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Coin DCX Referral Code

Investing in cryptocurrency seems to be the talk of the town as everyone looks to complete the process and get on with the task of creating a portfolio. And one of the ideal places to start has been CoinDCX. With top cryptocurrencies in the offering, CoinDCX seems like the place where you can start your journey towards cryptocurrency. And here we share the best CoinDCX referral codes to start with!

And to make matters all the more exciting, CoinDCX, along with other top brands has also launched different kinds of referral programs that you can use to invite more people to the Crypto community. Be it your friends or family, you can always send them a referral code, invite them to join the program and then look towards earning benefits of all kinds.

While the process sounds simple, it comes with a few steps that you need to be aware of. So before going out to read all about the different referral programs, here’s how you can use one. 

Referring a friend to CoinDCX and earning ₹2,000

One of the most common referral programs associated with CoinDCX is the one where you refer a friend and look towards earning ₹. 2,000. But how does it work?

  1. Download the CoinDCX App

The first step is to download the CoinDCX app and create an account so that you can continue your operations with the platform. It is the easiest step in the process and once you are done with the same, you can start looking at the ‘Refer Others’ option.

  1. Log in and invite friends 

Once you explore the ‘Refer Others’ option, you will have a basic idea of what to do and how to go about doing so. Moreover, at this juncture, you will also receive the reference number needed to sign up and earn rewards. 

Make sure that you are logged into your account because only then can you get what you need. Once you have received all the relevant details, the next step is to read through the terms and conditions, which will usually state that you require minimum trading of 5 BTC. 

Each and every referrer will get ₹2,000 for every friend that they bring in, making it important that your contacts carry forward the process and continue the same with ease. 

CoinDCX Referral Code

CoinDCX Referral Codes & Rewards for 2022

Referral OfferReferral CodeValidity
CoinDCX Offer CodeBTC100August 31 2022
CoinDCX Sign Up Reward27597191June 31 2022
CoinDCX Paytm OfferPAYTMDCXJune 31 2022

CoinDCX Offer Code  

The CoinDCX Offer Code is one of the most famous ones in the market. It has often been known to be a valuable addition to the mix and brings about a difference whenever it matters the most. And when it comes to getting it, the following details are what you need to be looking at.

  1. The offer code can be availed via the app or even the web.
  2. All modes of payment are accepted, making it convenient to continue the process. 
  3. Use code: BTC100 on your order.
  4. This is available for new and old users. 

CoinDCX Sign Up Reward 

As the name suggests, a signup reward is for the ones who have signed up to the account and are willing to explore the same for the first time. All you have to do is register on CoinDCX and then look towards the terms and conditions of the signup reward. 

It can either be bitcoins or any other form of reward that is mentioned. Read through the following details to know more about it. 

  1. The signup reward or bonus will be credited to your CoinDCX wallet. 
  2. The coupon code - 27597191 is needed to complete the checkout process. 
  3. The offer is valid for all new users and all kinds of payment methods are also accepted. 

Mobikwik Coupon Code for CoinDCX

This offer is ideal for all Mobikwik users as they can look towards earning at least 1% supercash if they decide to use their Mobikwik Wallet as a mode of payment. It is a valuable coupon code and looking for ways to get it is something that you ought to consider immediately. So read the following details and do everything that is required to get this coupon code. 

  1. The offer is valid at least twice for a user
  2. Can be used to pay via Mobikwik Wallet.
  3. The maximum cashback value is ₹500
  4. The offer can also be availed via the app or the web. 

CoinDCX Paytm Offer  

Apart from Mobikwik users, even Paytm users can explore CoinDCX and look towards building a portfolio with cryptocurrency. This Paytm offer can be used to earn a reward that can also come in the form of Bitcoin. So as you can understand, it is pretty exciting and the best way to get hold of it is to read the details that come with it. 

  1. Sign up and create an account to avail the offer. 
  2. Apply the promo code - PAYTMDCX
  3. The offer is valid for over 15 days. 
  4. Around 100 Bitcoin rewards will be credited within the right time frame.

CoinDCX Voucher Code 

When it comes to saving, there’s none better than the CoinDCX Voucher Code. it can give you Bitcoin worth ₹.201 and thus helps you save on the same. It is an offer worth getting and the best way to do so is to read the details attached with the offer. 

  1. The offer is all for all kinds of users, including existing users. 
  2. The CoinDCX code - FUTURE201 is required to complete the process and you will have to type it down at checkout.
  3. The code is applicable via the app or the web. 

BookMyShow CoinDCX Reward

Apart from PayTm, vouchers codes and more, BookMyShow has also entered the mix to offer rewards in the form of Bitcoin. By purchasing a movie ticket or performing specific transactions on BookMyShow, you can stand a chance to earn Bitcoin worth ₹. 201 on CoinDCX. 

Moreover, five lucky winners will also get a chance to earn Bitcoin worth ₹.1,000 on a daily basis.

So read the following terms and conditions and explore more about this incredible offer.

  1. This offer is only applicable for a new user
  2. The coupon is non-transferrable and will only work once. 
  3. Once the offer is locked and loaded, you need to sign up to CoinDCX, apply the code and look towards getting your sample. 

PhonePe CoinDCX Scratch Card Offer

If Bitcoin is what you need, you can also check out PhonePe’s scratch card offer which is another special way to get what you need. Apart from new users, the offer is also valid for existing customers and users making it all the more reliable. 

Upon scratching the card and winning, you can stand a chance to get Bitcoin worth ₹.100 and look to build a portfolio with cryptocurrency being the main objective. 

Buying Bitcoin on CoinDCX

CoinDCX’s growing popularity clearly talks about its growth and how it has come this far. The app is making a difference for good and continues to be a highly trusted platform. Apart from Bitcoin, people are also using it to buy other cryptocurrencies mainly because CoinDCX has a lot to offer.

So if you wish to get in on the act and start buying Bitcoin from CoinDCX, the following steps are what you need to consider. 

Signing up 

As you can understand, the first and the most obvious step in the process is to sign up. You will have to do it for every app that involves a purchase and requests details for starting an account. While creating a CoinDCX account is easy, you must ensure that you do so with a username and password that is quite strong.

A unique combination, the inclusion of different characters and various other aspects are what you need to be looking at. Since it is an account that contains a lot of important details, you need to ensure that your username and password are strong enough to protect it. 


KYC details are one of the most important things that keep your account secure and verified. It is a part of every process similar to the current one and you cannot skip it nor should you consider skipping it. So the second step is to complete filling out your KYC details. The process will hardly consume a lot of your time and you need not ponder over what to do and what not to. 

Your first investment 

Soon after completing all the required formalities, the next step is the most important one. I.e buying cryptocurrency or making your first deposit. As the steps leading to document verification comes to a close, you will begin to get an idea of what the platform is all about.

You can start exploring it and learning things that you aren’t aware of. And once you know it all, you can look towards making your first investment. For this purpose, you will have to deposit the flat currency and then buy cryptocurrency. 

Which cryptocurrency should you buy?

We are all aware of the fact that Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency. But there are other cryptocurrencies in the market and you need to consider them. Following the trend and purchasing cryptocurrency will not do you any good if you are not aware of what you are getting into.

So do a complete market research and understand more about the world of cryptocurrency. Once you have understood everything and are aware of what you need to buy, proceed ahead and make the right decision. 

How much should you invest?

Once you figure out what to buy, the next step is to figure out how much you need to buy. Investment decisions should always be made after considering your financial might and you should never consider going beyond what you can afford. So check your financial statements and try to come up with a figure that you can invest. 

Once you have an idea, execute the plan and make your first investment. Ensure to receive a verification or any form of confirmation on the order that you have placed. In case you are purchasing a lot, consider storing the same in a crypto wallet.

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What are cryptocurrency exchanges?

Just like any other exchange, cryptocurrency exchange works as a platform that connects buyers and sellers for the sole purpose of purchasing and selling cryptocurrency-based assets. These exchanges will also display prices of cryptocurrencies, leaving you to decide what you need and how much of it you need.

How does the price of cryptocurrency change?

The price of demand and supply quoted by participants determine the price of cryptocurrency. Due to that, the price constantly changes and there are hardly any other factors that come in on the act.

How to redeem CoinDCX coupons?

Every CoinDCX coupon can be redeemed by downloading the app and heading towards the coupon section on the home page. Here you will be able to enter the coupon code and upon clicking apply, your discount will be applied.

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