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Fans of Alexa will always remember the wide range of products that Amazon bought in the Echo lineup. Moving across different features and options, these products have not only embraced the basic demands of customers but have also provided them with an extra dose of sophistication. Due to that, a close look at all these products will not only tell you how Amazon has developed them but how things have changed with time. So here’s all that you need to know about Amazon’s classic Echo lineup.


Over the course of years, Alexa has expanded and offered services like no other. Her virtual footprint has gone all over the place and has thus, offered customers the right touch of excellence. From shopping apps to Amazon Music, Alexa is all around the place and most importantly, has found her growth with the Echo lineup. Due to that, it is ideal to note down Alexa’s journey with the Echo lineup and understand how far we have come.

So without further ado, here is a list of products that have so far got featured in the lineup.

1. Amazon Echo (4th Gen)
Price: ₹. 9,000

Amazon Echo 4th Gen was mainly praised for taking the Echo Plus and improving it to a whole new level. With Alexa-equipped and ready, Echo 4th Gen was a different product and worked well for many. The different features that it provided added up to the ₹. 8,000 to ₹.9,000 price tag. With several Amazon-related discounts also being a part of the picture, Echo 4th Gen went on to become a hit and continues to record numbers like no other. As the 4th Gen tag kept on growing bigger and bigger, the product began justifying all the praises and there were hardly any problems.

2. Amazon Echo Studio
₹. 22,999

Amazon’s Echo Studio was another commendable product that did everything right and managed to bring about a difference. The Dolby Atmos-compatible directional audio was the major upgrade that everyone kept talking about. As it rolls down to be smart speakers, Echo Studio satisfied critics and provided a unique platform for Alexa. Due to all that, Echo Studio was another major hit that will always be remembered for the classic set of features that it offered. It was more than just a complete speaker as it brought forward a special system that worked for good.

While its price may be on the higher side, the product provides all the right benefits and comes forward to stand clear on its price tag.

3. Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)
Price: ₹. 24,999

The Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) was everything that you wanted it to be. A 13-megapixel wide-angle camera, a digital pan, a huge 10.1-inch touchscreen, unique motion capabilities, microphones and of course, Alexa. The product went right off the mark and straight into households who found it to be a classic addition. The group calling feature was also appreciated by all and critics started rating it well. With all these features in hand, people did not mind the ₹, 24, 000 and odd price tag.

However, it did not really get into the position as the latter products as Amazon began upgrading things for good. But the Echo Show 10 is still a good product in this lineup and even to this day, you will find sales numbers constantly moving, which clearly talks about the impact that it managed to create.

4. Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)
Price: ₹. 11,499

Amazon Echo Show 8, 2nd Gen was for those who faced a few problems with the Echo Show 10 3rd Gen, in regard to its price and space. The Echo Show 8 was not only cheaper than the Echo Show 10 but demanded less space. The 8-inch screen followed by a 13MP camera did work out for the product and was mainly considered as a budget purchase. With its smart display and various other aspects, Echo 8 went on to justify the price tag and be placed in the minds of customers.

The smart display that it carried also featured a 1,280-by-800 pixel display, which clearly indicates the different kinds of benefits that you will receive with this product.

5. Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen)
Price: ₹. 7,000 - ₹. 9,000

The Echo Show 5 was almost similar to the Echo Show 8 and there were plenty of features that stood as the reason for this similarity. However, the changes remain as the topic of discussion and why they came with a lesser price. A 5.5-inch display, a 2MP HD camera, a 960-by-480-resolution, and so on were the main set of features that made this product whole and most importantly, made it different from the Echo Show 8. As a result, comparisons would not only end up being useless but would also showcase why the Echo Show 8 was a better product.

6. Echo Show 5 Kids

The popularity of the Echo series meant that Amazon could make kid-centric products and start a whole new market. After all, Alexa was always good with the kids and that was shown through Echo Show 5 Kids. Apart from helping children personalize their own screen, Echo Show 5 came with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+. With that subscription, children were exposed to books, TV shows, educational apps, games, movies and so on. Considering the product was meant for kids, Amazon also provided a two-year worry-free guarantee, which hinted at a free replacement for broken displays.

7. Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)
Price: ₹. 4,499

The Echo Dot has always been dubbed as an affordable Alexa and it also comes packed with the right set of features to rightfully use that tag. Apart from also being used as a good clock, the blue LED light has also assisted customers in helping them get hold of a product like no other. The basic features that come into the picture make this product valuable and will always be known as the right one to possess. Due to all that, the Echo Dot (4th Gen) is not only a good product under this lineup but comes at a price for everyone.

8. Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (4th Gen)
Price: ₹. 5,499

As everyone got intrigued with the clock, Amazon decided to bring in the feature and take things forward. As a result, the Echo Dot with Clock was another big hit that not only featured Alexa but once again made things affordable. You can merely place this device on your table and admire it, as it looks stunning. The small LED and smart speaker that accompany this product make it a valuable addition to any household. Moreover, the price is once again on the affordable side as it welcomes Alexa into a whole new world.

9. Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition (4th Gen)

Kids can’t seem to be getting enough of Alexa. So, Amazon decided to also add a kids edition of the Echo Dot and as always, it was packed with kid-friendly features. A one-year subscription to Amazon Kids, a two-year worry-free guarantee and a lot more features made this product appealing to kids. While a one-year subscription of Amazon Kids brought in Audible books, educational skills, interactive games, and so on, a two-year worry-free guarantee meant free replacement for broken displays.

10. Amazon Echo Glow
Price: ₹. 4,650 or lesser

If you require a colorful smart light orb that brings in Alexa and more features, the Echo Glow should be the perfect buy. Not only does it glow but you also have the option to change colors and flash while you are having a party. As a result, one could classify it as a smart light, provided you understand that it comes with Alexa. Due to all that, the Amazon Echo Glow was another addition that may not have been a huge success like the rest but it did end up creating a mark for good.

11. Amazon Echo Flex
Price: ₹. 2,999

A white box was the last thing that we would imagine to be packed as an Echo, However, Amazon did manage to pull it off and the Echo Flex was another credible device. All you have to do is plug the device into an electrical outlet and enjoy the far-field microphone and speaker that come with it. Since outlets are meant for charging your device, the Flex comes with a USB port to let you continue the task. As a result, the Echo Flex is a smart device that is packed with a good amount of features and comes at a considerable price.

While it is a little different from the rest of the products, it is worth the money and you will have a fully functional small Alexa at home.

12. Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen)
Price: ₹. 9,000

A hand-free Alexa voice control was a much-needed update and quite important at the time. And by all means, Amazon put forward another great product that justified the price tag. The wireless earphones came with great sound quality, offered noise cancellation, and were an upgrade for anyone who used a pair of earphones without the added benefit of noise cancellation. Not only was it small but was lightweight and easy to carry around. With this being the second update, people were ready to change the old one and stick to Echo Buds 2nd Gen.

13. Amazon Echo Wall Clock
Price : $49.99 (₹. 3,480 approx)

The Echo Wall Clock was a product in line with a set of other gadgets that were called Alexa Gadgets. It had to be connected to Echo smart speakers and helped people model their house with Alexa in another form. While it does stand to offer benefits, it did not click for the Indian market and was nowhere in sight when compared to the rest. And to take things further, Amazon also went ahead to launch a Mickey Mouse edition in the US, which came close to its original price tag.

14. Amazon Echo Sub
Price: ₹. 12,999

A sub-mass can always change things up for good and bring about a difference in a manner like no other. And with the Echo Sub, Amazon managed to achieve just that. While it cannot create a huge impact like a home theatre, it does provide the right kind of benefits that go a long way to make sense. Due to that, one could easily classify it as a smart speaker and move ahead to explore the different kinds of benefits that it brings to the table. While Bluetooth streaming does look weird for a device of this nature, there are other positives that come out of this device.

15. Amazon Echo Link
Price: ₹. 19,999

Amazon Echo Link helps you control music by connecting to existing stereo equipment. It was launched in India way back in 2019 and did create a small impact in the market. While there were better products on offer, the Echo Link stood out on a few aspects and went ahead to get established. With audio streaming services like Gaana, Amazon Prime Music, TuneIn, and so on, the Echo Link had what you needed in terms of music streaming.

16. Amazon Echo Link AMP
Price: ₹. 29,999

A built-in 60W and a 2-channel amplifier were the main attractions that were predominantly featured in the Echo Link Amp. And with these features, the product did generate a buzz and help people get used to a different system. A left-right speaker binding post output was also a part of the process and it went on to bring in some form of change or the other. With all these being added to the mix, both the Echo Link and Echo Link AMP came into the scene and were featured in the Echo lineup.


Alexa has always been a huge part of households as it makes our life a lot easier. And with Echo products creating a stable atmosphere, things tend to keep getting better. As a result, we don’t expect the Echo lineup to end but to keep on going till the end of time.

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