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The importance of advertising can never be summoned up in one sentence or an article because the changing atmosphere that we are a part of tends to bring in new challenges and keeps on taking things forward. As a result, companies are constantly looking towards new avenues for marketing, and one such avenue, which is now considered a haven, is affiliate marketing. With its significance spanning across digital marketing, everyone is looking towards top companies like Amazon to view their prices and start the process for good. 

So if you are also looking for something similar, this brief write-up about Amazon affiliate commission rates will help you out to a huge extent.

The Top Product Categories & their Advertising Rates

In order to start with the best, it is always good to begin with the top product categories. These are not only the most searched categories but also the ones in high demand. Since Amazon affiliate commissions tend to change frequently, you need to keep yourself updated and know the current price. So without further ado, here are the top product categories and their advertising rates. 

Top Product Categories Advertising Rates (%)
Kitchen Appliances 9
Large Appliances5
Apparel & Accessories 5
Mobile Phones1


The list is pretty straightforward and clear because these are categories that you will be going through on a frequent basis. And by doing so, the advertising rates that come with it are justified and quite affordable. While a 9% commission rate is good for kitchen appliances, you will not find the same with mobile phones. Categories such as smartphones, storage devices, gold and silver tend to change things up with commission rates like no other. 

And to be specific, the mobile phone category even goes to 0.5% for phones such as Redmi Note 9, Redmi 9 Power, Redmi 9, Redmi Note 10 series, and so on. Due to that, you need to keep an eye on these products and look into their constantly changing commission rate.  

The Complete List of Affiliate Commission Rates 

While we can all acknowledge the importance of top product categories, it is equally essential to know the complete list. Since we are all curious to know commission rates that come with every product category, for purposes relating to advertising, a complete list is what we need. Hence, a complete list is what we will provide.

  1. 9-8%
Product Category Commission Rate (%)
Kitchen & Housewares 9
Furniture 9
Outdoors 9
DIY & Tools 9
Pantry 8


Product categories such as kitchen and housewares, furniture and so on tend to hold a commission rate between 9-8%. As a result, products and companies that share a significant connection with these products can always come forward and make good use of it.

  1. 6%
Product Categories Commission Rate (%)
Automotive 6
Lawn & Garden 6
Sports 6


Considering the frequency of search requests for these categories and various other aspects, a 6% commission rate comes into effect. 

  1. 5%
Product Categories Commission Rates (%)
Television & Computers 5
Consumers Electronics & Accessories 5
Large Appliances5
Movies, Music & Video Games5
Office Products 5
Pet Products5
Industrial & Scientific Products 5
Apparel & Accessories 5
Luggage & Bags 5
Watches & Shoes 5
Health, Beauty & Personal Care5
Gourmet & All Other Categories5
Kindle eBooks5
Jewelry 5
Personal Care Appliances5


A 5% commission rate stands to be ideal for all kinds of reasons and placing your mark on the same will be helpful for your business. 

  1. 4% and below
Product Categories Commission Rate (%)
Mobile Accessories 4
Data Storage Devices 2
Musical Instruments 4
Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment  2.5
Gold & Silver Coins 0.2
Types & Rims 2.5


Products with commission rates that are 4% and below tend to depict the movement of these products and how they are bought when compared to the rest. 


Prime Paid Membership Affiliate Commission Rates 

The famous video streaming platform, Amazon Prime also offers publishers the chance to make money by adding users to its membership base by merely sharing publishers affiliate links. This is a credible move to get things going and put this form of exposure to good use. Once the customer has registered for a paid membership with Amazon Prime and meets the eligibility requirements for the same, the publisher could make as much as ₹. 100. 

As a result, you need to check this aspect of business and explore the different opportunities that come with it. 

What You Need to Know About Amazon Business Affiliate Commission Rates

Signing up for Amazon Affiliate Programs is a move that everyone considered. And by all means, it is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is sign up, receive instant approval and then place affiliate links on your site. As mentioned before, the rates for various product categories are different and the process will work accordingly. Due to that, you need to remember the rates, explore the process and place the links on your website or blog.  


By doing so, you will realize that Amazon affiliate programs are ideal and effective. They are easy to register for, offer worldwide shipping, product embedding, and a lot more. With these benefits in line, the next part in line would be to know more about the commission rates, including audible free trial commission rates. So let's move forward and go through a step-by-step process where we break down important details of Amazon Business Affiliate Commission Rates.

  1. Commission Rates (Amazon Business)

In order to get things moving, you need to open up an Amazon Business account, which has not been registered before. Only successful registrations and a business that meets the right requirements will be able to open up an account of this nature and move ahead to explore commission rates. Upon doing so, publishers can receive ₹. 200. Apart from that, you also have the opportunity to explore Audible free trial and paid membership affiliate commission rates. 

  1. Audible Free Trial & Paid Membership Affiliate Commission Rates

As a membership service that offers customers the chance to explore exclusive original audiobooks and podcasts, Audible has truly outgrown the market and established itself ahead of time. Thanks to that, Audible free trial and paid membership affiliate commission rates come into the business. The free trial lasts for 30 days and if you enjoy it, you can continue to explore further. 

However, when it comes to the business side of things, the process begins with sharing a link and after successful registration, the publisher can earn up to ₹. 150. The same goes out for paid membership as the amount is the same, except the customer begins a member of the service. 

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