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Are you a sports enthusiast? We are a one-stop platform to help sports enthusiasts meet play pals, discover venues, skill-up their game, manage their activities seamlessly and buy gear. Book venues across India as well as abroad at special prices with our collection of Playo coupons.

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Playo: The World’s Largest Gaming Community 

Playo is your one-stop destination for sports and fitness and other recreational activities. It is a sports activities enabler platform, where you can meet playpals, skill up your game, and book sports venues. The platform enables you to manage all your sports activities and groups. Through this sports networking app, you can connect with sports enthusiasts and players in your vicinity and discover activities in the city. 

Targeting the group of urban adults, the Playo app comes with some unique features. Through the Playo app, you can host a game and wait for others to join. Similarly, you can place a request to join a match that has already been hosted by someone. Apart from this, you can book a venue, create or group and browse through the different activities going on in your city, be it trekking, marathon or football matches.

The Playo app comes with a seamless user interface that helps you navigate through the various sections very conveniently. With its brightly coloured designs and playful concepts, the app is targeted at sporty urban adults, who are in the age group of 21-50.

Launched in the year 2015, Playo has created a new category for itself in the market as a sports activities enabler platform. The app got recognised by Google Play as one of the best-hidden gems apps of 20118. How cool is that!

Playo User Guide

So, you might be wondering how to use the Playo app. Well, it is easy. We will elaborate on it all for you.

Once you have created your profile on the app, you will find certain elements such as Karma and reputation badges and leadership. What do all of these elements mean? Reputation badges show how much reputation you have on the platform based on your sports ethics. After every match, your Playpals can rate you on various parameters such as team player mentality, punctuality and how well you can play on time. You can do the same for your Playpals.

Through the leaderboard, you can see all your activities ever since you joined the Playo app. According to your activities in the last three months, you will be given a position among your Playpals. This position is called peer rank. Plato has another special feature called Karma, which is a loyalty program point. You can earn these Karma points by making regular transactions through the app and staying active. By answering queries on the community learn section, you can also increase your Karma points. When you have enough Karma points, you can discount while booking venues.

One of the primary benefits of using the Playo app is that you can book venues very easily in any part of the country and even abroad. All that you need to do is find a suitable venue and then select your time slot. You will get to know all other details such as venue location, available sports, rating and operational hours all through the app. Plato has a bulk deals section. Here you can pre-book your bulk deals and get access to special offers and discounts.

Through the Play section of the app, you can join various sporting activities which are being hosted. Other than that you even create your activity. When you host something on your own, you get to decide who can and who can’t join the game. You can also look for activities or sports of your choice through this section.

On the other hand, through the Learn section on the Playo app, you can learn about various sports and activities. Be it basic techniques of the game, fitness or nutrition, you can learn it all from this section. In case you have any queries or doubts, you can get it all cleared in this section.

Exclusive Playo Coupons on KaroBargain

If you are planning to book a sports venue soon or make any kind of transaction on the Playo app, do not forget to use our exclusive collection of Playo coupons. We have listed some of them below. 

Playo CouponsOffer DetailsCoupon Validity
King Court Badminton Academy Offer: Get flat 10% off on all Playo Bookings
  • This is a limited time offer
This coupon is valid till 25th November 2022
Play Smart Multi-Sport Exclusive Playo Offer: Enjoy flat 50% off on all sports
  • This offer applies to both new as well as old users.
This coupon is valid till 25th November 2022
Sportexx Inaugural Offer: Enjoy up to Rs. 500 Off
  • This offer applies to new users only.
This coupon is valid till 25th November 2022

So, what are you waiting for? Select a suitable Playo coupon from our collection and use it on the Playo website.

How Can You Redeem Our Playo Coupons?

Wondering how to use our Playo coupons? Redeeming our Playo coupons is simpler than you think. Just follow the step-by-step method we have mentioned below and you will be able to redeem your Playo coupon in no time.

Step 1: In the first step, all that you need to do is look for a suitable Playo coupon from our website.

Step 2: Now, copy the code of the coupon and visit the Playo website or app.

Step 3: In the third step, open the Playo app and decide if you want to book any venue or join any paid activity or game.

Step 4: After that, proceed to the checkout page and apply the coupon code in the coupon box.

Step 5: In the last step, make the payment using your preferred mode. That’s everything you need to do.

Playo Payment Offers

There are several reasons to love the Playo app. Apart from giving you access to multiple functions and presenting you with a user-friendly interface, the platform gives you away regular deals and offers. Using these deals, you can make some savings. Here we will discuss some latest payment offers of Playo

Playo Paytm Offer: While making your transactions on the Playo app, we recommend you make your payments via Paytm. On a minimum transaction of Rs. 199, you can get up to Rs. 200 cashback. On your first payment via Paytm, you get Rs. 50 cashback and on your second payment, you get a movie voucher worth Rs. 150.

Plato Simpl Offer: Under this offer, you can get up to Rs. 100 cashback on your Simpl transaction on Playo. If you are a new user, you gain access to a 5% cashback offer. If you are an existing user of Playo, you can avail of this offer only if you haven’t done a transaction before 1st November 2022. This offer is valid from 1st November 2022 to 30th November 2022. Please note that the cashback amount will be credited to your Simpl account only after you have cleared your Simpl bill. You will get all the details of the cashback on your Simpl app and through text messages on your phone number.

Does the Playo app have any alternative?

Playo is a one of its kind of app. The app has created a new category in the market as a sports enabler platform. However, the company has some competitors too. The top competitors for Playo are FantasyFit, Swedit, Hilo and RosterBot.

Why am I not able to redeem my Playo coupon code?

There can be a couple of reasons why you are not able to use your coupon on the Playo app. For instance, the code of your coupon may have expired. In such a case, look for a Playo coupon that is valid. It is also possible that you have incorrectly entered your coupon code on the checkout page. So, always keep in mind to double-check the code before entering it. Also, we advise you to go through the terms and conditions of the coupon codes before using them as certain coupons can be used for particular product categories only.

Why should you use our KaroBargain coupon codes?

We should all try to stay physically fit and active and the Playo app helps us in this regard. However, sometimes during the month-end, we might run low on our budget to book a venue or play a game. In such a scenario, special discounts and offers can save our day. We keep our KaroBargain website updated with the latest Playo offers and coupons. Using our coupons, you can avail of great discounts on games and venue bookings on the Playo app.

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