Apple Student Discount: Details and Eligible Products

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apple student discount

Considering the widespread success of student campaigns all over the world, Apple Inc. decided to spread its student campaign to all parts of the world. They succeeded in their primary motive which is to raise the popularity of Apple products among the younger or future generation.

This campaign is considered one of the sturdy marketing strategies of Apple as it increased the popularity of Apple products more than ever.

Before you plan to buy any apple products during the back-to-school season it's a good idea to check your eligibility for the student discount campaign and the list of discounted products. If you pass the eligibility criteria you will have the best deals and offers along with your desired apple product. Apart from these, Apple is offering freebies to the customers who purchase during the campaign.

Students, teachers, parents, and educational institutions can take advantage of the offer. But you have to act quickly as the offer is a limited period one and with an expiry date. You can avail the offer from apple's physical stores all over India along with the official website, all you need is certain documents to prove your eligibility. One of the key features of this campaign is students will get an Apple Airpod as a gift during this campaign.

Customers can add these educational offerings to the Higher Education Offer that Apple already gives to university students and teachers in India and other countries, according to Apple India.
Before discussing further details of the sale and the products list, let's get to the detailed version of the eligibility criteria for availing of this offer.

Apple Student Offer: Who All Are Eligible?

Students Who Are Pursuing Higher or Further Education

Any student who is doing further or higher education and is older than 16 years is eligible for the campaign discount. To prove your eligibility you must have a valid student identity card. Yes, it is that simple. If you have passed all the criteria mentioned above you can get great deals on selected products and freebies from Apple at a customized discount price.

Parents of Students

By this eligibility criteria, Apple is trying to showcase its big heart to the world. If you are not a student but a parent of the students who fall under the above-mentioned rules, as a parent you are also eligible for the apples back to school discount. Isn't it amazing? Apple is allowing parents also to take advantage of the deal by bending its eligibility criteria in another direction. Apple users all over India are excited and heartily welcomed this extended concept of Apple with a joyful heart.

Educational Sector Employees

If you are not a student or a parent of the student but an educational sector employee, relax apple got your back. Apple is kind-hearted enough to extend the eligibility to the workers of educational institutions. If you are one of them, count yourselves lucky.

According to Apple any person who works in any form of the educational sector including both private and public are authorized to sign up for the discount during the campaign.
To avail of the discount, all you need to do is submit a few necessary documents to assure the details of your employment at any educational firm. Along with the staff of Educational institutions, Apple is welcoming PTA and PTO members also onboard.

How to Use Your Apple Student Privilege Effectively

If you are facing trouble finding the right products to redeem your apple discount deals you are in the right spot mate. We will tell you the effective way to avail your discounts on the top-selling Apple products.

Apple offers a lot of offers on selected apple products that are considered more useful for the targeted customers which are students. Don't worry which includes most of the top-selling popular products like the Iphone series, Macbooks, IMacs, and IPads and Apps. If you buy the apple music subscription you will be eligible for three months worth of apple TV subscription - how amazing is that?.

We assure you there is no need to have second thoughts about your purchase, this is the best chance to own the world's best electronic gadgets without crashing your bank account. We suggest you use the opportunity to its maximum potential by saving your pocket.

If you are wondering how much money you will save during the campaign, it will differ from product to product but we can say approximately you will be able to knock out 10 % off on the Maximum retail price of all eligible products. However, we will get into the pricing and discounts of eligible products later.

When it is down to your saving, there is no limit or specific amount however, you will be able to get a 10% flat off amount for your overall purchase cost. It may not sound a huge knockdown but we assure you it will gradually add up. Even still you didn't find it convincing you can club your student discounts with other ongoing apple deals which will certainly allow you to add up your savings.

Signing up for the Student Discount Program with Apple

As mentioned above, to confirm your eligibility for the campaign you must fall under certain criteria. If you think you are eligible, grab the required documents and head on to the Apple store or website to confirm your progress in the eligibility process.

After getting successfully enrolled for the campaign, the additional process of verifications can be done using the platform called UNIDAYS which is a free service application that will provide details of student discounts available with the world's top brands. The app will connect you as well to your eligible program.

Signing up Process Step by Step:

  1. Go to the education pricing website apple using any browser
  2. Click on the “apple store for education” option from the menu drops down
  3. Select the “ get started option “ on the next screen and enter your age and details proving your studentship to register with UNIDAYS.
  4. Choose apple store for education
  5. Enter the details such as the name of your educational institution, course name and course length, and academic year along with your university's official email address for verification purposes. By doing this you will register for the apple students pricing campaign.
    After doing all the above-mentioned steps upload your university, school, or college ID following the instructions given on the website.
  6. After that, keep up with your prayers and put your hope high. You have finished your part of the process and are now waiting for Apple to verify your student status and confirm your membership in the student discount campaign.

What Is the Best Thing about the Student Discount Campaign?

The most phenomenal thing about the deal is brand new apple products are also included in the offer along with popular and moving products. Most of the discounts offered by other brands are limited to old stock versions but Apple is giving people a chance to enjoy their newly launched brand new version products.

Eligible Apple Products and the Discount They Offer

Apple iPad Student Discount

Under the Apple student discount, you can buy iPads at a great discount as it is considered one of the most useful electronic gadgets for students offered by Apple.

  • iPad Pro is available from RS. 68,300
  • iPad Pro Display with XDR is starting from Rs. 2,09876
  • iPad starting rate - Rs.28,300
  • iPad Air starting price- Rs. 33,550
  • Apple iPad Mini can be a viable option which is available for Rs. 32,525

Students who buy any of the above-mentioned iPad models will be eligible for a complimentary set of Airpods second-generation variant which is worth Rs.14,000 in India. Which is a wired version of the eligible buyer decides to upgrade the wired version to wireless one or any new model Airpod apple will give them an offer to purchase them. Students will also get offers on study essentials such as an apple keyboard and pencil.

MacBook Discounts for Student

The Apple Macbook is one of the deepest dreams of every electronic gadget lover. It is considered the symbol of prestige and quality. The advancement of the MacBook offering makes it undeniable compared to the peer brands. If you are planning to buy a MacBook during the student discount campaign you will be eligible for great deals and you will be saving big money.

Along with the remarkable discount on Macbooks with the students' pricing, you will get great discounts on associated services and products too, for example Apple care, iPod, Apple software along with other significant accessories.

These are the notable discounts Apple is providing on Mac during the campaign:

  • MacBook Air – Price range beginning from Rs 78,692
  • MacBook Pro is available for Rs 1,11,692
  • Rs 85,810 for the basic version of IMac
  • Rs 4,08,310 - iMac Pro edition
  • Apple's most powerful machine called the Mac Pro - price range begins from Rs 4,50,910
  • Mac Mini is Starting from Rs 64,322 and is a top seller

Student deals for iPhone

The apple lovers who are eligible for student discounts are so lucky that they will be able to grab the brand new version of the iPhone for a 50% mind-blowing discount. If you think you are eligible head straight to the apple student offer session on the official website or store to verify your eligibility using the ID card required.

Apple Watch Students Campaign Discount

The eligible members will get a discount of 20% for the latest models of exclusive watch collections of apple if they are enrolled in the campaign or apple student club membership. Which you can easily do with your School/college work identity card or official email address.

Apple Students Campaign: Other Popular Products and Discounts


Apple Products On OfferOffer Price
Apple iPhone [64GB] 12 - SeriesRs.77,980 Rs 52,990
Apple AirPodsRs.13,800 Rs 12,399
Apple USB- Power AdapterRs.2000 Rs 1,800
Apple iPhone [128 GB] 13- SeriesRs.790,00 Rs 75,980
AirPods 3rd GenerationRs.17,950 Rs 16,999
Pro Version of Apple AirPodsRs.23,999 Rs 21,382
Apple MacBook Pro Version [256 GB]Rs.132,800 Rs 113,670
Apple Ipad Air 4th GenerationRs. 67,800 Rs 60,100
MacBook Air By Apple [ 256 GB ]Rs. 91,640 Rs 82,600


All around the world the Apple student offer is treated as a tremendous way for eligible buyers to adopt an extravagant technological adoption without going bankrupt. Apple is considered as the pioneer of mobile and digital technologies so everyone's inner child has a wish to use apple products regardless of their price. If you are one of them, consider this the best chance to fulfill your dreams by having delicious apple products. You can utilize this Student offer by Apple and have a lot of money saved for plenty of other things. As we know Apple products are known for their high quality and popularity. It is considered as a symbol of eliteness even though that doesn't really matter, still you can go for Apple products for their quality and user friendly side.

As we discussed earlier not everyone is eligible for this golden opportunity only selected rather lucky ones can take advantage of this apple student sale opportunity. If you fall under the eligible category don't waste your time thinking about grabbing the best products in the market in the most economical way possible.

Don't forget, Most of the Education based discount products apple comes with complimentary gifts and a lot of freebies. For example, if you buy an apple music subscription to enjoy uninterrupted music you will be also eligible for an apple tv subscription for a certain period which will provide you with newly released movies, tv shows both international and in your preferred region wise. Grab this opportunity to entertain yourself with high-end services and products from the world's best technological pioneers Apple Inc.

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