Bamey’s: Gateway to Lost Yourself into the World of Exotic Nepali Flavours

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Nepal is a place that is surrounded by some lovely people and their friendly behaviour is always welcoming toward tourists. The place is always attractive for the calming and relaxing nature, and the grand view of the Himalayas, which is the highest mountain in the world. Apart from its iconic nature, Nepal is also famous for its cuisine.

Most of us are not aware of the versatility of Nepali cuisine. The cuisine is not only limited to momos and Thukpa. The Nepali Cuisine is a reflection of their tradition and gastronomical history. The Nepali cuisine is a combination and great balance of flavours. The cuisine is influenced by neighbouring countries like India, Tibet, and China. Some of the Urbanic parts of the country like Kathmandu and Newari play a huge role in celebrating the flavours of Nepal. Nepali cuisine contains Dal, Bhat(Rice), vegetable curry, or Tarkari, supplemented with some meat preparations called “The Trinity”. In the mountain regions, steamy Thukpa and meat preparations are specialties. 

Momos are fine, but what about trying some most popular dishes that represent the unique culture of our neighbouring country? Sounds good or not?

You will get many restaurants that claim to serve authentic Nepali Cuisine, but can you ensure that they are authentic?

Here we have found a hidden gem in Bangalore. Bamey’s is a popular restaurant in Bangalore that serves great Nepali food. The steamy, spicy, and delicate platter represents Nepali culture.

About Bamey’s

Bamey’s is widely known for its in-house special Nepali Cuisine, but it also serves some delicate Thai and Chinese dishes. The restaurant has a simple and soothing interior with wooden tables and chairs. To add a little more touch of Nepali culture, there are paintings and pieces of showpieces hanging from the walls. In one corner you will find a wall decorated with some Buddha structures, and written quotes in the regional languages. In some corners.

If you have visited the cafe before, you must have spotted many Buddhist mantras or prayer flags hanging from the roof. Not only for decoration but the different colours of flags represent different significance.

Each color represents a natural element. Such as Blue is the representation of the sky, White is for air, Red is to represent the energy of fire, Green is for water, and Yellow is for the Earth. The thought behind the mantra flag is to carry all the positive energy of the mantras and spread blessings all around. The whole setup will showcase a bohemian atmosphere throughout.


Location:A/5, Ground Floor, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034
Serving Hours:Monday to Sunday: 11:30 am–10:15 pm
Average Cost:₹950 for two people (approx.)
Most Ordered dishes:Wai Wai Sandheko, Alu Ko Achar, Laping Wai Wai, Chicken Sekuwa, Nepali Chilly Chicken Boneless, Chicken Thakali, Chicken Thukpa, Thakali Thali
Contact Details:080-4110-2071
Website:Click here


The Spiciest Momo Challenge

The most attractive part about this restaurant is the “Spiciest Momo Challenge”. Do you want to know more about the challenge? Here we go with the detailed information about the challenge.

The challenge will let you win free momos for the next 100 days at Bamey’s Restro Cafe.

The Challenge:

The participants have to complete the 10 spiciest momos, made in “Bhoot Jholokia Gravy.” The participants will get only 10 minutes to complete the entire challenge.

The Reward: 

Finish the whole plate of spicy momos and unlock free momos for 100 days. The cost one person has to pay for this challenge is Rs 450 for each plate.

The challenge is sounding easy right? You must be thinking of finishing 10 momos, and so much difficult about?

For those who are not aware of what “Bhoot Jholokia” is, let us explain this to you. Bhoot Jholokia, which is also known as Ghost Pepper, is being founded in Northeast India. According to the report shared by Gunnies World Records in 2007, this is the world’s hottest chili pepper, and also 170 times hotter than the Tobasco sauce.

Still, excited? So here are further details about how to register yourself for the challenge.

How To Participate:

To confirm your participation in “The Spiciest Momo Challenge” you have to follow some simple steps. Just make sure you have to confirm your participation before visiting Bamey’s Restro Cafe.

You reach back to the restaurant by calling them at 080-4110-2071.

Also, you can register yourself through their official Facebook account from the given link:

It is not about a win or loss, but the experience. You can visit with your friends to try the amazing Nepali cuisine. Try out their must-have dishes such as Wai Wai Sandheko, Alu Ko Achar, Laping Wai Wai, Chicken Sekuwa, Nepali Chilly Chicken Boneless, Chicken Thakali, and Chicken Thukpa. Also, you can put your hands on the traditional Nepali Thali, it will let you explore and learn more about their platter and culture.

Does the restaurant serve only non-vegetarian dishes?

No, you will get vegetarian dishes options at the restaurant. All the famous dishes like momo, thukpa, and others have a vegetarian variation as well.

Do I have to book my table before visiting the restaurant?

There you may face a huge crowd, to avoid that we suggest you book your table before visiting the restaurant by calling them directly. For the momo challenge, it is mandatory to visit the restaurant with a prior registration of participation.

What is the minimum cost one has to pay the restaurant?

The restaurant will charge Rs 950 for two people approximately. It may vary depending on the choice of dishes.

What is the price for the “Spiciest Momo Challenge?”

The “Spiciest Momo Challenge” at Bamey’s Restro Cafe will cost Rs 450 for each plate.

Does the restaurant serve only Nepali Cuisine?

No, apart from authentic Nepali cuisine in Bamey’s, you will get a wide option of other Asian cuisines such as Thai and Chinese dishes as well.

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