Top Hookah Parlours Where Bengalureans Can Puff Away

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If taking a break and unwinding is what you are after, the following list of places can be considered ideal. Since Bengaluru has plenty of places where you and your friends can unwind, the following list is carefully curated keeping in mind the different places where you can puff away.

These hookah parlours are not only one of the most famous ones but are also one of the best in town mainly due to the kind of service that they offer and various other aspects that they provide. So get your weekend affairs in order because the first thing on the list will be either one of these places.

Best Hookah Parlours In Bangalore

S.NoParlour NameLocation
1Rasta CafeRamanagara & Church Street, Bengaluru
2HammeredVasanth Nagar, HSR Layout & New Bel Road, Bengaluru
3Mudpipe CafeVasanth Nagar, JP Nagar, S. G Palya, Bengaluru
4Dr. SheeshaJP Nagar, Bengaluru
5Blow CafeLocation - Church Street, Central Bengaluru 
6Kargeens CafeKoramangala, Bengaluru
7The Open BoxAshok Nagar, Bengaluru
8Bamboo HeightsBTM Layout, Bengaluru
9RuhBellandur, Bengaluru
10Entropy CafeKoramangala, Bengaluru
11Soul CafeAshok Nagar, Bengaluru
12Cafe MistJP Nagar, Bengaluru
13La SheeshSanjay Nagar, Bengaluru
14Black Mug CafeShankarnaga Road, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru
15Bierre RepublicChurch Street, Bengaluru
16Cafe MochaKoramangala, Bengaluru
17Sheesha ShackBanashankari, Bengaluru
18White Oak CafeHRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru
19Karmaa CafeLalbagh Road, Bengaluru
20MockaholicJP Nagar, Bengaluru
21Cafe AzzureSampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru
22Elements EateryFrazer Town, Bengaluru

Rasta Cafe - Travel, food and hookah 

Location - Ramanagara & Church Street, Bengaluru

Rasta Cafe

There’s a lot to be done before visiting Raste Cafe and it all begins with the journey. Considering the fact that Ramanagara is not close by and the fact that Bengaluru’s traffic is not kind, you certainly have a lot to do before in terms of travel. However, the journey is worth it and you will always be glad that you came. 

Not only will you be visiting a cafe that has appeared in multiple movies but one that has the best ambience in town. Built for riders and various other individuals, Raste Cafe offers an open area for smoking, where you can get your hookah requirements in order. They offer a ton of flavours and also don’t compromise on food.

They have chicken wings, fried pizzas and more, thus making the menu a delicious one. But for the folks who are worried about travelling all the way to Ramanagara, you can visit Raste Cafe’s branch in Church Street. 

Hammered - Time to get hammered? 

Location - Vasanth Nagar, HSR Layout & New Bel Road, Bengaluru

Hammered is a place that unites people. It is made for everyone. You can find people who are in for a drink, ones who are exclusively there to rate the food and also people who are there for the love of hookah. 

Located in as many as three different locations in Bengaluru, Hammered is a place that you need to visit. In terms of ratings, they remain one of the best pubs in Bengaluru and thus offer a weekend getaway like no other. 

If you wish to get a little more than hookah and all its flavours, you can try their cocktails, food and even Maghal pan. Hence, it is a place covered in luxury and it is a place that you need to explore right away. 

Mudpipe Cafe - An exclusive sheehsa lounge 

Location - Vasanth Nagar, JP Nagar, S. G Palya, Bengaluru 


Mudpipe Cafe has been around since 2008 and is one of the best sheesha lounges in Bengaluru. From offering a variety of flavours like grape, vanilla and more to including happy hours in their service, Mudpipe Cafe does it all. 

They also have the exclusive 1+1 offer, which is certainly turning out to be a hit all around the city. Moreover, this cafe does not compromise on food because from starters to combos, they have everything. 

You can visit this place over the weekend, choose your favourite flavour and also explore some of the delicious combos that they have to offer. One look at their menu and you are sure to get it all with ease. 

Dr. Sheesha - The ambience says it all 

Location - JP Nagar, Bengaluru


Dr. Sheesha is another famous place where Bengalureans can puff away and one of the most attractive aspects of their service is the ambience. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, with the latter being equipped with a charming rooftop that is hard to ignore.

In terms of flavour, Dr.Sheesha has it all because their menu is filled with Grape, Coconut Water, Red Bull, Orange and more. Thanks to all of that, Dr.Sheesha is certainly a unique addition to the list and one that you ought to explore. 

Moreover, it is also located in a prime location that makes the process of travel all the more effortless. Be it the flavours or the ambience, there is always a sense of charm about this place and only upon visiting it will you be able to get it all. 

So head down to Dr. Sheesha, check out some of their flavours, eat some of their delicious meals and enjoy an evening of fun. 

Blow Cafe - The name says it all 

Location - Church Street, Central Bengaluru 


When you spot a cafe in a premium location, the simple thing to do is visit. Such cafes’ will certainly have it all and that is where Blow Cafe comes into the discussion. As the name suggests, the place is a popular one among hookah lovers. 

It has the best flavours with options like Double Apple, Mint, Kiwi and more. And just like the rest of the places on this list, there are also delightful food items with the likes of burgers, sandwiches and various other starters. 

So in other words, the place combines hookah and food and helps you get used to a comfortable time where you and your friends can have the best weekend. Thanks to the comfy ambience that the place provides, you can sit back, relax and have long conversations about anything that you prefer.

In this manner, Blow Cafe comes forward to be one of the best places that you will ever get a taste of hookah. 

Kargeens Cafe - Kargeens Fruit anyone? 

Location - Koramangala, Bengaluru


What’s better than spending a day at a rooftop restaurant that has the perfect ambience and is apt for all sheesha lovers? Absolutely nothing. Kargeens Cafe at Koramangala is an ideal spot for all hookah lovers because they provide a ton of options to choose from. 

You get to pick the flavour of your choice and are also provided with a lot to choose from. From common options such as Apple and Orange to more unique ones Kargeens Fruit Exotica and more. 

So all you have to do is sit back and relax with your friends as you guys puff away and enjoy a surreal experience. Since it is a cafe, you can also expect some delicious options for food. 

They have pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and more, which is why a lot of people come to this place. While Kargeens Cafe has drawn a lot of comparisons with the rest, it is safe to say that it is a unique place and comes second to none.

The Open Box - A quirky option for the weekends 

Location - Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru 

If there’s a quirky side in you, then you need a place that suits your vibe. And that is where The Open Box opens their door for you. As a quirky and upbeat place, The Open Box comes with a ton of flavours and helps you choose what you like. 

Is it Mint? Watermelon? Green Apple? Regardless of your choice, you can get it all at The Open Box and upon choosing it, you can look at spending quality time at their rooftop space. 

With the ambience being so serene, you can always get used to this place and might even think about coming again and again. So pay a visit to this classy hookah parlour and look towards having a good time. 

Bamboo Heights - Hookah & combos 

Location - BTM Layout, Bengaluru  


There’s a lot that Bamboo Heights has to offer and the only way to experience all of that is to come forward and check out the place. Made for the ones with a tight budget, Bamboo Heights offers the kind of ambience and service that you will fall in love with. 

While their milkshakes, chicken burgers and other options are interesting, the one that will certainly seem the most interesting will be their combos. Bamboo Heights offers some of the best pocket-friendly combos and thus helps customers have a good time. 

Their cabana setting is another one that people can’t get over because they always feel like they want more and more. Since they are also located in a prime location, you won’t have to struggle a lot to get here unless you are living in Electronic City and have to beat the traffic. 

So check out Bamboo Heights for it is one of the finest places to explore Hookah.

Ruh - A mix of everything 

Location - Bellandur, Bengaluru 

The ambience, the food, the decor, the sheesha etc, there’s a lot about this place that can lure you in and help you experience it all with ease. Ruh at Bellandur is another top hookah parkour that goes above and beyond to offer you a luxurious experience.

The place is more or less like a mix of everything. You will find it to bring in a little bit of everything. Be it the Mediterranean or Morocco, there is always going to be something or the other to look forward to. 

These influences form the place to be a classy one and the fact that it comes with the best of flavours only makes the process all the more exciting. They have a few special options in the form of Kuch Katti Kuch Mitti, Item Bomb, Fruity Mix and more. 

As a result of all that, Ruh is a place that you need to visit if you are looking for a spot where you can have the best time with your friends. 

Entropy Cafe - The hangout spot 

Location - Koramangala, Bengaluru 

Entropy Cafe is the new place in town and it comes on board by being one of the best hookah parlours that you will ever visit. The place offers a unique ambience that is second to none and also mixes things up with its flavours. 

It is a great hangout spot if you prefer hookah, some delicious food and long conversations about anything in the past, present or even the future. However, some might argue that you might end up talking about their hookah because why wouldn’t you talk about something that is shaped like a gun?

Yes, that’s right. Entropy Cafe offers something unique by shaping their hookah in this style and goes ahead to be quite special. So spend your time exploring the same and understanding all that Entropy Cafe has to offer. 

Soul Cafe - For a simple plan

Location - Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru


Combining a cafe and a hookah lounge has turned out to be a great idea and Soul Cafe is proving that point to perfection. The place, which is known to be a heaven for lovers of hookah, also offers different types of items on the food menu. 

While mint and other common flavours are readily available, Soul Cafe has no problems in going out of the box to get you watermelon, milk and other such options. So if you don’t have preferences and want to explore flavours that you haven’t tried before, Soul Cafe is the place to be at. 

So make up your mind and come forward to explore the goodness of Soul Cafe, which like the name is here to offer a soul enriching experience. 

Cafe Mist - Good vibes only 

Location - JP Nagar, Bengaluru 


There. You have another hookah parlour that is also named as a cafe, thereby indicating the number of options that you have in a place like Bengaluru. Located in the busy parts of JP Nagar, Cafe Mist is one place where you can hangout and enjoy the feeling of good vibes. 

It offers a break from the traffic by letting you puff away on some of the most exciting flavours known to humankind. From single flavours to more, you have options to choose from and it all depends upon how you like it. 

Unlike other places, Cafe Mist is also affordable and does not charge a huge sum of money for those looking to have a good time. In terms of combos, Cafe Mist offers sheesha, drinks and food, which has to be the best trio on the planet.

So go ahead, call all your friends and visit Cafe Mist, which is sure to give you the break that you deserve.

La Sheesh - The comfort king 

Location - Sanjay Nagar, Bengaluru 

If the rest of the names on this list weren’t enough, we have another one to add. La Sheesh, located at Sanjay Nagar is one of the best hookah spots in the city and it does so by offering a wide range of features.

While hookah in all its spectacular flavours are available, you also get other options in the form of food. They have pastas, brugers, fries and various other options that are certainly going to leave you delighted. 

As the weekend begins, you can choose this spot to unwind and get hold of the beautiful vibes that every weekend brings with it. You will be relaxed at this place and will also not be worried about the price because it is affordable. 

Located in Sanjay Nagar, it won’t be hard to spot this place because it is also quite famous. So come forward and choose between a wide range of options at La Sheesh. 

Black Mug Cafe - The open place

Location - Shankarnaga Road, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru 


If open air seating is what you are after then Black Mug Cafe is the best option that you can find. From hookah to beverages and delicious food, this cafe has everything and comes up to offer you the world. 

Their hookah has been rated for its quality and flavours, which are two great requirements that people look out for. With this selection in place, you can have the best of times at Black Mug Cafe and look to get it all. 

Moreover, the cafe does not end up being an expensive affair because it is priced accurately and does not leave a hole in your pocket. The central location of Bannerghatta is another option to be glad about. 

Not only can you get to the place on time but can also have one of the best weekends of your life because the place brings in an extra charm. Coupled with open air seating, one can hardly find anything wrong with this place and even trying to do so seems impossible. 

So add Black Mug Cafe along with the rest of the names on this list because it is worth it. 

Bierre Republic - The ultimate duo 

Location - Church Street, Bengaluru 

If you believe that hookah and beer call for being the ultimate duo, then Bierre Republic is where you need to be. Located in the happening town of Church Street, Beirre Republic is the place where cool people go to. 

It also happens to be an influencer’s paradise because the location calls for an evening of photos, videos and whatnot. Apart from hookah and beer, you will also write poems about their food because it is known to be delicious. 

Yes, that’s right. The owners have barely made a mistake with this one as the food creates memories in your mouth. Moreover, the ambience of the place is second to none and you will surely love all that you get to see. 

And once you are engrossed in the luxury and comfort of the Bierre Republic, you will understand that there’s no coming back and that you don’t want to come back. So chalk out the perfect weekend plan by calling all your friends to go ahead and visit Bierre Republic. 

Cafe Mocha - The famous one 

Location - Koramangala, Bengaluru 

If you were to pick hookah parlours based on how famous they are, you will end up picking Cafe Mocha. The premium joint, located in Koramangala is a prime destination for exploring everything related to hookah. 

The ambience and the vibe that this palace puts out is something simple, unique and yet mesmerising. While you won’t always find large groups of people, you will find ones who are there for having long conversations and spending the evening in style. 

Thanks to that, Cafe Mocha is the place to be at if you wish to be away from crowds and want to have some deep conversations with that special friend of yours. It is the place that invites you for an evening of hookah, food and good music. 

While they don’t have the long list of options that you find elsewhere, they surely bring in something of their own and stand out amongst the crowds. Hence, Cafe Mocha is a place that you need to consider visiting. 

Sheesha Shack - The shack for all seasons 

Location - Banashankari, Bengaluru 

One of the main ingredients of Sheesha Shack are its combo offers. These offers make the place special and help you get the kind of experience that you were looking for. Their hookah flavours also include a watermelon base and it is known to be a special one that you ought to try.

The central location of Banashankari also makes matters count and helps you move ahead with ease. Moreover, like a few other places on this list, Sheesha Stack is known to be on the affordable list, which is certainly good news. 

Not only can you get their services within a limited amount but you can also prepare a small budget and be glad to spend it over the weekend. In this manner, the process goes on to be special and will surely be something that you can look forward to the whole week. 

So beat the Monday blues by thinking about the weekend and work for the same because when Friday rolls in, you might be visiting Sheesha Shack. 

White Oak Cafe - Check the roof 

Location - HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru 

While White Oak Cafe has a lot of specialties, the thing that captures your attention is the roof. It is quite unique and different from the rest because you will hardly see a roof that looks like a sail on a boat. And with that in mind, you can now look at what they have to offer. 

White Oak Cafe, another classic place for hookah, is a great hangout spot where you can relax and have a good time. In terms of flavours, they have all the common options and even go ahead by including a few rare ones. 

And once you are done with hookah, you can check the menu for some food because they have everything that you need. It is more or less special and comes together to be one that you will be glad about exploring.

While the cafe does not offer something more like the rest, it does have a few unique features and exploring them will make things count. So go ahead and visit White Oak Cafe.

Karmaa Cafe - A red bull twist?

Location - Lalbagh Road, Bengaluru

Karmaa Cafe’s hookah has been the talking point for quite some time mainly because of the addition of its Red Bull like flavour. It's quite rare that one gets to see hookah with this flavour, which is why it is quite exciting to give it a try.

You can visit the place, try this exclusive flavour of hookah and also get confused about what to order in terms of food. Karmaa Cafe has the best options in this category and can easily be considered one of the go-to places for the weekend. 

Moreover, they also have a budget friendly setup that is sure to spring our surprises, especially since the location seems like one that can make a hole in our pocket. However, Karmaa has nothing of that sort to offer because you will be glad about the final bill.

So get on board and explore Karmaa Cafe and look towards the experience that it offers because the place is unique and the experience is second to none. 

Mockaholic - Ambience, hookah & beer 

Location - JP Nagar, Bengaluru 

You might have heard about trios and how they call out for a special combination. However, what you are going to hear is special because it comes from the land of Mockaholic. 

Combining special ingredients such as an open air ambience, hookah and beer is what makes this place the talking point of every conversation. You can look forward to exploring the same, especially if this trio is something that you are after. 

It is one of the best hookah joints in JP Nagar and comes on top of every single service that you expect to receive from such places. The open air ambience and the fact that you get hookah are two of the most special aspects of this place and you will continue talking about it long after you have left the place. 

So head down and visit Mockaholic, which is one of the most sought after hookah spots in the whole of JP Nagar.

Cafe Azzure - Special rooftop 

Location - Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru 

Wouldn’t it be fun to experience hookah in an open setup? If you believe so, you can head over to Cafe Azzure. It is a place for those who want an open air experience and also the interiors of something special. It is a unique combo that goes a long way to get things started.

The great view that it offers makes you feel that you are in another part of the world, which is certainly something that can help you kick start the weekend. While the place is bound to be created, you can do yourself a favour by booking a table in advance. 

And once you have tasted their food, you will surely book a table in advance and be prepared for everything that they offer. Being complete in the aroma and the richness of their offerings are sure to get everything in the right direction and you will be glad about the same.

With a name like Azzure adding some sort of artistic charm, you should not miss out on this place and should explore it. So go ahead and check out Cafe Azzure.

Elements Eatery - Frazer Town’s best spot

Location - Frazer Town, Bengaluru 

If you are someone who wants to experience hookah in an establishment that offers some pleasant viewing for the eye, you are in for a treat when you visit Elements Eatery. The place, which is known for its special services is also known to be the best hookah spot in Frazer Town. 

With a minimum price of ₹. 800 for two, this hookah spot comes alive during the weekend where people are looking to make the most of it. The atmosphere and the charm that this place offers are some of the leading elements that will keep you hooked to the place.

And by being a part of it, you are bound to head back home and recall one of the best weekends of the month. So remember the name and go ahead to search for the same.

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