Funtura at Lulu Global Mall: A Place Where Anyone Can Have Fun

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An amusement park inside a shopping center packed with many thrilling games. Funtura, located at Lulu Global Mall is a family entertainment center for the entire family. From arcade games to family or children rides, and thrilling rides Funtura has everything packed inside. It is a great place that offers fun moments to every age group of people under one roof. Tag Arena, Roller Glider, Trampoline Park, Adventure Course, XD Theater, Bumper Cars, and VR Rides are the key attractions for the people. This is one of the largest indoor gaming zones spread across 6000 sqft.


Located at:Lulu Global Mall, Bangalore
Address:19, Old Mysuru Rd, Gopalapura, Sevashrama, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560023
Contact Number:+91 8045607766
Email ID:[email protected]
Working Hours:Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Major Attraction:Arcade Games, Thrill Rides, Family and Children Rides
Service Providing:Soft Play Area, Kids Play Area, Adventure Play, Gaming Zone, Bowling Arena, and Kids Party Venue
Website:Click here


Funtura Bangalore has come up with many entertainment activities for every age group. Rides available at Funtura are suitable for an individual aged 5 years or above. The games available there include,

  • Big Rides
  • Soft Play Area
  • Novelty Games
  • Video Games
  • Virtual Rides
  • Sport Activities
  • Kiddie Rides
  • Games for Ticket Redemption
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Virtual Reality Gaming Experiences
  • Air Hockey



There are various types of games under different sections. You can choose what is suitable for you and you think you get more fun. There are three main sections, and under each section, there are different games.

Arcade Games:

Under arcades, you will get an option to choose from billiards, Video and redemption games, VR games, and Kiddie rides. What are the features of these games, let's have a look.



A trendy game in recent times. Funtura will let you hit the billiard balls with the cue stick. You will get the score once you land the balls successfully inside the pocket. This is a great great to learn during your free time.

Video & Redemption Games

Not only for kids but the installed video games are equally fun for adults. The video games are mostly accessed section in Funtura. It will boost up the gamer inside. This is a magic world that anyone can operate with their fingertips. Not only play games, but you can redeem gifts while playing the video games at Funtura. It will surely add more fun to the gameplay.


VR Games

It is now time to dive into the world of future technology. Kids are always curious about trying new games, Here are the virtual reality games in Funtura to experience an unforgettable gaming experience.


Kiddie Rides

The mini-sized cars for the kids, will start operating after inserting coins inside. It will entertain the kids by playing music and different movements. The ride will give your kid an enjoyable time at Funtura no doubt.

Thrill Rides:

This section is a power-packed section that lists many thrilling games. These games are full of actions, and take you on a great fun ride. Swing Tower, Zero Gravity, Hurricane, and many more rides to experience the extreme thrill.


7D Theater:

A 3D filming experience merged with 4D surroundings creates a 7D theater inside. The movie will give you a more realistic experience and will feel like a real-time happening. The special effects like wind, water spray, movements, slipping feet, smell, etc will appear and synchronize at the exact screening time and give an unbeatable 7D experience.


Swing Tower:

Swing at a height from the Swing tower and enjoy the ultimate excitement. It will rotate while moving, and take the ride up and down while moving anti-clockwise around the main big tower. The ride has a speed of 12 rpm. It takes the riders to a height of 8 meters and leaves an oscillating wave swing experience.


Zero Gravity:

Another thrilling ride for all adventure lovers. This is a unique ride that takes the riders on a zero-gravitational journey. In this ride, the riders have to stick by the wall inside the structure, and the structure will start moving at a speed of 32 rpm, As a result, it will create a counterbalance of gravity and centrifugal force and leave you truly weightless. Take the thrilling ride and get ready to hear your heartbeat at the same time.


Mini Top Dancer:

It is a 12-seater ride that takes you on a mind-moving adventure ride. The ride takes the riders up and down in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. Mini Top Dancer is a ride to experience thrill, and fun at the same time.



For people seeking a top-notch thrill, Hurricane is the ideal ride for you. This is a ride with a 6-axis motion. It rotates 360 degrees and has 6 sensors for each axis. It also includes special effects like water, airblast, rain, snow, and fog. This going to be a truly mesmerizing ride for you.


Adventure Hub/Rope Course:

It is now time to challenge no one but yourself to complete this adventurous ride. This is a combination of many themes, such as climbing walls, high and low rope courses, and zip lines. All of this will give a breathtaking experience to the riders. You can experience the ultimate adventure in Funtura that you may have never expected.


Roller Glider:

Don’t you like flying freely like a bird? A Roller Glider is the ride where you can experience what you wish. This ride is a roller coaster zipline with features of twists and turns. This is an aerial ride that offers all the riders an ideal free-flying experience. Get yourself ready for the next electrifying experience while riding a Roller Glider at Funtura.

Family Rides:

It is a perfect place to enjoy different activities with your family. The games are fun, unique, thrilling, and suitable for any age age group. AR Climbing, trampolining, bowling, bumper cards, and many more games are available in this section.


AR Climbing:

A build-up climbing wall for any age group, indeed for best thrilling experience. An individual with proper physical balance and motion. This is an active gaming technology that includes projectors, cameras, and sensors inside the wall. The only activity you have to do is climbing the wall by holding the grips hanging from different heights.


Tag Arena:

This is an arcade game designed in a way to give the visitors a crazy and fun experience. This concept of the game will take a test of the participant's ability, bravery, and speed while involving you in fun and entertainment.



The most fun and funky game in Funtura is Trampoline. Laugh loudly while jumping and bouncing with your friends. This is suitable for both kids and adults. It is now time to bring out your inner child and live the moment like there is no tomorrow. Take long jumps and wipe away all your stress when you are in the air.



This is one of the most popular games in all the commonwealth countries including the UK.. Funtura has enlisted this game for exciting entertainment. The players have to drop all ten pins by rolling the ball through the polished platform and jump with joy once after successfully dropping them.


Drop n Twist Tower:

Experience the free fall from a tower, it will add more thrill by adding a spinning wheel. The riders will feel the charge within after each fall. Scream with this electrifying experience.

Bumper Cars:

Do you want to drive at full speed? What about hitting others' cars while driving? It is not safe on roads, but here it is all justifiable. Here you are all allowed to bump other cars for fun. Take a ride, hit others, and laugh loudly. 


Spinning Coaster:

A spinning coaster is a roller coaster ride that will spin around their bases. The ride will move in a high-speed motion. This is an exciting ride that will let you experience mixed emotions at once.

Children Rides:

Mini Break Dance:

Mini cars installed on a plain surface rotate in a random motion with some funky lights and interesting music. Let your child move and enjoy a memorable ride.


Drift Race:

Drift Race is a fun-filled ride for kids. We all know what is a drift race, This ride follows the same theme. Drifting is all about giving a full-speed car race experience. In Funtura, the Drift Race to the customers gives full entertainment.


A fascinating and fun ride in Funtura for your kid. It is a simple and soft round movement merged with some attractive party music to catch their attention. What can be better than watching your baby giggling and enjoying the Carousel ride? You can capture the moments and make them memorable forever.

Wall Climbing:

An artificially crafted wall includes grips to support feet and hands. The belay rope sare is also attached to the wall for more added grips during the climb. Those kids who love adventure would find it very enjoyable.

Soft Play:

If your kids live playing with Soft toys, Soft Play will be a great option. This game is super fun and fully safe, as the surface will be covered with soft toys and balls entirely. It will also help to protect the child from a direct fall. This is an exciting place for your kid to have fun, you can join and double up the enjoyment along with them.

Convoy Cars:

Your child will enjoy themselves while moving through a tiny little convoy. Choose a suitable car or jeep for your child, and let them move around the hills and gardens. 


Double the fun at Funtura with the packages offered. The packages are valuable, and a great deal for a group of people. Get along with your close people and make the birthdays more special, or spend your weekend with your office buddies. To know more about the package and special offers, we recommend you get in touch with the Funtura team.

Corporate Team Outings:

This package is designed for a perfect office party. There are some major requirements, such as the duration, number of members, etc, before booking you can get in touch with them for more valuable details.

Rs. 999 per head

  • Team engaging special Packages
  • Flexible and affordable options for all
  • Meeting/Party hall facility available to arrange
  • Variety of Food options at the venue


School Packages:

A minimum of 20 head count is needed to book this package. This is great to takethe students for outing when they can explore and involve themselves in the activities.

Rs. 699 per head

  • Special Packages for school students
  • 10:1 free teachers' accommodation can be availed
  • No weather issues at the spot as it is an Indoor Amusement Park
  • TUV certified for safety
  • Located in Central Bengaluru which is easy to reach​
  • Staffed with security guards for added safety
  • Dedicated Female staff member to every group of 25 students
  • Dedicated nurse/first aid facility to ensure proper protection
  • Quality food and well-maintained accessible dining space


Birthday Packages:

Rs. 599 per head

  • Attractive Birthday Packages
  • Kids theme party hall​ ​according to the wished theme
  • Packages that will include rides and games into
  • Variety Food options for all

Funtura Card:

Don’t you have a Funtura card, get one today from the nearby Funtura park. Book your card from their website. Visit the website, and click on the book now option, Provide all the details and the day you are going to visit Funtura, and you are all done. You can avail more deals and benefits with the exclusive Funtura Cards.


You Pay (Incl. GST)GST @ 18%Play Value You GetAdditional Benefits
Rs. 1180Rs. 180Rs. 1000
Rs. 2000Rs. 305Rs. 2000
Rs. 4000Rs. 610Rs. 4500
Rs. 6000Rs. 915Rs. 70005% Discount on games
Rs. 10,000Rs. 1525Rs. 12,0005% Discount on games + Gift
Rs. 12,000Rs. 1831Rs. 16,00010% Discount on games + Gift


What is the minimum age requirement to visit Funtura?

The minimum age criteria is 5+ to join the activities available at Funtura.

Are there any special events at Funtura to attend?

Funtura hosts special events, to check more about the events you can visit their website and check the sections updated with the upcoming events.

How many members are compulsory for package bookings?

A number of 20 people are required for any package bookings. You can contact the Funtura team for more details.

Is there any catering facility available while hosting an event?

There is an in-house catering available at the venue. Funtura will charge Rs 1000 extra for a third-party catering vendor. For birthday cake you have to notify the Funtura team one week prior. They will charge extra for the cake.

What is the party duration at Funtura?

The duration is 2 - 3 hours, additionally, you will be charged Rs.2000 for each extra hour.

Is it possible to host a theme-based birthday party at Funtura?

It is possible to host theme-based birthdays. Additionally, Funtura will charge for a particular theme-based event.

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