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Are you tired of paying off your heavy medical expenses? Here’s Practo to your rescue with exclusive medical subscription plans. Practo provides its customers with coupon codes and deals all around the year. KaroBargain has listed them for you. Check them out now!

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About Practo

Practo works with the motive of simplifying healthcare to improve human longevity. It is one of the leading global healthcare platforms, which help people make well-informed healthcare decisions. Be it finding a healthcare provider, booking an appointment with a doctor, or ordering medicines, with Practo you can do it all in a few minutes. The platform connects millions of patients with healthcare professionals across the globe. For the benefit of healthcare providers, the company also provides them with software solutions to digitise healthcare operations. 

Established in 2019, Practo is the second largest healthcare start-up in the world. The first place is acquired by ZocDoc, a New-York based healthcare company. Practo currently serves in more than 15 countries and roughly has about 5000 diagnostic centres. This Indian start-up has more than 200,000 registered healthcare professionals. The organisation back in 2015, acquired other healthcare firms such as Genii, Insta Health, Qiuckwell and FitHo. Founded by Shanshak ND and Abhinav, Practo has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India. 

Practo Offerings

Practo is a well-known name in the healthcare industry. With the mission to make quality healthcare affordable for the masses, the start-up empowers the patients with comprehensive and accurate information so that they make better healthcare decisions. The company also offers healthcare institutions like hospitals and clinics software solutions. Let us have a look at the various service and product offerings of Practo:

  • Medical Directory which provides the patients with verified info about more than a lakh doctors.
  • Online appointment booking at well-known hospitals and clinics.
  • Online consultation with doctors of varying specialities.
  • Practo Plus: Subscription-based health plans that provide you access to unlimited online consultations with doctors.
  • Ray: Practo’s practice management software is used by thousands of clinics.
  • Insta: Practo’s full stack HIMS solution which hundreds of clients depend on.
  • Diagnostic tests through the company’s associate laboratories. In these tests, the samples are collected from the patient’s home.
  • Medicine delivery by leading pharmaceutical companies.

Exclusive Practo Deals

Do you want to book an online consultation with a healthcare specialist? Look nowhere, for here’s Practo to your rescue. To save big on your consultation, do not forget to use a suitable offer from the below table.

Name of the offerOffer detailsOffer validity
Free Consultation OfferEnjoy your first free consultation with top doctors of  India.Offer valid till 31st August, 2022.
Practo Medicines OfferEnjoy up to 45% off on healthcare products and medicines.Offer valid till 31st, August, 2022.
Practo+Membership OfferGet up to 80% off on online consultation. Plans start just at Rs. 349. Enjoy 25% off on prescription medicines, tests and checkups.Offer valid till 31st August, 2022.

Benefits of Online Consultation on Practo

Practo can connect its patients with doctors in just 60 seconds. All that the patient needs to do is put down her health problems and select her speciality and make the payment in the end. After the payment has been made, the platform allocates a healthcare specialist for her consultation. Online medical consultation on Practo comes with lots of benefits. These are as follows: 

Consultation with Leading Doctors

Practo provides you with the opportunity to connect with your doctor all around the clock.

Convenient and Easy

The platform has made online medical consultation super easy for the customers. The user-friendly interface of the app helps you to book your consultation in no time.

100% Safe Consultation

Practo guarantees that your consultation will be completely secure and private.

Similar Clinic Experience

Practo provides you with a clinic-like consultation with doctors through video calls.

Free Follow-Up Service

Practo offers you a valid digital prescription. Along with it, you also get a free follow-up service, in case you need further clarifications.

How to use the Practo app and Get Free Delivery(or any offer they have for the first user)?

Be it booking a doctor’s appointment or ordering medicines online, Practo has made healthcare services accessible to everyone. Want to know how to use the app? KaroBargain has put below the step-by-step method, following which you can learn to use the Practo app in no time.

Step 1: Go to

and tap on the install button.

Step 2: In the second step, open the app and enter your mobile number.

Step 3: Enter your name and make sure to enable location for the app.

That’s it; you are all set to use Practo’s services. 

Practo has a NEW-USER-OFFER, with which you can get 50% off on your first doctor consultation. To use this offer, at the time of billing you need to apply your coupon code. After you have applied your coupon, you will get your service at a discounted price. 

Exclusive Practo Coupons on KaroBargain

Are your medical expenses too high? We have got some good news for you! KaroBargain has some exciting Practo coupons that you can use to cut down medical expenses. Have a look at them in the table below:

Name of the offerOffer detailsDate
  • Get a flat 50% discount on a doctor’s consultation on Practo
  • The minimum order value must be Rs. 199
  • The maximum discount amount is Rs. 150
Offer valid till 30th September, 2022
  • Get 50% off on the consultation of top doctors.
Offer valid till 30th October, 2022
  • Get flat 40% off on alcohol and nicotine health checkups.
  • Check-up includes a total of 21 tests: 
Offer valid till 30th September, 2022

Use a suitable coupon from the above table and get discounts on Practo products and services.

Handpicked Practo Deals and Offers on KaroBargain

Apart from the coupons, KaroBargain has some amazing Practo deals and offers. Check them out now!

Deals and OffersOffer Validity
Get 5% off on a Dental Doctor AppointmentOffer Valid till 23rd September 2022
Get 10% off on Practo Lab testsOffer Valid till 30th September 2022
Get 10% off Ayurvedic Doctor FeeOffer Valid till 30th September 2022

Practo Plus Subscription Plan

We have put down the various subscription plans of Practo Plus in the table below. Kindly have a look at it. With the Practo plus subscription plan, you get access to the unlimited online consultation.

Practo Plus Subscription PlanPriceDiscount %
1 Month planRs. 11,99Save 60% on the original price of the plan
3 months planRs. 1,999Save 77% on the original price of the plan
Annual planRs. 5,499Save 84% on the original price of the plan


To cover all your medical expenses, there can be no better deal than opting for the Practo Plus Subscription Plan.

How does online consultation at Practo work?

On the Practo app, you can connect with a doctor in just 1 minute. For this, all you need to do is state your health problems, select the speciality and then make your payment. After the payment gets done, Practo allocates a doctor to consult you in just 60 seconds. After your consultation, you can follow up with the doctor for 7 days (absolutely free of charge).

With the Practo Plus subscription plan, what kind of doctors will be available for my online consultation?

With the Practo plus subscription plan, you can choose your doctor from as many as 22 specialities, which include Dermatology, General physician, Sexology, Pediatrics, Kidney and Urine, Cardiology, Dental, Ayurveda and the rest. All the doctors you will connect with are highly qualified with years-long of experience. You will be provided with the complete profile of your doctor before your consultation.

Is it possible to cancel my Practo plus subscription plan after I have purchased it?

Yes, Practo offers you a 7-day money-back guarantee when you buy a Practo Plus plan. The company refunds your money based on what services you have used or not used through the platform.

How can I use a coupon on the Practo app?

If you have a huge medical expense to bear every month, there can be no better solution than Practo for you. KaroBragain has an exclusive collection of Practo coupons that you must check out. To use one of these coupons, you need to copy the coupon code. Thereafter, choose the service or product you want to purchase on the Practo app. Right before making your payment, paste the coupon code to get a discount on your order.

How many people can reap the benefits of one Practo Plus subscription plan?

Practo gives you the option of consulting on behalf of 3 members in the Practo Plus Plan.

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