s Up at an affordable price using our KaroBargain exclusive What’s Up offers.

The Story of What’s Up 

The story of ‘ What’s Up” is what every one of us can relate to. As we are all living busy lives we forgot to take care of our health. Life and diet have come short of instant noodles and convenient fast foods. These kinds of diets are stripping you of the very needed nutrients and vitamins. In the long run following an imbalanced diet can leave you with chronic and acute health issues. 

The founders of What’s Up Sayantani Mandal and Vaibhav Makhija as they left their homes to pursue career goals, felt they were lagging behind on health. Sayantani, who works to find brand solutions and design brand aesthetics and Vaibhav who is into digital marketing and content- both were busy in their life growing their career.

From 9 years of working away from home, they realised that their health is deteriorating. They both started experiencing various health issues like irregular sleep patterns, unhealthy skin and hair etc. They wanted to put an end to this and help others too. So they came up with What’s Up Wellness to help people meet their nutritional needs. A way to make a healthy journey exciting. 


Products Offered by What’s Up Wellness

Health and appearance are closely related, believe it or not. ‘ you are what you eat’. We all have heard it once or more in our lifetime. It is a fact our skin, hair and body can most time act as a mirror of our diets and lifestyle. We all know that anti-oxidant-rich food can be good for our skin health while high-calorie fat-containing sugary treats can be bad for our health. But we all know what we prefer, we all would want to relish that sweet treats. Realizing this love of people for sweet treats What’s Up Wellness has come up with treats that can help you get healthy. 

What’s Up Beauty Gummies

For a daily dose of a healthy boost to have healthy skin, hair and nail, chew on these awesome gummies every day. The product is a healthy and delicious combination of 13 nutrients and multi-vitamins that are essential for healthy skin, hair and nails. The active ingredients contained in the What’s Up Gummies are

Biotin: This is a water-soluble vitamin B compound that is water soluble. Our body cannot store Vitamin B and a daily dose of Biotin is necessary for a healthy metabolic process. Biotin is associated with strong and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Vitamin A: It aids in skin and hair health, vitamin A can help boost the body’s immune system and helps in cell regeneration. It can help in healthy sebum production making skin healthy and getting moisturised hair. 

Folic Acid: Folic acid is a form of Vitamin B, that is water soluble and your body can not store it. Folic acid is a very essential vitamin for pregnant women, it promotes healthy cell growth. 

Zinc:  our body lacks the ability to produce zinc so it is necessary that we include them in our diet.  Zinc can help in wound healing and can help cure skin conditions like acne and scars. 

Aloe vera: Is said to work miracles on skin and hair health. It helps to promote skin health and reduce acne and other skin infections. It helps achieve moisturised and lustrous skin and hair. 

Grape Seed Extract: Helps slow down the signs of ageing by boosting collagen production. 

Sea Buckthorn: makes the skin stronger to fight the harmful effects of UV rays. 

What’s Up Wellness also contains essential vitamins like A, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C, D and E for skin health and hair growth. 

Consuming Whats Up Gummies can benefit you by reducing hair fall, making it stronger and lustrous. It is also good for skin health making skin smooth, healthy and bright. 

What’s Up Sleep Gummies

Lack of sleep, stressed about something or the other is an issue every one of us is facing these days. Consuming these gummies 30 minutes before going to sleep can help you achieve a relaxed sleep, where you will wake up feeling relaxed. It has components like Melatonin, Chamomile, Tart Cherry, L- theanine and Vitamin D. 

The benefits of these What’s Up Sleep Gummies include reduced muscles and joint pain, deep and relaxing sleep, rebuilding muscles and calming down nerves. Having wellness sleep gives you a win over sleeping pills. What’s Up Sleep Gummies are not addictive and do not cause any dependency when you stop consuming the gummies. 

Best Offers from Whats up Wellness

What’s Up Wellness Offer

You can get What’s Up Wellness beauty and sleep gummies at the offer price now. The gummies can be brought from their official website and they are also available on popular e-commerce platforms. Our KaroBargsin team has collected the offers and coupons offered by What’s Up Wellness. 

Mobikwik Promotion Offer

When you pay for What’s Up wellness gummies through Mobikwik you can get a chance to win 250 cashback. The minimum cart value is 699. The offer is applicable for beauty and sleep gummies. 

Best Whatsup Wellness Deals from KaroBargain

Product Description Offer 
What’s Up Beauty Gummies 60 days pack13% off 
What’s Up Beauty Gummies 90 days pack20% off
What’s Up Sleep Gummies 60 days pack13% off
What’s Up S leep Gummies 90 days20% off
Mobikwik Offer 250 cashback
What’s Up offers200 cashback on all product

What’s Up Wellness Delivery and Return Policy

Once you have placed an order for What’s Up Wellness product from their official website the product will be dispatched within 2 days. The product will be shipped to you only after quality checks. You won’t be charged any delivery charges, and the final invoice you receive will have the information including GST, tax and other recipients. If you receive a wrong or expired or damaged package you can request for exchange or refund. Once you have placed the order you will receive the product within 5 to 7 days. Once the request is placed the refund or exchange will be made to you within 10 to 12 working days. 

What’s Up Wellness Payment Options

When you purchase What’s Up Wellness products through the official website you can make payment through credit/ debit cards and net banking. You can also opt for the cash-on-delivery option. 


How can I know about my What’s Up Wellness order?

As you place an order, you will be requested to fill in your registered mobile number. Once the order is placed you will receive an SMS on the number, and updates regarding your product delivery will be sent to this number.

Can I change my What’s Up Wellness account details?

Once you have registered with What’s Up you cannot change your email address. If you need help with editing your account details you can sign in to your account and make the necessary changes.

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