Must Read Guide For Solo Travelers In India

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"...You can't travel alone."

"...It's dangerous."

" could die!"

"What if you get into trouble? Nobody will be there to help you..."

There is always the 'But...' in every sentence when you bring up about travelling solo to your family or your friends. It's not because they don't trust you or anything, but they probably heard of that unfortunate event happened to that one solo traveller, so now, the fear is instilled in their mind, and they are too afraid to send you alone. Or maybe, just being a little too overprotective of their precious one! Yet that should not stop you from getting out of that comfort zone and let your wings spread wide. While in fact there are many consequences and inconveniences of being a solo traveller, there are also many tips and hacks you can follow to make your solo travelling a lot easier for you and mayhaps save a lot too.


Pre-planning your journey is probably the top priority you should be keeping if you're thinking of going on solo travel. Planning out everything meticulously beforehand could prevent you from getting into messy situations later. Study about the place you're planning to visit, which includes, the weather, the nature of the people, the localities, the do's and don'ts, etc. Also, note down in advance the list of things you'll be needing or taking on your journey, as it is most common for travellers to miss out on one thing or the other. You can list down all the necessary points on a diary book, or, there are also many mobile diary apps these days that helps you jot down anything anywhere which is way more convenient now. This will prevent you from having to spend that extra cash because you forgot to take/do one major thing.


Make sure you pre-book your transportation tickets, hotels or homestays and keep everything ready before you kick off with your travelling adventure. Booking at the last minute or on the spot may land you in trouble or in a helpless situation, especially in India, as you are less likely to get it because of its high demand. Plus, booking in advance and from booking apps will help you save a lot since the costs will be a lot cheaper, and also you can also use coupons or any offers online. You can easily make bookings from MakeMyTrip, Yatra or redBus on offer.

Learn the Basics

Before you land at your destination, it would be a wise tip to learn the very basic everyday gestures and sentences used by the locals. Using the basics could make it much easier for the locals to help you out when you need their help and not feel like some alien who just landed on Earth and is clueless. It is also a plus point because if you show them that you can speak their language or dialect, there are chances you will get away from getting tricked or fooled by the locals as they may think it's not your first time here.

Pack Only What You Will Need

Another essential tip to note down when you plan on a solo trip is to carry only the things which you will really require during your stay there. It is unnecessary to take stuff which is not important or will not be used as it will only take up your space in the luggage. Instead, try to keep your luggage as light as possible as it will help you keep lighter as you travel from one place to another.

Focus On What You Wear

Another very crucial tip to focus on when you're on a solo trip is to mind what you wear. This means that you need to dress conservatively and keep it low as much as possible. Especially when you travel in India, wearing expensive pieces of jewellery and clothes may add troubles to the how-I-expected-to-be trip. If you wear eye-catching accessories and clothes, there are high chances that you might be another victim of robbery cases or unwanted scenarios. Thus, it is advisable to dress modestly and conventionally as possible. A comfortable pant, a cotton shirt and a runner is suggestive. You can shop at AJIO, Amazon, Myntra which are some of the top online shopping sites in India, and you will find high-quality products in all price range.

More Advice For Travelling Solo In India

  • Use reliable transportation services for your intermediate travelling. Uber and OLA are the most trusted transportation company in India right now.
  • Opt for high-rated and reputable hotels or homestays for your safety.
  • Use mobile wallets wherever it is serviceable. You will save money, plus, it is convenient. Mobikwik, PhonePe and Paytm always hold some offers which would help you stay on your budget.
  • Plan your trip according to the weather.
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