Best Geysers in India – Authentic Reviews & Buying Guide

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Mornings are always tough. As if making breakfast, dressing up, and driving to work aren’t frustrating enough, you have to start by getting out of bed and taking a cold shower. There aren’t many things you can do to improve other things, but the one part of your morning routine you have full control over is the temperature of water in the shower, all thanks to geysers.
If you’re on the lookout for the best geyser for your household, you’ll have to consider many factors like capacity, technical specifications, design, power consumption, price, warranty, and value for money among others. We, at KaroBargain, have done all the work for you and compiled a list of the best geysers in India. Just scroll down and find the right geyser in the time it takes for you to steel your nerves before turning that cold shower knob.

Here are our top Geyser Picks

Bajaj Flora Instant Vertical Water Heater1L, 3L-3kW, and 3L-4.5kW2 years on productInstantCheck OfferFull Review
AO Smith HSE-VAX-X-25 liter Storage Vertical Water Heater15L and 25 L7 years on inner tank, 2 years comprehensiveStorageCheck OfferFull Review
Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Ltr Vertical Water Heater10L, 15L, and 25L2 Years on inner tank, 2 years on productStorageCheck OfferFull Review
Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-2615 15LTR(2KW) 4 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater10L, 15L, and 25L5 years on tank, 2 years on productStorageCheck OfferFull Review
Racold Pronto Neo 3 liters 3KW Instant Water Heater1L, 3L, and 6L5 years on tank, 2 years on productInstantCheck OfferFull Review
Havells Instanio 3-liter Instant Geyser3L5 years on tank, 2 years on productInstantCheck OfferFull Review
Bajaj New Majesty Instant 3 LTR Vertical Water Heater1L and 3L2 years on productInstantCheck OfferFull Review
Crompton Rapid Jet AIWH-3LRPIDJT3KW5Y 3LTR (3KW) Instant Water Heater3L5 years on tank, 2 years on productInstantCheck OfferFull Review
Usha Misty 25-liters 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L7 years on inner tank, 2 years comprehensiveStorageCheck OfferFull Review
AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-liter 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater15L and 25L7 years on inner tank, 2 years comprehensiveStorageCheck OfferFull Review
Crompton Solarium DLX SWH815 15-liter Storage Water Heater15L5 years on tank, 2 years on productStorageCheck OfferFull Review
Morphy Richards Lavo EM Storage 10-liter Vertical Water Heater6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L2 years on productStorageCheck OfferFull Review
Cheapest Geysers Available In India
Lifelong Flash Instant Water Heater3L2 years on productInstantCheck OfferFull Review
Longway HOT Spring 10 LTR Instant Water Heater10L5 years on tank, 2 years on productStorageCheck OfferFull Review
Longway Superb 25LTR 5 Star Storage Water Heater25L5 years on productStorageCheck OfferFull Review

1. Bajaj Flora Instant Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj Flora Instant Vertical Water Heater is an instant type water heater. The product is a “Best Seller” in its range on several online shopping websites. With a sleek, modern design, the Bajaj Flora will be a unique addition to your bathroom. The product comes in three variants: 1L, 3L-3kW, and 3L-4.5kW. This product is great for small requirements in high-rise buildings.

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Build and Design

The overall shape of the Bajaj Flora resembles that of an egg. While a consistent white color will help it blend in your bathroom, designer cuts and angles greatly improve its aesthetics. The inner tank of SS 304 material is encapsulated by an outer body made of ABS. The smallest model comes in size of 38.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 23.5 cm while the biggest one will need a space of 26.5 cm x 26.5 cm x 44 cm.

Bajaj’s high-quality design can withstand up to 8 bars of pressure, making it ideal for usage in high-rise buildings where water pressures increase with height. This model has several other safety features as well: thermoplastic outer body to prevent rusting and corrosion; multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating, and overpressure; Fusible Plug type insulation; and fire retardant cables to prevent fire spread.


The Bajaj Flora only takes a small load at a time but heats it up rather quickly. You can start drawing hot water within minutes of switching on the device. The biggest model operates at a reasonable 4500 watts power and uses a Neon indicator light to prevent overuse. The light gives the following indications: switched on, heating, and ready.

We liked:
  • Compact and stylish design
  • High-quality materials
  • Plenty of safety features
  • Good for small requirements
  • Will perform in high-rise buildings
  • Value for money
  • Budget-friendly
We didn’t like:
  • Free installation only for certain models
  • Accessories not included

2. AO Smith HSE-VAX-X-25 litre Storage Vertical Water Heater

The AO Smith HSE-VAX-X-25 litre Storage Vertical Water Heater is a storage type water heater. It combines a simple, easy-to-maintain design with innovative features for all-around performance. This geyser comes in two variants — 15L and 25 L — and is a great fit for heavy requirements even in high-rise buildings.

Build and Design

The AO Smith HSE-VAX-X-25 litre Storage Vertical Water Heater has a simple, cylindrical design. The outer shell is white in color with green highlights. The outer metal body encloses the inner tank made of Blue Diamond Glass-lined tank. The 15L version has dimensions of 44.1 cm x 33.8 cm x 33.8 cm but the 25L version will need a volume of 33.8 mm x 71.5 mm (dia x H).

With this model, AO Smith has introduced several of its innovations. The inner tank is lined with a coat of the proprietary Blue Diamond technology. The company claims that this coating increases the life of the inner tank by preventing corrosion and rusting. Geysers are also prone to scale and sediment build-up. An in-built Anode rod with a Stainless Steel core uses cathodic action to add an extra layer of corrosion protection. Additional safety features in the AO Smith HSE-VAX-X-25 litre Storage Vertical Water Heater include thermal cut-out and multi-function safety valve.


The AO Smith HSE-VAX-X-25 litre Storage Vertical Water Heater can handle a pressure of 8 bars, which is impressive considering its size. This enables it to work perfectly well even in high-rise installations. This geyser has a perfect BEE rating of 5 stars and a wattage of 5 watts, making it one of the most energy-efficient products on the market.

Unlike most geysers in India, the AO Smith HSE-VAX-X-25 litre Vertical Storage Water Heater has a temperature control knob. You can accurately control the temperature between 25 and 75 degree Celsius. In case of excessive temperatures, the thermal cutout cuts off the power supply to assure safety.

We liked:
  • Large capacity options
  • Special anti-corrosion lining on inner tank 
  • Thermal cut-outs and safety valves for safety
  • Low power usage and wastage due to 5-star BEE rating
  • Temperature control knob
We didn’t like:
  • The design may be too basic for some
  • No free installation

3. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Ltr Vertical Water Heater

With Bajaj being such a reputed name in Indian appliances, it’s no wonder that two of its products make it in our top three. The Bajaj New Shakti is a more recent cousin of Bajaj Flora and is just as good of a choice. It comes in three capacities: 10L, 15L, 25L and belongs to the storage type category of geysers.

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Build and Design

The Bajaj New Shakti has a familiarly unconventional design. It strays away from the classic cylindrical design and uses a lot of straight edges. The inner tank is lined with a glass layer while the light-weight outer body is made up of plastic. The product dimensions range from 37.8 cm x 38.6 cm x 40.5 cm for the 10L version to 43.3 cm x 44.1 cm x 57 cm for the 25L version.

The Bajaj New Shakti is rated for 8 bars of pressure, making it ideal for high-pressure operations in homes on higher floors. It uses a tubular type heating element made of copper. This durable product boasts a longer heat retention period thanks to the PUF insulation that captures heat inside the tank and keeps the water hot for a greater period of time. Another noteworthy point in this geyser’s design is the installation of multiple safety systems to prevent overheating, dry heating, and excess pressure.


The Bajaj New Shakti is highly adaptable to most bathrooms thanks to its sleek build and compact size, even for the 25L variant. The product comes with a temperature control knob and light indicators for “Switched on”, “Heating”, and “Finished” conditions. A BEE rating of 4 stars and only 2000 watts power usage make this model one of the most efficient geysers in the market.

We liked:
  • Good range of choice in capacities: 10L, 15L, and 25L
  • Glass-lined inner tank for anti-corrosion properties
  • Longer heat retention due to PUF insulation
  • Multiple safety systems
  • Temperature control knob
We didn’t like:
  • Installation accessories are not complementary

4. Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-2615 15LTR(2KW) 4 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater

The Crompton Arno Neo is a water heating solution from the reputed electronics company Crompton Greaves. Its minimal look is well-suited to look great in any bathroom. The product comes in three capacities: 10L, 15L, and 25L.

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Build and Design

The Crompton Arno Neo has a plain, cylindrical shape with a cuboidal protrusion at its base. The entire model is white in color while a small black highlight at the bottom brings attention to the user interface panel. The inner tank is made of ultra-thick superior cold rolled steel and is supported by an outer shell of the superior polymer coating.

The polymer coating uses a nano poly bond technology to prevent rusting and withstand a high-pressure input of 8 bars. The Arno Neo has a specially designed sacrificial magnesium anode rod that has a stainless steel core that protects the inner tank from corrosive elements. In the safety department, Arno Neo has two: a safety valve that automatically relieves pressure and discharges water in case of pressure overload, and a single weld line which drastically reduces the chances of tank leakage.


The Crompton Arno Neo has a unique polymer and copper heating element for faster heating and longer life. Not only does it makes heating faster, but it also reduces tank corrosion. A temperature adjustable knob and twin indicator light at the bottom of the appliance can accurately monitor and control water temperature. The geyser has a high-efficiency performance as well, thanks to a 4-star BEE rating and 2000 w power usage.

We liked:
  • Durable construction
  • High-pressure tolerance
  • Multiple safety features
  • 4-star BEE rating
We didn’t like:
  • Installation is not complementary

5. Racold Pronto Neo 3 litres 3KW Instant Water Heater

The Racold Pronto Neo is an instant type vertical mounting water heater. It’s primarily designed for light usage requirements as it’s only available in sizes of 1L, 3L, and 6L. The product also boasts a wide range of unique features and is suitable for high-rise light-usage requirements.

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Build and Design

The Racold Pronto Neo easily has the best design of all geysers on this list. Inspired by Italy and crafted in India, the water heater resembles a futuristic, sleek backpack. Its clean look won’t be an eyesore in your bathroom. Rather, it might just become an attractive addition. The smaller version weighs 2 kg and measures 28.1 cm x 17.5 cm x 20.5 cm while the biggest doesn’t exceed 4 kg and 42.8 cm x 27 cm x 25.3 cm.

The Racold Pronto Neo’s HPR or High-Pressure Resistance feature makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications. The geyser’s high density, thick PUF insulation retains internal temperature and heat for longer periods of time and reduces energy usage. Safety features in the Pronto Neo include the three-fold cutout, thermostat, and safety valve.


When it comes to heating, the Racold Pronto Neo is quick like a fox. The high power heating element despatches hot water in no time. The geyser also boasts a stem-type thermostat and cut out that automatically controls temperature. In addition, an anti-syphon system prevents the backflow of water from the container and thus prevents dry heating.

We liked:
  • Great design
  • High-Pressure Resistance
  • PUF insulation for temperature retention
  • Multiple safety features
We didn’t like:
  • Installation not included

6. Havells Instanio 3-liter Instant Geyser

The Havells Instanio is another good-looking instant geyser on our list. It has a very classy design and comes with a unique LED indicator on its face. The geyser comes in a 3L capacity and 0.65 MPA bar pressure, making it suitable for light-load, high-pressure applications. This geyser is ISI certified and comes with a 2-year product warranty and 5-year condenser warranty.

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We liked:
  • Rust and shock-proof outer body
  • Fire retardant power cord and other safety features
  • Comes with manual, wall mounting accessory, and 2 Flexi pipes
We didn’t like:
  • No free installation

7. Bajaj New Majesty Instant 3 LTR Vertical Water Heater

Another Bajaj product on our list, the New Majesty geyser justifies its name with a rather royal-looking design with stacked cylinders, line grooves, and floral patterns. Even the black pattern on a pure white background screams majestic. This geyser comes in 1L and 3L sizes and ticks all the right boxes when it comes to pressure control, safety systems, and build quality.

[amazon_api pro_id=B0793DGWZW star=3.8 reviews=1037 feature_limit=2][/amazon_api]

We liked:
  • Durable and rust proof construction
  • Neon indication and near-instant hot water output
  • Designer body shell
We didn’t like:
  • Installation accessories not included

8. Crompton Rapid Jet AIWH-3LRPIDJT3KW5Y 3LTR (3KW) Instant Water Heater

The Crompton Rapid Jet is a compact-design, 3-litre water heater with advanced 4-level safety. Crompton has given special attention to the inner tank, seeing how that’s where most malfunctions occur in water heaters. The high-grade Stainless Steel tank faces almost no chance of leakage thanks to its weldless design. Moreover, the tank can withstand 6.5 bar pressure and uses anti-siphon features to prevent water backflow.

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We liked:
  • Powerful heating element
  • Pressure tolerance up to 6.5 bar
  • Weldless, high-grade SS tank
  • Rust proof body
  • Multiple safety features
We didn’t like:
  • Pipes and other installation fixtures not included

9. Usha Misty 25-liters 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater

The Usha Misty is an elegant storage-type water heater. It comes in two colors — Twinkling Grey and Ivory Gold — and four sizes — 6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L. This geyser comes with a long warranty period of 7 years on tank, 3 years on the heating element, and 2 years on the product. Finally, a 5-star BEE rating and five-fold safety features make the Usha Misty a great choice for any household.

[amazon_api pro_id=B01MG4EUTB star=3.8 reviews=1037 feature_limit=2][/amazon_api]

We liked:
  • Impressive 7-year warranty on tank
  • Faster and silent heating
  • 5 Protection against corrosion and hard water
  • High-pressure tolerance
  • 5-star BEE rating
We didn’t like:
  • Unreliable installation support from the manufacturer against promise
  • Looks like a dustbin mounted on a wall

10. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-liter 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

The AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 is the king of options when it comes to geysers in India. It gives you choices on several fronts — you can choose between two sizes (15L and 25L), two BEE ratings (4-star and 5-star), and multiple color options depending on availability. This model also comes with the blue Diamond Technology we saw in the AO Smith HSE-VAX-X-25 version at number two on this list. AO Smith gives a 7-year warranty on the inner tank and 2+2 years of extended warranty on the heating element.

We liked:
  • Special inner tank lining prevents corrosion
  • Glass-coated heating element prevents scale formation and extends the life of the heating element
  • PUF technology promotes temperature retention and reduces energy wastage
  • BEE rating of 5 stars
We didn’t like:
  • Free installation applicable only in certain locations

11. Crompton Solarium DLX SWH815 15-liter Storage Water Heater

The Crompton Solarium isn’t exactly solar, but its energy-saving features make it just as good as one. The geyser has a 5-star BEE rating and claims to have 50 percent energy savings. Crompton has added a patented nano polymer layer coating on the tank to provide added protection and help it withstand 8 bars of pressure without breaking a sweat. You’ll get a 5-year warranty on tank, 2-year warranty on the heating element, and a 2-year warranty on the overall product.

We liked:
  • ISI marked nickel-coated copper heating element prevents corrosion
  • High-grade ABS body prevents rust in the long term
  • 3-tier temperature sensing with capillary thermostat, thermal cut-out, and fusible plug
  • Single weld line minimizes leakage by 66%
We didn’t like:
  • No features to prevent backflow
  • Installation not provided by the brand

12. Morphy Richards Lavo EM Storage 10-liter Vertical Water Heater

The premium home appliances brand Morphy Richards has also put its foot in the market with the Lavo EM. It’s the geyser with the most size variants — 6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L. It’s also the first one to give users a choice between a digital and analog interface. Apart from all the standard features, the model also has Climate Control Settings that can be enabled to set as per the seasonality of the climate.

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We liked:
  • Wide variety of options in sizes
  • Climate control settings for better performance
  • Glass-lined inner tank
  • Good design
We didn’t like:
  • Only a 2-year warranty on the product. No additional warranty on inner tank
  • Installation accessories not included



1. Lifelong Flash Instant Water Heater

The Lifelong Flash is a well-designed, instant, vertical water heater. Though it comes in a 3-litre capacity and is suitable for small load requirements, the Lifelong Flash is one of the best water heaters in the 3-litre category. Lifelong offers all the features you expect — from rust and corrosion-free outer body to neon indicators and PUF insulation — at a more than reasonable price. The geyser can also handle high pressures of up to 8 bars and is ISI certified.

[amazon_api pro_id=B07WKB69RS star=3.8 reviews=1037 feature_limit=2][/amazon_api]

We liked:
  • Compact size (38.5 cm x 22.6 cm x 24.3 cm)
  • Good features at a cheap price
  • Suitable for small requirements
We didn’t like:
  • No BEE rating
  • Only available in 3-liter size
  • Only a 2-year warranty on the product. No additional warranty on inner tank

2. Longway HOT Spring 10 LTR Instant Water Heater

The Longway HOT Spring is the forerunner in the 10-litre category, both in terms of price and features. At a low price point, it has high-quality propriety thermostat, single line welding, heavy steel 304l grade SS tank with rust-resistance coating, high-pressure tolerance up to 0.6 MPa, temperature indicator, and multiple safety features. Astonishingly, you also get a 5-star BEE rating with the Longway HOT Spring.

[amazon_api pro_id=B07KV2N6BC star=3.8 reviews=1037 feature_limit=2][/amazon_api]

We liked:
  • Low price point in 10-liter geyser
  • 5-star BEE rating
  • Multiple power saving and safety features
  • 5-year warranty
We didn’t like:
  • No physical assistance during installation

3. Longway Superb 25LTR 5 Star Storage Water Heater

As we head into the 25-litre category to find a cheap water heater that offers us value for money, we come across yet another Longway product. As you can probably tell by now, Longway specializes in manufacturing high-quality value-for-money products in all ranges. This model, just like its 10L variant, offers all the features despite having a very different aesthetic.

We liked:
  • Lower price point than most 10L geysers despite having 25L storage
  • High precision capillary thermostat
  • Rust-proof powder coated body
  • 5-year warranty on the product
We didn’t like:
  • No physical assistance during installation
  • No good color options

Step-by-Step Guide for Buying a Geyser

More important than counting the money before handing it to the delivery executive is ordering the right geyser by checking for all important features in the first place. The geyser will become an important part of your everyday life, so you should ensure that whichever one you get is resolving your pain points rather than creating new ones.

This is why we’ve created a step-by-step guide to choosing the best geyser for your family. Follow it to the T and you’ll end up with a few online geyser suggestions in no time.

Note: Instead of scouring the internet and retail shops for the best model, you can refer to our list above. We’ve compiled it using the following guide and have taken all parameters into consideration.

Step 1: Powering the geyser

The present geyser market can be divided into three categories: gas, solar, and electric. This categorization is made on the basis of how each of the types of water heaters are powered. Here’s detailed information about each type along with the associated pros and cons. Compare and choose.

Gas Geysers

Gas water heaters use natural gas like LPG (liquid Petroleum Gas) or propane gas to operate. They can heat the water faster than any other type of geyser. If you need hot water in the kitchen, gas geysers are a great solution. You can install them in the kitchen itself and have a direct connection with the preexisting gas cylinder. 

Their operation requires them to be connected to a source of gas permanently. This makes them quite bulky if, especially if you’re planning on using them outside of your kitchen. When using for bathing, you’ll need to install the water heater inside the bathroom but keep the cylinder outside for safety purposes. Moreover, gas cylinders emit carbon monoxide fumes, so make sure to have proper ventilation during operation. Gas water heaters don’t last longer than 6 to 7 years.

  • Faster heating than other geyser types
  • Lower costs and affordable operation
  • Can provide hot water even during power cuts and voltage fluctuations
  • As water is not stored, no wastage of heat or energy
  • Requires more space
  • Pose the threat of gas leakage and carbon monoxide poisoning

Solar Geysers

Cars may have gone solar fairly recently, but solar-powered water geysers have been in existence for a considerably longer time. These machines absorb heat from the sunlight through external panels. This energy is then directly transferred to water and the hot water is directed to the taps.

Though you’ll avoid extra electricity and gas costs with a solar geyser, you’ll have to spend a lot for the initial installation. Also, you’ll need plenty of open roof space to install a solar panel to get started. But the biggest disadvantage of solar geysers is that they’re not completely reliable. You can’t get hot water at night and the temperature of the water may not be to your liking during winters and monsoons when sunshine is limited.

  • No extra electricity and gas costs
  • Big money savings in the long term
  • Less maintenance
  • Available in large capacities
  • Require a lot of space
  • Unreliable in colder seasons
  • Heavy initial costs

Electric Geysers

Electric Geysers work on, well, electricity. They use a heating element that plugged into the wall to heat the water and supply it to the outlets. These geysers come with many useful features like temperature control, automation, backflow prevention, and time delay. These appliances are suitable for all types of families living in all types of homes as they come in various capacities and sizes.

Though you won’t get hot water during power cuts and the temperature of the water will depend on the power output, electric heaters are a happy middle between the unsafety and bulkiness of gas geysers and the power-saving and cost-cutting of solar geysers. Thus, it’s no surprise that they’re the most popular type of electric geysers around today. This is why our guide will only dive deeper into selecting the best electric geysers for your home.

  • Compact sizes and good designs
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Suitable for many user conditions
  • Cannot be used during power cuts
  • Medium to high operational costs
  • Water temperature depends on power output

Step 2: Storing the water

Electric geysers are further divided into two types based on their storage type: storage geysers and instant geysers (or tankless geysers). They each have their own pros and cons, so choose the one that suits your situation better.

Storage Geyser

When a storage geyser is turned on, it heats up some quantity of water and stores it. Storage type geysers come with a storage tank that’s used to store the water after it has been heated. The tank generally has special features to maintain the temperature of the water. When an outlet is opened, the water flows to it directly from the storage tank.

The storage tanks can be made of either Stainless Steel or Copper. Steel tanks are quite expensive, require less maintenance, and last longer. But copper tanks are even costlier but deliver an even more efficient performance.

  • They are the less expensive
  • They require less maintenance
  • Stored water can be used instantaneously
  • Storage type geysers require more volume, hence are bulky
  • Stored water loses its heat after some time, leading to loss of energy

Instant Geyser

True to their name, instant geysers ditch the storage tanks in favor of heating the water and delivering it whenever required. They start heating the water when switched on and stop heating when switched off. Since they don’t need to store the heated water, instant geysers are compact in size. Note that, however, instant geysers do take a few minutes to heat and deliver the water.

  • Compact in size
  • Faster hot water delivery
  • Suitable for small families
  • Slightly more expensive than storage type geysers
  • Large families may have to install more than one

Step 3: Calculate your size preference

Geysers come in a wide range of sizes. You’ll find ones ranging from 1L all the way to 100L or even more, with the most common sizes ranging between 10L and 25L. The size that suits you depends mainly on two factors: the number of people using the geyser and the purpose of using the geyser. For example, a family of 2 to 3 members using hot water for washing utensils can make do with 1 to 3L geyser, but the same family will have to go for at least a 6L capacity if they want to need water for bathing. Moreover, the geyser capacity also depends on the type of model — instant-type geysers demand much smaller capacities than storage-type geysers. Here’s a helpful table:

Family SizePurpose of useStorage typeSuggested Capacity
Less than 3 membersWashing utensilsInstant1 to 3 litres
Less than 3 membersBucket bathInstant6 Litres
Less than 3 membersShowerInstant10 Litres
Less than 3 membersBucket bathStorage10 to 15 litres
Less than 3 membersShowerStorage15 to 25 litres
4 to 8 membersWashing utensilsInstant1 to 3 litres
4 to 8 membersBucket bathStorage25 Litres
4 to 8 membersShowerStorage25+ litres

Step 4: Evaluating the Features

So you’ve shortlisted the water geysers that suits your needs. But your list might not be as short as you want it to be. This is where you’ll need to pull out your magnifying scope and start looking at the finer details — individual features that truly make a geyser good. As we mention the features one by one, evaluate whether it’s important to you and, if it is, use it as a filter to shorten your list. Here we go.

Less Energy Consumption

When electric geysers are heating water, a real concern for users is that the heat dissipated to the surroundings leads to more energy consumption. This concern is especially serious in storage type geysers since they store the heated water for long periods of time. However, this heat dissipation can be prevented, or drastically reduced, by applying insulation around the heating tank. You should look for this insulation layer while buying your next water geyser.

You can check if a geyser has insulation features or not by looking for mentions of fiberglass and PUF (polyurethane foam) in its specifications. You can also check for less energy consumption by looking for a model’s BEE rating. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency gives a rating of one to five stars depending on how efficient a geyser is, one being the lease efficient.

Anti-Corrosion Properties

Many Indians have no choice but to consume hard water in their daily lives. Under long-term usage, this hard water can corrode the inner surfaces of geyser tanks and cause calcium scales to build up. These build-ups can, in turn, reduce the heating efficiency and cause the geyser to draw more power to heat the same amount of water. If this happens, you may have to replace the geyser after just one heater.

But if you want your water heater to last longer, much longer, look for anti-corrosive coatings of porcelain enamel glass, glass-lined, vitreous enamel, blue silicone enamel, titanium and other materials inside your geyser tank. If a geyser has magnesium rods in the center, even better.

Note: You can completely bypass the problem of hard water by converting it to soft water before it enters the geysers. You’ll find many water softeners in the market for this purpose.

Heating Element Protection

Your geyser tanks are safe now, but what about your heating elements. They are ones performing the primary function of heating and, thus, the most vulnerable to corrosion and degradation. This is why you should look for models that have some form of protection over the heating elements. Here’s heating element protection 101: copper heating elements with some coating like glass are good and last for 2 years in hard water; glass-coated Incology heating elements are the best and last for 4 years in hard water.

High-Pressure Tolerance

If you currently live on the ground floor or first floor and intend to never move into a place that’s more than 7 feet from the ground, you can skip this point. But those who live in flats and apartments in high-rise buildings will have to take it extra seriously.

Water supply in multi-storied buildings is delivered at a high pressure to ensure water reaches every flat. Many geysers can’t handle this pressure and often succumb to leakages and tank bursts. Geysers that are rated for a minimum of 6 bars can withstand high water pressure.


Most water heaters don’t need more than 1500 to 2000 watts to perform to your satisfaction. But, in an attempt to above and beyond, some water heaters work at 3000 watts. Though they’ll give more hot water quicker, they’ll also draw more power and only add to your electricity bill. So go for the wattage you’re okay with paying the electricity bill for.

And while you’re there, also check for the flow rate of the geyser. Geysers with higher flow rates will draw more power than those dispatching lower flow rates. The flow rate will be specified in L/hr in the model’s specifications.


Electric geysers come in two types of mounts: vertical or horizontal. Why does it matter? Well, if your bathroom or kitchen (or wherever you’re planning on installing the geyser) has low ceilings, false ceilings, or attics, a vertical geyser may be low enough for you to bump your head into one. That’s when you cross off the more common vertical-mounted geysers for horizontal-mounted ones. Horizontal-mounted models are also referred to as H-wall water heaters.

Outer Body Durability

The inner tank of the geyser is the core of any water appliance, literally. However, the material of the outer body also matters just as much. It is what holds the entire thing together and ensures long-lasting performance. You can choose a geyser that has plastic outer-body, but sturdy materials like ABS are much more preferable.

Safety Features

An electric geyser will be one of the more dangerous appliances in your home. You’ll have to pay just as much attention to it as an electric iron or a gas cylinder. So it would help that your geyser has some safety features built into it so you’re sweating from the heat of the water and not from the concern for your person’s safety. Depending on how paranoid you are, look for not one, not two, but three or more levels of safety in your geyser.

Features for Convenience

It’s not just about performance and safety. Your electric water heater should be easy to use and interact with. Ideally, it should have some of the following features:

  • Temperature control - A good electric geyser will definitely have a temperature control knob where you can control how hot you want your water to be.
  • Function indication - The suspense between the time we switch the geyser one and the time it’s done can be painful. Wouldn’t it be helpful if your geyser told exactly when the water is heated and ready to use with a green light on the front? Well, the good news is that many geysers already have this feature. All you have to do is buy it.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

A geyser will be a significant investment in your household. You can’t buy a new one every now and then. You want a good warranty period on the product in case anything goes sideways. The standard warranty period on electric geysers is 4 to 5 years for the inner tank and 2 to 3 years on other parts.

And just as important as the warranty period is the after-sales service. Repairing the geyser isn’t as easy as taking it to the nearest service center. You’ll have to get a certified technician to come and repair your appliance if you don’t want your warranty to be voided. So read the reviews and find out whether the manufacturer offers good after-sales service.

Step 5: Buying the Geyser

After the four steps listed above, you should now have a small list of geysers in front of you. Now comes the biggest factor — price. From your list of geysers, select the one that gives you the best value for money. If the geysers on your list are out of your budget range, you might have to backtrack a few steps and give up a feature or two. You can simply refer to our list of the cheapest value-for-money geysers above. Either way, congratulations! You now have an excellent geyser in your home that’ll serve you well, and warm.

Step 6: Maintaining the Geyser

So you’ve brought the geyser home and have gotten it installed. Here are a few tips to help you get the best geyser experience there is:

  • Don’t use other electrical appliances in the bathroom when the geyser is in use.
  • Don’t keep the geyser switched on for a long time.
  • Clean the sediment build-up in the inner tank regularly to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.
  • Don’t let children operate the geyser without supervision.
  • Be wary of the high-temperature water output of the geyser after it has been kept on for a long time. Your skin may get burnt. Mix cold water with the hot water before using.
  • Don’t operate the geyser at the maximum temperature it allows. You can save significant amounts of electricity by turning the knob down.

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FAQs on Geysers

Which geyser type should I buy? Instant or Storage?

Both types of geysers have their own pros and cons. Instant geysers provide instantaneous hot water, are compact, last longer, and don’t suffer from heat loss. But they’re also more expensive in comparison and have a complex installation procedure. On the other hand, storage geysers are budget-friendly and are easy to install but take more space, cost more for operation, and have chances of corrosion and leakage problems. You should buy the type of geyser that suits your needs by considering both its advantages and disadvantages.

Which are the best geyser brands in the market?

The top names in today’s geyser market are Bajaj, AO Smith, Crompton, Racold, Havells, Usha, Longway, V-Guard, and Kenstar. You can find these brands in retail shops or online stores like Amazon.

How long does a water heater last?

The lifespan of a water heater depends on several factors: type of geyser (instant or storage), water hardness, brand, capacity, build quality, preventive maintenance, and general usage. But according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, an average water heater can last up to 10 years.

What is a BEE rating?

The BEE or the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is an agency set up by the government of India to coordinate with various intermediaries including the government, industries, manufacturers, and consumers in order to move the country towards higher energy efficiency. This agency provides star ratings out of 5 to indicate how energy efficient a product is. Reading the BEE rating is simple — the more the stars, the higher the energy efficiency.

How can I install a geyser?

The simple answer is: you don’t. If you’re not a professional, you shouldn’t attempt to install your geyser. In fact, you should avoid local plumbers as well. This is because even if no damage occurs, the warranty of the product will be voided in such a case. It’s strongly advised that you seek assistance from an authorized service center of your brand for your geyser installation and repair.

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