The Best Air Cooler Brands You Should Check Out This Summer

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Summer has arrived making us sweaty and restless all day. Summer without an air cooler is certainly an complex task, as they can be our only saviours throughout the sultry afternoons. What say?

Well, there are plenty of air coolers available in the market meeting all your needs and requirements. However, factors such as budget, product features and longevity can make it difficult for you to choose one air cooler among the numerous air cooler brands. Keeping this the focus, we have eased your purchase process by listing some of the best air cooler brands, its features, specifications and uniqueness in detail thus providing you with a crystal-clear picture of the various air coolers available in the market today.


Founded in the year 1988 and headquartered in Ahmedabad, Symphony produces domestic air coolers, industrial air coolers, as well as water heaters. Symphony appeared in the Guinness record for manufacturing the largest air coolers. Symphony operates in 60 countries. It is one of the best air cooler brands with the highest selling statistics for air coolers in India, Symphony is the bestselling air cooler.

The air coolers by Symphony are designed to meet all kinds of cooling needs. Whether it is an expansive living space, small urban room, an outdoor area, a shop, office, showroom or banquet hall, they have a room cooler suiting all your needs and specifications. So, do check them out.


Bajaj was founded in the year 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj in Mumbai. The group comprises of 36 companies which involve various industries like automobiles, lighting, home appliances, insurance, iron and steel, travel and finance. This brand is an India-based brand and has therefore made a lot of impact on the minds of the consumers especially the Bajaj air coolers as they are super-durable and budget friendly. The quality product is excellent and is also user-friendly.

Bajaj Electricals offers a host of air coolers meeting varying cooling needs across the country. You can choose from a range of desert coolers, personal air coolers, window coolers and tower coolers. Bajaj Air Coolers come with a fantastic array of features to keep your ambience cool, regardless of the climate outside. These air coolers come with the unique Chill-Trap feature with Honeycomb padding which ensures efficient cooling. The special resin in these pads allows a greater surface area for water to seep through,  wherein the amount of water available for evaporation is higher resulting in 25 per cent to 40 per cent more cooling. In many of the cooler models, there are various other features like 4-way air deflection and ice chamber. The Desert Air Cooler come with large water tank capacities and ensures high Air Throw and Air Flow Delivery. All desert, personal and tower cooler are equipped with castor wheels for easy mobility.


Kenstar is a subsidiary of Videocon which was founded in 1979 by Venugopal Dhoot. Its headquarters are at Mumbai. This brand consists of 15 sites all over the world including India. Kenstar is a brand of home appliances by company Kitchen Appliances India Limited at 1996. It manufactures all home appliances which include television, air coolers, water heaters etc. Kenstar is a newer company as compared to Bajaj and Symphony, however, it has made its stand in the market because of the durable and quality products. Kenstar Air Coolers are preferred by a large number of consumers as they are durable and budget-friendly.

Kenstar air coolers keep rooms at home or at the office at a comfortable temperature. Users can keep a window or door open when a Kenstar air cooler is on, meaning there is always fresh air in the room. Kenstar portable room coolers are lightweight appliances with wheels that can be moved around within the house and require minimal installation efforts. All they require is a power source and water.

Kenstar air coolers provide affordable solutions for the summer heat and offer a host of advantages over other domestic air cooling appliances. It is cost effective i.e., it costs a fraction of what an air conditioner would cost. It uses less power, meaning, you can run an air cooler for hours without having to make it up for a hefty electricity bill.

Crompton Greaves

Crompton Greaves is an Indian multi-national company with its headquarters in Mumbai founded in the year 1878. Their manufacturing products include Transformers, Pumps, HT & LT Motors, DC Motors, and Railway Signaling. Crompton is a trusted brand for many home appliances such as geysers, air coolers etc. The Crompton Greaves products contain a CG logo marking its authenticity and genuineness. The Crompton Greaves Air Coolers are customer friendly, durable, efficient, and hence, worth the price.

Crompton Greaves is one of the best air cooler brands in India which offers air coolers with varying cooling capacities and exclusive features. These include a large cooling area of 450 square feet, water level indicator, water drain plug, transportation wheels for simple mobility and Inverter capability. The air coolers made by this company are designed elegantly keeping up to current trends and innovation.


Havells is one of the largest electrical equipment industry in India and has its headquarters in Noida. It was founded in 1958 by Qimat Rai Gupta and Rajesh Saxena Bandar. The company manufactures fast moving electrical goods like home appliances, fans, lighting, and switchgear. Havells is one of the most trusted and reliable brands in the market for home appliances like air coolers, geysers and so on. The Havells Air Coolers are well-liked because of their modern look, durability, and high efficiency.

Havells offers a unique range of smart coolers with Breatheezee Technology TM. Unlike the traditional coolers that work on natural evaporative cooling theory, Havells air coolers operate using the Breatheezee Technology TM feature dust filters on three sides and completely collapsible louvres on the front to prevent dust from entering the cooler. This feature makes Havells one of the best air cooler brands in India. The specially processed anti-bacterial, anti-erosion and anti-deformation honeycomb pads have good hydrophilic properties to absorb remaining dust particles and cleanse air thoroughly.

Apart from these, Havells air coolers have distinctive features like covered water tank to prevent mosquito breeding, auto drain for easy drainage of water, humidity regulator to regulate water flow on pads, temperature display and many more. Their compact design and air purification system further add to their finesse, making these air coolers a priced possession during summers. In short, with these many excellent features, Havells air cooler is a worth buy as it offers best features, safety, portability, comfort and convenience. Experience cleaner, healthier and breathable air with Havells air cooler this summer.

Take Home Points

While you purchase an air cooler, you should keep in mind that size the air cooler plays a vital role. You should always opt for an air cooler depending on the size of your room. Also, you should know about the features of the best air cooler brands well before you decide to buy.

The air cooler should be positioned in front of the window. If the air is hotter, the evaporation is faster. Thus, cool air is blown out by the fan. In order to create good ventilation in the room, the humidity needs to be pushed out. The windows of the room must be open for this purpose. But you should also keep in mind that they are not opened too wide as it will only result in an increase in room temperature.

Besides these, adding ice to the water is an effective way to increase the efficiency of cooling. There are ice compartments in some coolers for this purpose. The pads get cooler by adding ice to the water. Hence, cool air passes through them. This is only effective if one is seated at a very close distance to the cooler. Ice won’t help on a long run for decreasing the humidity or temperature in the room. The addition of too much ice can also result in slowing down of the evaporation process. So, you must know when to put ice cubes in the air cooler. When the temperature is at its peak, the ice will prove to be effective.

Also, remember to clean the cooling pads of the cooler for a good performance. The cooling pads collect pollen and dust over time, hence it is important to clean them. They should be cleaned once in a week with the help of a brush. If the dust accumulated on the cooling pad is too much, then, do get them replaced at the earliest. It is very important to keep the water tank clean. You should make sure that there are no leaks. Frequently cleaning the fan blades will certainly increase the efficiency of the air coolers. The air cooler should be serviced regularly so that it would last for a long period of time.

Lastly, an apt way to ensure instant cooling is by letting the pump run when the tank is being filled with water. The water will run through the cooling pads by the pump. This allows them to soak water beforehand. After the tank is full, you can run the fan. After turning it on, it would help the air cool. To avoid heat from entering the room, the drapes must be shut. Lights and other appliances should also be switched off. The air cooler must be installed in the right way for effective cooling.

Following the above-mentioned points will undoubtedly help you in breathing fresh, cool and healthy air this Summer. So, choose among the best air cooler brands which suit you best and have a fun-filled Summer 2019!

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