Best Bra Brands For Millennial Ladies In India To Buy – 2019 Picks

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Lingeries are like a girl’s BFF. We may own a bunch of it, but we always have that one favourite brasserie which we heart it no matter how old or worn out it becomes. Good quality and a comfortable brasserie can make us feel contented and assured any day. However, many of us tend to make the mistake of choosing either the wrong cup size or the wrong type of bra for your bust. Every. Single. Time. It’s the struggle of every girl around the world when we do lingerie shopping. Nevertheless, when we invest in the best and the right bra, it is bound to work wonders for you. Not only they keep you in comfort all day but also make you look sexier and helps with your body posture. So girls! It’s about time you start choosing and wear the right brassieres. If you don’t have any clue on lingerie brands or which to choose from, just sit back, relax and get to know about this top 7 Best Bra Brands In India which are also in my favourite lists.

1. Zivame


The first brand that tops my favourite best bra brands list is none other than Zivame! There are many factors why I am in love with this lingerie brand-
A wide variety of pretty lingerie collection.
Frequently holds attractive sale events.
Great customer services.
In short, they have the all-round qualities that every woman look for during lingerie shopping.
Apart from the excellent qualities that this brand offers, another plus point which makes me really excited to shop this bra brand is the ‘Loyalty’ benefits and the ‘My Fit Profile’ privileges. ‘My Fit Profile’ is a segment where you can calculate your body proportion measurements to get your perfect bra size. All you need to have is a measuring tape with you, and the rest will be assisted by Zivame Fit Experts with a few follow-up questionnaires.

2. Pretty Secrets


The following brand to take the second best bra brands spot on my favourite list is Pretty Secrets. What I fancy about this brand is, they have the latest collection and a wide assortment of lingerie, sleepwear, and activewear, which are not only stylish but also super comfortable and affordable. The moment you visit their official site or app, you will be enchanted by the vibrant, luxurious designs, and the wide choice of sizes for all types of body shapes. Like Zivame, they also offer tempting offers regularly on both their online stores and in-store retail outlets. So if you fancy staying on trend and elevate your style, Pretty Secrets might give you the Eureka Moment.

Websites to Buy:,,,,,,,, and

3. Bw!tch

Next to enter my favourite list is Bw!tch from the house of Genesis Colors. This lingerie brand is not very well-known among the ladies yet, which I believe is because their retail outlet is set only at four States so far, but I can guarantee that once they set up their brand on the rest of the states, they will be in no match with the current leading lingerie brands in India. The reason why I choose this brand under the list of the best bra brands in India is that their collections have a contemporary touch to it that gives a fresh, alluring and elegant designs which are loved and gushed over by ladies of this generation. Their products are created for all body shapes and sizes and have an assorted collection.

4. La Senza

La Senza! My favourite bra brand among the premium-class range. This lingerie firm first came about in the year 1990, created by the Canadian entrepreneur, Lawrence Lewin. This brand is reportedly licenced to over 700 retail outlets around the world, including India that has 2 outlets so far. What I’m intrigued about La Senza is, their lingerie collections are exquisitely beautiful which you will find it difficult to just pass by without having a peek at them or maybe have a splurging moment. There is no in between! Although this bra brand comes under the premium range category, you will be a proud owner once you own them. They have a series of collections that reflect different types of personalities, such as, Beyond Sexy, Obsession, Hello Sugar, So Free, Diva, Body Kiss and more.

5. Enamor


The fifth on the line would be Enamor. This brand is always on the best bra brands in India because of its quality-efficient and budget-friendly products. Launched in the year 2003, they offer a broad range of lingerie series created particularly for Indian women. Just like Zivame, Enamor also offers to assists its customers if they want to find out their perfect lingerie size under the ‘Know Your Size’ section. They also have an exclusive segment for bride-to-be ladies where they will give you an extensive exposure on bridal wear which you can easily shop them from their collection. Apart from that, they also have excellent customer service! The reasons why Enamor falls under the best bra brands in India.

6. Amante

If you want to go for minimal and cute designs with a budget-friendly price, Amante is the one for you. This brand is one of the best bra brands that was created to make women happy and confident with their series of bras offering comfort, style and sensuality to every type of body shapes. They have several store outlets and also e-commerce websites. They have various sections of bras for everyone such as bridal wear, everyday comfort, fashion and sports bra.

7. Clovia

Clovia brand is another great choice next to Amante if you are seeking for a budget-friendly quality lingerie brand. They offer a wide selection of high fashion and premium quality bras with a low-cost budget. Their lingerie line is acknowledged to be cute yet fashionable with high comfort and style. Their bra series has a wide selection in patterns, sizes, cup shape, and different types of bras and thus, makes it easier for you to choose the perfect fit for your body type accordingly.

A Quick Guide To The Types Of Bras

Just like how we all have different types of personalities, even bras have diverse types with its own unique features and uses. Not anybody will fit in all the types of bras. Each bra type is created and made for specific bust shapes and sizes. To get a clearer picture, we have listed down each one of them along with its purpose and uses.

1. T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bras, also known as a contour or wireless bras, are one of the most comfortable picks we have. They are perfect for everyday wear and is a must-have item in every girl’s undergarment collection. They are designed for everyday comfort and best matched with basic tees and jeans. These bras come in simple patterns and seamless cups so you can wear it even under body-tight outfits.  

2. Push Up Bra

This type of bra, as the name suggests, is specially designed to lift your breast and give it a fuller look and a nice cleavage. They are designed with extra foam at the bottom of the cups and comes in 3 levels of lifts- low, medium and high. These bras are best matched with low-cut tops and dresses.

3. Strapless Bra

The strapless bra comes as a life-saver on those special days where you are compelled to wear off-shoulder outfits. With this bra, you have to depend on the underwired band of the cups, so it is significant to wear the right-fit to avoid discomfort or unwanted wardrobe malfunction.

4. Sports Bra

If you’re a sportswoman or who works out daily, this bra is for you! Created specifically for workout routines, this type of bra offers full coverage and extra support during strenuous movements. Apart from that, they are also crafted with a special kind of fabric that helps absorb sweats and dry fast. So, sports bras are also a must-have addition even if you are someone who doesn’t work out because eventually, it’ll be a life-saver one day!

5. Stick-On Bra

This type of bra is another excellent addition to your life-saver list because it’s almost similar to strapless bras- except, this bra has more advantages. This bra comes with no straps nor bands, just the cups which is usually made of silicon, polyurethane, or similar material. This bra type is most suitable for those women who have smaller busts. As a girl, all of us have special days where we want to look at our best and wear gorgeous dresses, and with no exception, this stick-on bra comes to our rescue. Perfect for off-shoulders, backless, sheer-back, or low-cut outfits, these stick-on bras will keep your bust at bay and the perfect cleavage.

6. Maternity Bra

These type of bras are crafted from elastane fabric, specially designed for new mothers to give extra comfort and support and to accommodate changing breast shape and size during their pregnancy period. Some of these bras also feature easy-removable flaps, which can be effortlessly unhooked for easy and comfortable breastfeeding.

7. Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are designed to show off your beautiful cleavage and comes with demi-coverage cups. It covers ⅓ of the breast and has a deep neckline. These type of bras are modelled to match with low neckline dresses to give a fuller appeal to your bust.

8. Minimizer Bra

This type of bra is best suitable for ladies with big busts. Minimizer bras are one of the oldest types of bras that give full coverage and minimize the bulky appearance of your breasts. They are modelled to spread the breast tissues evenly and provide extra support and shaping.  So, if you’re someone who wishes to have lighter/smaller busts, this one’s for you.

To Believe Or Not To Believe, Once And For All

I’m pretty sure all of us have been a victim of myths or silly misconceptions when we were young. From elders to your peer groups, we’ve heard of unending beliefs, which, when we think about now, we feel funny and stupid. And as a female representative, I’m sure every girl have heard of myths and beliefs of bras their whole life. So, let’s be clear of it once and for all. Down below are some of the most common myths about bras which you need to believe it or not.

1. A woman’s bust stays the same size her entire life.

While some may believe this misconception, you can’t deny the fact that your breasts size changes over time and years as you age. The size of your breasts may also fluctuate depending on whether you gain or weight, or post-pregnancy. According to the experts, taking measurements of your bust semiannually or yearly is necessary to keep track of your body.

2. Your bust size is the same for every brand!

No! Every lingerie brand differs from each other depending on their fit-model. Even within the same brand, the sizes can be flexible based on the bra types. So, the next time you visit a retail store, get your size measured by the experts and also, try on different types of the bras just so you get the perfect fit for you.

3. You can wear the same bra for consecutive days.

Hmm…nope. Wearing the same bra for the consecutive week will decrease the quality and longevity instead, not forgetting the amount of dirt and oil transferring from your body. Gross! Experts suggest we must wash it after every wear for better hygiene and stronger elasticity. Now I know what you’re thinking, laundry, right? Don’t worry, I’m with you. Just get a few counts of your favourite everyday bra and rock it through the week.

4. If your bra is loose, tighten the straps.

This is one of the hacks we all did as teens back then because we thought tightening the straps of a loose bra will make it fit perfectly. But a perfectly-fitted bra shouldn’t have any flaws from any angles and sides, it’s a taken. So, measure your correct size before you invest in them!

5. Go monochrome with your shirt.

This is another very traditional misconception that ladies make even today- wearing the same colour bra and shirt. Twinning the same colour won’t make your bra invisible. In fact, it may instead react the other way. Wearing a white bra beneath a white shirt can accentuate the bra colour more. Instead, the best trick is to go for your skin tone colour, like nude or baby pink shade.

Hacks and Tricks With Your Intimate Companion

Every girl has this love-hate relationship with their intimate companions. They may give us the support and company we need, but they can also be the most annoying thing in the world. Breathe if you agree. Long story short, here are the few hacks and tricks you can try with your intimate companion.

Too much cleavage? Try this.

Though there are times we want to show off our beautiful cleavages, it’s not always comfortable or pleasant to flaunt it. Especially at your workplace or somewhere where you need to dress decently, but your favourite top has a plunging neckline. For these kinds of situations, you don’t have to wear those bulky camisoles anymore- try this product.

2. Hide the strap & Save Yourself!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a sin exposing your bra straps, but it’s the humans. Humans become extra sensitive when it comes to females, breasts and bra straps! Eventually, we are compelled to hide the straps in any possible way so as not to face the extreme embarrassment moments in public. During the summer or work out sessions, you can’t help but wear tank tops or any tops which can make your bra straps visible. But thanks to some genius individuals for coming up with such products, we can save our face now!

Get It Here

You can also try with paper clips if you want to save some bucks. It may not be powerful like the Anti-Slip Buckles, but it definitely works!

Another way to hide the straps is to get a convertible bra and wear it in any way which is suitable with your outfit. Here’s a guide:

3. Enough of the shoulder pains.

This is a frequent occurrence to all of us ladies, isn’t it? Especially for those with big busts, shoulder straps are bound to happen because of tight straps. Furthermore, the pain deepens when we are required to stay out for several hours. Thus, for more comfort and less pain, try these silicon shoulder pads!

4. Make use of your old bras.

Pretty sure every girl have some bunch of worn-out bras stacking up in that corner of your cupboard. Too old to wear but you don’t wanna ditch it because you and the bra have some soul connection? Well, you can put it into some creative use. If your current bra band is too tight for you, cut off the back hook of your old bra and sew it to your current one, and ta-da! It will fit you like a brand new bra! In case if your bra is too loose, cut off the end of the same bra and attach it using fabric glue or stitching at the right place you want.

5. Hand-wash it for longevity.

If you’ve been shoving your bras into the washing machine, stop right there. As much as possible, hand-wash them for better and longer use. If at all, you prefer using the washing machine, make sure your bras are put into the bra wash bag before you shove them for washing. It’ll keep your bra longer and healthier.

6. Exercise this hack for your sports bra.

To make your sports bra last longer, wash them with shampoo right after you reach home from an intense workout session. It will not only give a longer life to your bra but also leave with a pleasant smell.



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