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    There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Nykaa has some of the best deals in town. Starting from January and going all the way to December, Nykaa brings together deals, discounts and more through some of their most famous sales of the year. The e-commerce giant, which also has around 84 offline stores, is turning out to be India’s platform for wellness, fashion, beauty and other products. 

    Founded by Falguni Nayar in 2012, Nykaa is moving ahead with deals and we are here to tell you all about them. Being aware of their deals will not only help you be prepared but will also help you get the type of products that you have always wanted.

    From skincare products to beauty products, there’s hardly anything that Nykaa does not have. So it’s time to shop for all that you need and by merely reading the following, you will be well equipped to get it all.

    Nykaa Upcoming sale

    Upcoming Nykaa Sales

    The Nykaa Big Beauty Sale 

    Expected Date: 10th - 15th January 2022

    The Nykaa Big Beauty Sale is one of the best ways to start the year and explore the massive discounts that are set to come your way. As figures go up to 50%, you will be left to explore all their products with the simple need to add everything to your shopping list. Since Nykaa is known to have some of the best-selling skincare products, consumers are aware of which category to start shopping for.

    So at the Nykaa Big Beauty Sale, you need to look out for beauty and skincare products because these are some of the big brands that will have all the discounts. 

    The Nykaa Republic Day Sale 

    Expected Date:  25th - 26th January 2022

    Soon after the Big Beauty Sale, you will be heading towards the Nykaa Republic Day Sale, which is another huge offering from the e-commerce giant. As discounts start from 40% and go above the same, you will be left looking at all their categories because such discounts are hard to ignore. 

    Everything from cosmetics to fragrances and whatnot have discounts and it is the perfect opportunity for one to explore the same. Top brands such as Biolage, L ’Oreal and more are featured in this sale and you can get all their products at a price that keeps you excited for good. 

    Moreover, Nykaa also has some of the best payment options to choose from, which calls for a convenient shopping experience. So apart from purchasing the product of your choice, you will also be able to get used to a comfortable system that makes the process quick and easy. 

    The Nykaa Big Love Sale

    Expected Date: 11th - 20th February 2022

    The best way to start this Valentine's week is to visit because there are two mega sales coming your way. Beginning with the Nykaa Big Love Sale, the special month of February also includes Nykaa Valentine’s Day Sale. With both these sales, you can spend your time looking through all kinds of products and surfing through all kinds of discounts that come with them. 

    Top products from brands such as Maybelline, Lakme, Colorbar and more will be ready to set the sale on fire. And in terms of discounts, you will be getting anything from 25%-50%. However, before making up your mind, read more about the next sale and explore it all for good. 

    The Nykaa Valentine’s Day Sale

    Expected Date: 6th - 14th February 2022

    The special month of February gets an extra dose of love from Nykaa. While the valentine spirit remains in your heart, you can carry forward the love by buying something special for the special person in your heart. As mentioned before, top brands and their products are going to be available, leaving you with plenty of options to choose from.

    Since the sale goes on till the 14th of February, you have all the time in the world to update your wish list, choose the right products and then go about purchasing the thing that you need the most. During this special season, you can also receive discounts of up to 40%. So lookout for this sale because it can blow your mind.

    The Nykaa Women’s Day Sale 2022

    Expected Date: 6th - 8th March 2022

    The Nykaa Women’s Day Sale 2022 features some of the best brands, the best products and also includes discounts like no other. It begins on the 6th of March and goes all the way to the 8th and is undoubtedly one of the biggest offerings from Nykaa. As you can guess, the sale is all about women as featured brands tend to begin things with a discount of 50%.

    Like every other sale, you need to be prepared for this one because you deserve to get the product of your choice. And in order to get it, you will have to start early, explore the list and be aware of a few terms and conditions that match the sale. Hence, it looks like you have a lot of work to do. So get ready.   

    The Nykaa Holi Sale

    Expected Date: 12th - 19th March 2022

    The Nykaa Holi Sale is another major event that is set to bring in all the discounts, deals and mega offers that are hard to ignore. Considering the festive mood around Holi, it makes sense to buy what you need and also gift someone with a product that can leave them surprised. 

    When it comes to discounts, the Holi sale reduces prices by nearly 50% and goes on till the 19th of March, thereby providing you with time to purchase what you need. Apart from all that, Nykaa also provides free shipping, which is another boast that will help you out to a huge extent. 

    So don’t miss out on this opportunity. Grab it when you can and go ahead to make the most of it. 

    The Nykaa Hot Pink Sale

    Expected Date: 22nd - 25th June 2022

    With the Nykaa Hot Pink Sale fast approaching, it’s time to make your shopping list bigger and start looking for products that you need at the earliest. It is one of the most anticipated sales of the year and is expected to have major discounts that could lead up to 50% on all categories. 

    Not only can you explore the sale but you will also have a good time doing so because why wouldn’t one want to look at discounts and understand all that they are getting? So let the countdown begin because the Nykaa Hot Pink Sale is almost here. 

    The Nykaa Independence Day Sale 

    Expected Date: 11th - 19th August 2022

    There are hardly any brands out there that don’t offer discounts on Independence Day and there are hardly any online stores either that don’t offer discounts on Independence Day. So you have the Nykaa Independence Day Sale and it is one that you shouldn't be missing.

    Starting from the 11th and heading all the way to the 19th of August, Nykaa will roll down mega offers going up to 60% on all products including categories like skin care, makeup and so on. Considering the importance of the sale, you can be assured that it is going to be big, probably the biggest you have ever seen.

    Since it also includes several categories, you can keep looking through them all until you find what you need. You can start by making a wishlist and buying them all when the sale begins. While many have the habit of procrastination, it is better to not follow the same and be ready when you should be. 

    So begin early, look through all categories and then choose what you need. 

    Tips to be prepared for all of Nykaa’s Sales in 2022

    • Log in/sign up

    If you don’t have a Nykaa account, the first thing that you need to do is sign up for the same. You can do so by either downloading the app or heading to the website. Since waiting till the end to sign up is more or less an unwanted step, you can avoid the same by signing up as soon as possible. 

    But if you already have an account, then all you need to do is log in and learn all terms and conditions that are going to be placed alongside the sale. 

    • Creating a wish list

    The hassle of not being able to get what you want is a huge problem and nobody deserves to go through that mess. So the easiest solution is to create a wish list and put an alert, in case the product is unavailable so that you will be aware of when it is available. 

    Since a wish list can be created as and when you feel like it, you can do so right before the sale and look towards completing the process. Once the sale begins, you will merely have to click the buy button and complete the process in one go.

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