Paytm Now Allows You To Book Train Tickets Without Payment Gateway Charges

Last Updated on 1st March, 2023  • Akhil   • 3 Minute Read


Did you know? Paytm has expanded its services by offering the customers with train ticketing service wherein they can book their train tickets, check live PNR status and avail instant refund on cancellations without paying any additional service charge, gateway charge or convenience fee.

The Vice President of Paytm commented “We are delighted to announce that users can now book train tickets on Paytm without paying the service charge, payment gateway charge or any other kind of convenience fee. The move is targeted to encourage more travellers to adopt online as a cost-effective and hassle-free channel for booking train tickets."

This feature initiated by Paytm will enable the users to make repeat bookings in a few easy clicks without having to fill in additional information which can be time-consuming. But it is to be noted that Paytm has eliminated the in-chat app feature quoting high cost as the reason.

Also, the Paytm inbox feature which was launched in a bid to compete against popular chat apps particularly WhatsApp will now focus only on news, video and gaming. The app is still there and the company said that it will receive social features in future. The company also revealed the Economic Times that it will resume the chat feature once it has a " larger infrastructure and dedicated team to run it."

Train Booking Charges with Paytm - No Additional Payment Gateway Charges

Previously, Paytm charged 1.8 per cent of the total train booking amount as payment gateway charges. This is currently been waived off by the company now. However, this applies only if the ticket amount is less than Rs 1000. If the ticket amount is equal to Rs 1000 and above, then, payment gateway charges will be applicable as 0.75 per cent of the e-ticket amount.

Let us take an instance, say, your ticket amount is Rs 500 or Rs 999 then, you don't have to pay any payment gateway charges. However, charges apply if the price exceeds Rs 999. If your ticket amount is Rs 1000, then, the payment gateway charges will be Rs 7.5 and if your ticket amount is Rs 2000, then, the payment gateway charges applied will be Rs 15.  This have come to rescue since the payment gateway charges even though is less is and added loss for people who travel quite often. The different payment gateway charges different percentage of amount as the charge where Paytm will charge nothing anymore and this will lead to a lot of people booking through Paytm.

One of the major highlights is that Paytm will now allow its customers to make repeat bookings in a few easy clicks without having to fill any additional information. Along with the check PNR status feature, they can also enter their route or even search for cities, towns, localities, landmarks and get suggestions for the nearest train stations reachable to them.

Hurry! Now, book your train tickets from the comforts of your home, instantly without waiting in a long queue. Pack your bags for the journey, book your train tickets and hotels online! Plan your next trip with Paytm, conveniently across India. Sounds like a relief right? So, gear up and visit the Paytm site now and plan your trip today by availing exciting offers and discounts.

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