PUBG Alternatives: What to play once PUBG is banned?

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds along with another 100+ apps is the new victim of the disturbance between India and China. The wrong moves made by the Chinese in this COVID time is giving them deeper wounds than what they probably expected.

The Ministry of Defence who had banned 50+ apps earlier have made their stand clear by banning another 100+ apps this week and there is PUBG who stood out in the list. With more than 50 million players, India is one of the biggest markets for PUBG and is under the radar under the suspicion of data and security policies. Owned by Chinese biggie India thinks there is a huge chance of a digital attack by any of these and wanted to eliminate any of those chances.

The Ban: Is this permanent?

Maybe, no. PUBG can’t let go easily one of their biggest markets. There is a high chance of possible acquisition of India’s distribution by some company outside China which could be favourable to India. We saw the ban of TikTok in India and America following the suit. Companies rallied to acquire TikTok just after that including Microsoft. We’ve seen Tencent buying the majority stake of another super hit game Clash Of Clans from SuperCell in the past.

What players in India think about the PUBG ban?

Nobody in India is having any confusion regarding the importance of data privacy and is along with the nation in the game.

One of the famous PUBG streamers Soul Mortal in a live stream assumed that PUBG should be back within a week.

One of the finest IGL’s BLIND Psycho thinks the game should be back within a few weeks and again ban is not going to harm him as a streamer since people love the way he plays and he would continue with some other game.

Has PUBG stopped working?

As of now, NO! PUBG is working but the servers seem to be responding really slow. It is evident in the game since yesterday.

What are the alternatives?

Quite a lot of them actually. PUBG has got a number of alternatives, maybe as good as them or even better.

PUBG Alternatives You Can Play From India

Call Of Duty Mobile

The game comes from Activision and is one of my favourite games. The content is as good as PUBG with better graphics. The gameplay, modes and all are almost similar to PUBG with Battle Royale, Arena, Training replicated. With fewer players on board, the matching time takes a bit more than what PUBG takes and for a Pro PUBG player, this is a piece of cake IMO!

Garena Free Fire

Almost launched along with PUBG this game has got a huge fan base. This is another brilliant choice for people who want a PUBG alternative. The gameplay is normal or as difficult as PUBG, but WORTH IT.

Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground

PUBG, but not the graphic version you played till date. This is PUBG where characters are pixel themed. The survival game, playing with your friends, driving vehicles and many more remains the same.

Keep playing these until PUBG is back, yes it’s coming back soon!

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