Exploring the Best Electric Vegetable Choppers In India

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electric vegetable choppers

Vegetable choppers come in handy and will always be of great service for you in the kitchen. They are products that are designed to provide the right number of benefits and can reduce the hectic tasks that come with chopping vegetables and fruits. Apart from being easy to use, these products are also safe and clinical in improving the cooking experience. Moreover, you won’t see tears rolling down your face while cutting onions because the electric vegetable chopper does it all with ease.

With these benefits in line, it goes without saying that you need an electric vegetable chopper. However, for all these benefits and more to be present, you require a product of fine quality. So go ahead and read our list of 15 of the best electric vegetable choppers along with a description as to why they are the best.

OrpatOrpat Express 250-Watt ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
iBELLiBELL Electric Vegetable ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
BorosilBorosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 300-Watt ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
HiltonHilton Stainless Steel Jump-ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
GlenGlen Mini Chopper 4042 PlusCheck OfferFull Review
PreethiPreethi Turbo Chop CH 601 0,7-Litre 450W ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
PrestigePrestige PEC 3.0 250W Electric ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
InalsaInalsa Bullet ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
BraydenBrayden Chopra XL 200 Express Food ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
Morphy RichardsMorphy Richards Vivo ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
WonderchefWonderchef Electric ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
Black + DeckerBlack + Decker BXCH1201UB 120W Elecric ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
InalsaInalsa Bullet 400W Twin Blade Technology Vegetable ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
BajajBajaj Presto ChopperCheck OfferFull Review
BorosilBorosil Delite 260W Electric Vegetable ChopperCheck OfferFull Review

Exploring the Best Electric Vegetable Choppers

1. Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper

The Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper is a product like no other as it comes in with top-class features like 700ml storage capacity, a 250 watts motor and a 360-degree slip base. With all these features and more, the product stands out to be on top and in case you also look into the design, you will be delighted to view this elegant-shaped chopper, which comes in an attractive purple colour.

With a 2-year warranty coming into the mix, you can begin to rely on this product and have a comfortable experience chopping vegetables, herbs, minced garlic and so on. Backing all these activities will be a powerful motor that does not make any sound while processing, a transparent container that helps you store things with ease and an anti-slippery base that sums up the reasonable price quoted for this product.

[amazon_api pro_id=B00OXK8QKO star=4.4 reviews=3142 feature_limit=2]


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Equipped with a 700 ml storage capacity
  • A 360-degree slip base
We liked:
  • Anti-slip base
  • Easy to use
We didn’t like:
  • None

2. iBELL Electric Vegetable Chopper

Fast and effective chopping is what iBELL electric vegetable chopper can offer and it sticks to that promise throughout its usage. The 800ml capacity bowl, wherein you can place vegetables, fruits and whatnot, will be ideal in helping you explore the cooking process and complete chopping all the ingredients that need to be added to the mix. The electric chopper is also powered by a copper motor and calls out for efficient operations.

This 200W powerful copper along with stainless steel blades brings in precise chopping and you will hardly face any problems in this regard. Apart from blending, you can also rely on this chopper for mincing and be glad about the outcome. The whisking attachment that is included with this chopper, makes it ideal for whipping cream and mayonnaise.

[amazon_api pro_id=B08GPJ9DBY star=4.2 reviews=48 feature_limit=2]


  • Can be used for both blending and mincing.
  • Equipped with an 800ml capacity bowl and 200W powerful copper motor.
  • Offers stainless steel blades
We liked:
  • Easy to use (chop button)
  • Durable blades
We didn’t like:
  • None

3. Borosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 300-Watt Chopper

Borosil is a famous brand in India that has been making vegetable choppers of top quality. And one of their standout products is the Borosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 300-Watt Chopper. As a top product, it is equipped with a 600 ml capacity bowl, stainless steel blades for faster chopping, a 300W copper winding motor for less noise operation and so on. The 100% copper winding motor has received praise for its effective performance that has always been considered ideal.

With Borosil’s Thermal Auto Cut-Off technology, this chopper makes its way to being one of the best in the industry and can always be of great value. Borosil also offers a 2-year warranty on the product which adds to the list of features that you are bound to receive.

[amazon_api pro_id=B01M5B0TPW star=4.5 reviews=5311 feature_limit=2]


  • Equipped with Thermal Auto Cut-Off technology
  • Offers 2-year warranty
  • Comes with a 300W, 100% copper winding motor
We liked:
  • Prevents movements while chopping with a rubber base
  • Provides dual sharp blades
  • Transparent jar can be tightly sealed.
We didn’t like:
  • None

4. Hilton Stainless Steel Jumbo-Chopper

If chopping isn’t an easy job, the Hilton Stainless Steel Jumbo-Chopper can make it look easy. It is equipped with a powerful 200W motor that stands out as the very essence of faster chopping. The stainless steel chopper blades also make it a point to carry forward the process with ease and help you get used to a system that is easy and efficient. The product also comes with unbreakable polycarbonate processing bowls that are transparent and help you set the speed effortlessly.

While the compact design might not be a standout feature, it is still worthy of mention considering the overall price of the product and the fact that the design compliments the rest of the product.


  • Equipped with a 200W motor
  • Compact design
  • Comes with stainless steel whipping blades & chopper blades.
We liked:
  • Transparent bowl that is also unbreakable
  • Sharp blades that are free from rest.
  • Powerful motor that offers faster chopping
We didn’t like:
  • None

5. Glen Mini Chopper 4042 Plus

When an electric chopper comes from a world-famous home and kitchen appliances maker, you can expect to receive the best and Glen will sum up all that you need. The Irish company has been in the business for ages and has a lot of products to offer. But today, we are going to talk about the Glen Mini Chopper 4042 Plus, which can perform several functions like chopping vegetables, whisking eggs, grinding herbs, preparing breadcrumbs and so on.

All these features sum up to define Glen as a powerhouse brand and you can rely on their products with ease. The Glen Mini Chopper 4042 Plus also offers the best chopping results and you can move ahead to complete the process of chopping tomatoes, onions, minced garlic and so on. Glen also provides an additional bowl that brings in more benefits and with a 1-year warranty, you can feel assured about using this product.

[amazon_api pro_id=B00A1YZNZC star=4.3 reviews=1760 feature_limit=2]


  • Offers a 400ml capacity jar
  • Offers 1-year warranty
  • Powerful 250W motor
We liked:
  • Rust-resistant steel blades
  • Additional bowl
  • Unbreakable jar
We didn’t like:
  • Offers only 1-year warranty.

6. Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601 0.7-Litre 450W Chopper

Preethi is a brand well-known to Indians, especially when you consider the rate at which their products move out of shelves. And their lineup of electric choppers are also quite famous and come with all the required features that one needs from a brand of this stature. The most notable among the lot is the Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601 0.7-litre 450W Chopper, which makes the chopping process look easy. From veggies to fruits, you can chop it all and look towards cooking a healthy meal in time.

The 0.7 L capacity bowl and the blades that are made of stainless steel add on to heighten the chopping experience and with the one-button operation, you can look towards making it all count.

[amazon_api pro_id=B00HNKDG4M star=4.2 reviews=772 feature_limit=2]


  • Equipped with a powerful 450W motor
  • Comes with a 0.7 L capacity bowl
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Follows a one-button chop system
We liked:
  • Effective for chopping and easy to clean
  • Unique design
  • Sharp stainless-steel blades
We didn’t like:
  • Makes noise when in use

7. Prestige PEC 3.0 250W Electric Chopper

Bringing versatility into cooking is not only going to improve the taste but will also keep people satisfied. And in terms of versatility, the Prestige PEC 3.0 250W Electric Chopper grabs hold of all the points. It is equipped with a 250W electric chopper and also has stainless steel blades that can finish the job in a matter of time. These blades are superior in quality and are known to stay on for the long run. As a result, you can start to use it on a daily basis and be glad about the kind of outcome that it promises.

Moreover, this electric chopper is also equipped with a transparent jar that helps you check chopping levels and other related aspects. While the motor is powerful, it is also silent and that sums up to be an important requirement because we don’t want to gather all the noise.

[amazon_api pro_id=B07842187G star=3.9 reviews=1932 feature_limit=2]


  • Equipped with a 250W motor
  • Extra-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Includes a press button & transparent jar
We liked:
  • The 250W motor is silent, thus helping you cook with ease.
  • The product also has a transparent jar that helps you see everything clearly
We didn’t like:
  • Might face a few problems with chopping.

8. Inalsa Bullet Chopper

An impressive 400W motor, an anti-slip feet base and one-minute runtime for chopping food items are some of the exclusive features that make Insalsa Bullet Chopper a fine product. This wonderful device, which comes at an affordable price, is also apt for grinding and blending. Its convenient form of usage makes matters all the more interesting and brings in an effective approach towards cooking delicious recipes and meals. With all these aspects falling into place, you will begin to appreciate the Inalsa Bullet Chopper.

The chopper also excels in providing a multi-splash guard bowl lid, which is a unique feature that many tend to consider.


  • Equipped with a 400W motor(copper winding)
  • Sharp blades
  • Lightweight
We liked:
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Offers a multi-splash guard bowl lid
  • Anti-slip feet base
  • All-purpose chopper (chop, grind & blend)
We didn’t like:
  • Known to produce a loud noise

9. Brayden Chopra XL 200W Express Food Chopper

Elegant choppers that are designed according to European standards are some of the best in the market. And what better product than the Brayden Chopra XL 200W Express Food Chopper. It comes with stainless steel blades, a 1-litre bowl, spill protection guard lid and a 300W electric chopper. With all these features, the product moves on to offer value and it is clearly something that you can rely on. In terms of usage, all you need to do is press the top of the lid and it will automatically start the chopping process.

Since the stainless steel blades are positioned at 30 degrees, the angle is apt for chopping and cutting, leaving you satisfied with all that this product has to offer.

[amazon_api pro_id=B084GPX8CQ star=3.9 reviews=109 feature_limit=2]


  • Comes with a 1-litre bowl
  • Includes an anti-skid quadra base
  • Stainless steel blades (positioned at 30 degrees)
We liked:
  • Easy to use by merely pressing a lid
  • Spill protection guard lid
  • Large capacity bowl
  • Attractive burgundy colour
We didn’t like:
  • Lacks warranty

10. Morphy Richards Vivo Chopper

The brand value that Morphy Richards holds in the industry is quite remarkable and the company continues to deliver on what it promises. And one area where it excels well is making choppers. Morphy Richards has a good lineup of electric choppers and the Morphy Richards Vivo Chopper is one of the most famous ones from the lot. It comes with razor-sharp stainless steel blades that can do a fine job in chopping vegetables in an effortless manner. The chopper also brings in other functions like crushing, whisking, crunching and so on, making it more valuable.

With the turbo speed button being a part of the feature, the chopper can easily help you save a lot of time and continue the chopping process with ease. Since it is also a lightweight product, you can place it at any corner and continue to work and cook meals for your loved ones.

[amazon_api pro_id=B00H7XZ0JE star=4 reviews=721 feature_limit=2]


  • Equipped with razor-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Offers a powerful 260W motor
  • Equipped with a turbo speed button
  • Comes with adjustable speed control
  • Offers a 2 year-warranty
We liked:
  • Capable of performing various tasks
  • Quality chopping in a matter of time
  • Effortless chopping
We didn’t like:
  • Known to make a lot of noise.

11. Wonderchef Electric Chopper

A chopper with a 700 ml storage capacity is certainly something that anyone would love to purchase. And if you are one among them, the Wonderchef Electric Chopper is the right one for you. Apart from chopping, the product is known to be ideal for mixing vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, chocolates, meat, mincing and so on. This chopper is also powered by a 300W motor that is equipped to deliver results as and when you put it to use. The chopper also works with a one-touch pulse control system that brings safety and security to the kitchen.

With all these features coming into the mix, this chopper goes on to be something special and by purchasing it, you will be able to get hold of a lot of benefits.

[amazon_api pro_id=B07L6NXY1G star=4.0 reviews=295 feature_limit=2]


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Offers 700 ml storage capacity
  • Comes with a one-touch pulse control
We liked:
  • Offers an effortless chopping experience
  • Falls under the range of being affordable
  • Good storage capacity
We didn’t like:
  • None

12. Black + Decker BXCH1201UB 120W Electric Chopper

If a mix of speed and sharp blades is what you need from an electric chopper then the Black + Decker BXCH1201UB 120W Electric Chopper is the one for you. With a 2-speed function and a 120W powerful motor, this chopper makes the process seem easy and helps you chop vegetables and fruits with ease. The chopper also comes with a safety lock function that should certainly prevent food from spilling out of the jar. Due to all that, this device sums up to an exciting buy.

Apart from all that, this electric chopper from Black + Decker also offers one pulse operation control and a 350 ml food grade bowl. Hence, purchasing this product is a smart thing to do.


  • Offers a 350 ml food grade bowl
  • Equipped with a 120W powerful motor
  • Offers stainless steel blades
  • Equipped with a safety lock button
We liked:
  • Highly dependable modes of speed
  • Can be used for swift cutting
  • Performs different kinds of functions
We didn’t like:
  • Makes noise

13. Inalsa Bullet 400W Twin Blade Technology Vegetable Chopper

Inalsa is back on the list with another product and this time it is the Insalsa Bullet 400W Twin Blade Technology Vegetable Chopper that comes to establish what it has. This attractive 400W chopper is a multi-purpose device that can do a lot more than just chopping. You can get it started with the press of a button and use the speed control function to adjust everything to your desired level of speed. With all these options being made available, you can look towards completing the task of chopping in an easy manner.

The 500 ml transparent bowl also makes it a point to help you gain access to better results and the compact design of the product makes matters all the more efficient. Since the price of the product also stays within a close range of being classified as affordable, you can get all that you need from this vegetable chopper.

[amazon_api pro_id=B07CVR2L5K star=4.4 reviews=4256 feature_limit=2]


  • Equipped with a 400W motor
  • Starts with the press of a button
  • Stainless steel design
  • Comes with a speed control function
We liked:
  • Can perform multiple functions
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and reliable
We didn’t like:
  • Known to make a lot of noise.

14. Bajaj Presto Chopper

This chopper from Bajaj has been described as a chopper that combines durability and quality. It can effortlessly help you chop vegetables and fruits without causing problems or without taking a lot of time. The 300W motor also adds benefits to the mix and the fact that it does not consume a lot of your space should be another encouraging point that needs to be taken into consideration. With a transparent bowl and a one touch push button, you can begin to operate this chopper and complete the task in a manner like no other.

Moreover, you will also be provided with accessories like chopping blades and whisking, which will further boost the number of benefits that you receive from this chopper.


  • Offers accessories (Whisking & chopping blades)
  • Equipped with a powerful 300W motor
  • Runs with a one-touch push button
  • Equipped with stainless steel blades.
We liked:
  • Affordable
  • Rated high on durability
  • Does not create noise
  • Rustproof stainless steel blades
We didn’t like:
  • The blades might not be sharp enough

15. Borosil Delite 260W Electric Vegetable Chopper

TSurprises are always a part of the modern lifestyle and they can also be in the form of guests arriving without calling you. So you need to cook for them and the process is bound to include some chopping. As a result, a chopper that is fast and efficient is what you need. So look no further than Borosil Delite 260W Electric Vegetable Chopper because it can help you get it all. This simple chopper from Borosil can help you complete the process of whipping, cutting, chopping and more with ease.

The powerful 260W motor is unstoppable as it helps in reducing the workload. Moreover, Borosil has also fitted the device with a 500 ml transparent chopping bowl that should certainly add more value to the mix.

[amazon_api pro_id=B07RRB3XCV star=4.5 reviews=5311 feature_limit=2]


  • Equipped with a powerful 260W motor
  • Comes with an anti-skid rubber bowl
  • Has dual-speed functions’
  • Includes accessories (for blending and whisking)
We liked:
  • Energy efficient
  • Features a multi-purpose design
  • Can help you save a lot of time.
We didn’t like:
  • Produces noise
  • Known for not locking.

Your Guide to Buy the Best Electric Vegetable Chopper

A list of 15 of the best electric vegetable choppers is not the only information that you need in order to choose the best chopper. You also need to know the different factors that are commonly added to the mix. By being aware of the same, you can move on to choose a fine product that not only suits your style of cooking but also looks good within the four walls of your kitchen. So go ahead and read your guide for buying the best electric vegetable chopper.

1. Price

The first factor that one is bound to consider while purchasing any product is the price. We all need to know the price of something before going out to purchase it. So when it comes to electric choppers, you need to consider the price and ensure that it is well within your range. Since our list features affordable choppers, you can always pick one that you feel is not overpriced or one that sits within your budget.

2. Warranty

Wanting a minimum warranty of 6 months or 2 years is not a lot to ask. So if the chopper that you are going to purchase lacks warranty, you can always look for another product. However, if you feel that you don’t require a warranty, you can always move on to look at other factors and purchase one product that you feel is right for you.

3. Jar Capacity

Looking for a vegetable chopper with a good jar capacity is the right way to go about completing the task because you need a product that will hold the right quantity of fruits, herbs, veggies and a lot more. Small choppers won’t be of great value if you are looking for a product that can store a lot and help you complete the task with ease. So a product with a decent jar capacity is what you need.

4. Stainless Steel Blades

Stainless steel blades are turning out to be a basic requirement with top products coming into offer the same. Moreover, these blades are highly equipped to complete the task in a matter of time and help you get used to a fast system of cooking. Due to that, stainless steel blades are what you need and you should always look out for electric choppers that offer stainless steel blades.

FAQs about Electric Vegetable Choppers

Can we use electric choppers as blenders?

One cannot expect chopping consistency from vegetable choppers while using it as a blender. So it is always ideal to use it accordingly and for the main purpose of what it was built for.

Are food processors and vegetable choppers the same?

A food processor is much larger than a chopper and is mainly used for processing, grinding and chopping. Whereas, a food chopper is mainly capable of chopping, dicing and mincing. So these products are not the same and one should never get confused with them.

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