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TherPup - The Dog Cafe in Bangalore can be a great place for a dog-lover to spend some quality time with the amazing creature. Also, if you are a pet parent, there can not be a better place for you to go for a day out with the furry member. The cafe is spread over a huge area of 1.5 Acres, with a cafe, swimming pool for pets, grooming center, Daycare, and lodging facilities inside.TherPup has more than 14 in-house pets that you can show love to, cuddle, and spend some pawsome time with. Not only that but the price will not be heavy on your pocket at all. The entry fee is only Rs. 250 per person, and that is fully redeemable on the food menu.


Location, Contact Details, & more:


Location:Therpup Dog Cafe, Kaithota Road, Whitefield Road, Nagondanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
Whatsapp Support:+91 6361 37 6717
Email:[email protected]


Business Hours:

The cafe is accessible to all throughout the week, you only have to the specific timings in case you are going to visit the dog cafe, or looking out for the swimming and grooming services for the pup.


Cafe Hours (Mon-Sun):11:30 am to 08:00 pm
Grooming and swimming Hours (Mon-Sun):11:30 am to 07:00 pm

How to Reach:

If you have a private vehicle, you can directly reach the location without any worry. But in case you are planning to visit using public transport, here is the guide for you.

By Bus: You can take a direct bus to Whitefield, and take an auto or other public transport to reach the destination.

By Metro: Hopefarm Channasandra is the nearby metro station. You can book a cab or take an auto after getting down there.

Entry Fee:

  • The entry fee is Rs. 250 per person, which is fully redeemable on the food bill at the dog cafe.

Services they Offer:

There are multiple services provided by TherPup -The Dog Cafe. From a cafe to a grooming center, swimming pools, boarding for dogs, etc. They have newly launched training facilities for dogs. Here are all the details for you.

Dog Cafe:

A great pet-friendly cafe setup inside the huge area. It is very exciting to spend quality time with the furry buddies while taking bites of the delicious, flavourful, well-cooked wholesome meals in between. Explore their wide menu range starting from Munchies, Breakfast range, salads, wings, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and burgers. Apart from that you can also order some rice bowls. Some flavourful beverages and desserts will boost your mood more. Do you remember the entry fee you have paid? You can redeem that fully now at the cafe.

Not only for you, it is now time to treat the furry little friend with some dog bites and full dog meals. Sweet Potato Kisses, Grilled Chicken Drumsticks, or Scooby’s stew, your dog will love it all. Make the treat more special by giving them a Dog Beer. Don’t worry it is safe and alcohol-free, because they also care for smiley faces.

Other Activities:

Swimming for Dogs:

Let your pup splash in style, and spend the most relaxing moment inside the pool. Get the favourite toy of your pet and let the furry jump inside the pool. The pool is a bone shape and lets the pup play under fresh air. It is great outdoor fun for your dog. Do you know what makes it more safe? They maintain the PH Level, and it is 7 which is absolutely safe for the pet.

Importance of swimming pool for the Dogs:

  • Swimming itself is a great exercise for dogs. It reduces heat, raises body metabolism, and increases blood circulation to the body.
  • A great stress-releasing therapy, and works perfectly for mental growth.
  • Swimming is a great activity or therapy for a speedy recovery, in case the pup is injured.
  • It is a secret for a good sleep. Swimming will make the pup tired and happy.

Boarding for Dogs:

Boarding is also known as a daycare for the dog. You can drop them at the TherPup, and spend your alone time without worrying about your pet. There are multiple services you can choose based on your dog’s size and other facilities. You can pick them up on the same day or let them enjoy their vacation at TherPup. You can choose different packages which work best for your furry.


Private Suit

Small & cozy bedroom


When size matters

Twin Suite

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Starting from


Starting from


Starting from


Suitable for small and medium-sized dogsSuitable dogs of all sizesSuitable for acquainted dogs
Includes 2 meals per dayIncludes 2 meals per dayIncludes 2 meals per day
Includes 2 daily walksIncludes 2 daily walksIncludes 2 daily walks
Personal caretakerPersonal caretakerPersonal caretaker


You can book the boarding facility from their website directly, by filling in the major details about your pet. You can also get in touch with the cafe authorities to know more about the facilities, special instructions, or the availability of boarding.

Grooming for Dogs:

Grooming for your pet always needs extra care, it is not as easy as you think it is. It is equally important to groom your dog just like you do for yourself. TherPup team will pamper your furry with extra care, and quality. The cozy care will bring a big smile to your pup’s face. Give a spa session to the furry and let them enjoy their ‘me-time’.

Importance of grooming session for the Dogs:

  • It will protect the dog from parasitic creatures such as fleas, and ticks. In case you spot some, grooming will help to prevent it early.
  •  It will clean and add more protection to their feet, the nails will be trimmed on a regular basis.
  • Ear infections can be commonly found in dogs. Grooming once in a while will prevent all such problems. Avoiding such infection will lead to bigger problems such as loss of appetite, increasing fatigue, and much more. Grooming will clean their ears thoroughly.
  • Do you want to know more? Your pup will smell great. That will make you and your pet happy.


Why TherPup is best for your dog’s grooming:

  • Your dog will be in trustworthy hands. TherPup has experience. They have groomed more than 10,000 dogs, all the staff are equally experienced. They ensure absolutely no discomfort when it is with TherPup.
  • TherPup knows what to be checked. Your dog will be fully cleaned in a hygienic way without creating any discomfort for the pup.
  • They know the differences. All dogs are different and have unique behavioral characteristics, hence they need alternative techniques to handle them. At the end of the story, the pup should look, and feel good, and that is the motto.

Dog Training:

We are equally excited while talking about this. The newly launched service gives proper training to your dog. It will make you a proud dog parent in front of others. This service is fun, and effective, it will help your pet to stay focused. The goal set by TherPup is to ensure proper care and training.

Doges are one of the most intelligent creatures, they are loveable, caring, and faithful. Sometimes you may not get anyone by your side, but the dogs will be. The smiley face, tiny little paws, and wagging tails feel like saying to you, “You never have to walk alone.”

We all need a proper direction in our lives, same for dogs. Giving them proper training solves everything. The training will make life easier for you and your pets. Training is the ultimate secret to a happier and healthier life together.


Importance of training for the Dogs:

Training will help the dog to develop a well-behaved, obedient, and happy character. It will give many positive insights to your dog, as well as help to leave behind the negative characteristics. Training will teach the dog how to behave, and look after the instructions given to them. Here are the 12 major areas to focus on while giving them training.

Positive Reinforcement

  • Socializing
  • Basic Obedience
  • Command Training
  • Assisted Leash Walking
  • Good Behaviour Shaping
  • Agility Training

Negative Avoidance

  • Aggression Training
  • Play Biting Restriction
  • Distraction Training
  • Boundary Training
  • Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety

You can book the training facility from their website directly, by filling in the major details about your pet, such as the dog’s name, gender, age, etc. You can also get in touch with the cafe authorities to know more about the facilities, special instructions, and others.

Can I visit TherPup if I don’t have a dog?

Yes, absolutely! You can visit the cafe without having a pet with you. You can spend time with the dogs available there at TherPup.

What is the entry fee at the cafe?

The entry fee is Rs. 250, which can be redeemable on the food bill.

What are the timings at the cafe?

The cafe hour is 11:30 am to 08:00 pm, and the grooming and swimming hour is 11:30 am to 07:00 pm. TherPup is open everyday through the week.

What are the facilities TherPup provides?

There is a cafe, dog spa, swimming pool for dogs, boarding for dogs, grooming, and training for the dogs.

Is there any food menu for the pets?

Yes, there is a dedicated separate menu for the dogs, which is safe for their health.

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