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One of the most important steps to keeping a house clean and free from germs and bacteria is mopping the floor regularly. Ironically, floors are also one of the most contaminated areas in a house, as it is the area where we walk, eat, play, set furniture, and such. For that reason, the floor areas need to be disinfected every day. Thanks to the invention of floor cleaners, the cleaning process has become easier and more fun now. There are a plethora of brands today available in the Indian market that offer floor cleaners with the latest germ-eliminating technologies. The solutions are pungent and used in diluted form for everyday cleaning, but they are also used undiluted to remove tough stains. Thanks to these liquid floor cleaners, we can bid goodbye to the days of heavy-duty scrubbing.

Different Types of Floor Cleaners

It is exciting to know that we have several types of floor cleaner options out on the market to choose from, depending on the types of floors you have at your house. Some are used for cleaning tough stains, some to disinfect, some for smooth surfaces, etc. The following are the types of floor cleaners that are used based on the floor type. 

Laminate Floor Cleaners

  This type of floor cleaner is normally used on laminated floors. It helps in cutting down the accumulating germs and will leave the floor squeaky clean. It is the most common and also the most demanding floor cleaner for all hard surfaces. 

Hardwood Cleaners

This type of cleaner is used on hardwood or pure wooden floors. The cleaners meant to use on this flooring type are specially formulated to clean tough surfaces. Liquid cleaners meant for other floor types, if used on hardwood, may damage the quality and durability of the wood. This type of cleaner is gentler on the surface.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

This variety of cleaners is used on numerous surfaces like tile, marble, vinyl, linoleum, granite, stone, hardwood, and laminate floors. It helps remove dirt and stains, leaving the surface shining. 

Best Floor Cleaner Liquid Brands in India

Lizol Liquid Floor Cleaner Disinfectant

The Lizol liquid floor cleaner is arguably the current and leading brand in India right now, holding a household name for many reasons. The brand was started by Gustav Raupenstrauch in 1889 with an aim to help the cholera epidemic in Germany. The brand went on to become more popular in the later years and successfully expanded its business to several countries. We love this brand because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, packed with a fast-action formula that kills 99.9% of the germs. This brand is also highly recommended by the Indian Medical Association for the same reasons. The Lizol floor cleaner helps remove gritty stains formed by food, rust, ink, mud, etc, on all kinds of surfaces like floors, sinks, kitchen counters, tiles, and other washable surfaces. The floor cleaner comes with an exciting 8 different variants like Lavender, Pine, Neem, Floral, Sandal, Citrus, Jasmine, and double concentrated.

Harpic Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner Liquid

The Harpic Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner is undoubtedly India's #1 most trusted bathroom cleaner for decades now. It is mainly recommended to use for cleaning toilets, but it is a multi-surface cleaner, which means it can be used to clean the floor, sink, and tiles. This cleaner contains special ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, which helps in removing 99.9% of germs and the toughest stains, leaving your bathroom sparkly clean. The product comes in a thick liquid consistency, so it is also great to use undiluted for removing stubborn stains. For regular cleaning, it is recommended to dilute with water. For best results, leave the solution on the surface for 5-10 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing with water.  

Domex Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

The Domex disinfectant floor cleaner is one of the popular products of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Formulated with special ingredients like sodium hypochlorite, this liquid cleaner is capable of removing the toughest stains and killing all germs including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The product is highly recommended by Leading Health Organizations for disinfecting surfaces and destroying viruses.

Presto! Bathroom Cleaner

The Presto Bathroom Cleaner is manufactured by non-other than the mega online shopping platform brand, Amazon. Soon after its launch into the market, the Presto bathroom cleaner became an unrivaled brand product with other brands. This cleaner claims to removes stains, grease, germs, bacteria, and particulate matter effectively from the surface. It also helps in removing stains from coffee, ketchup, sauce, oils, and the like. The product comes with a floral scent that leaves the room with a relaxing fragrance after cleaning. This all-in-one product can be used on a variety of surfaces like ceramic, marble, granite, mosaic, etc. We recommend you use this product to clean bathroom floors, slabs, wall tiles, sinks, basins, stainless steel taps, and shower heads. 

Sheer Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

The Sheer Floor Cleaner is another excellent option available in the market. It comes with an exciting 7 variants to choose from- Lavender, Lemon, Jasmine, Rose, Strawberry, Neem, and Pine. The brand claims that the cleaner is formulated to kill 99.9% of the germs and bacteria accumulated on the ground surface. We can use this cleaner on multiple floors, such as stone, marble, ceramic, basin, or tile. However, one disadvantage of this cleaner is that the price could be slightly higher than other branded floor cleaners. 

Organica Biotech ThinkSafe Natural Floor Cleaner Liquid

If you are looking for a more powerful liquid cleaner, the Organica Biotech ThinkSafe Natural Floor Cleaner could be the one. This cleaner is made of natural plant-based ingredients and is a great option for removing heavy stains off surfaces. This also means that it is biodegradable and also vegan compliant. If you have kids or pets at home, this liquid cleaner would be a great choice. Because the product is put together with a neutral formula, it is safe and harmless for everyone, including your kids and pets. Furthermore, the Organica Biotech floor cleaner is made eco-friendly with a caliber of eucalyptus, pine, and citronella oil. We also recommend this cleaner because it is non-toxic, non-corrossive, and is chlorine-free, and ammonia-free. Therefore, we can clearly see how the brand put importance on user safety while developing the end product.

 Dettol Liquid Disinfectant Cleaner

There is no Indian who hasn't heard of the name Dettol. It has been a household name for several decades and is known to be very effective for disinfecting houses and for many other uses. After its initial launch, the Dettol liquid took the Indian market by storm. They not only have disinfectant cleaners but also produce sanitizers, wipes, and disinfectant sprays to help keep the surroundings sterile. This liquid cleaner assists in disinfecting more than 100 disease-causing bacterias and are positively recommended by doctors and Indian Medical Association. It is not only used in cleaning floors, but we can use it on laundry, wounds, insect bites, shaving, bathing, and such. 

SacredEarth Natural Floor Wash

If you are someone who prioritizes using all-natural based floor cleaners, the SacredEarth Natural Floor Wash is another excellent option to add to your cart. This plant-based floor cleaner is non-toxic, which is an excellent choice to use for your cleaning routine especially if you have newborns and children around you all the time. This product is formulated using natural ingredients like eucalyptus, soapnuts, tea tree, vetiver, citronella, and pine, which means it is not only an all-natural product but is also biodegradable by nature. 

Benefits of Floor Cleaning Liquids

In recent years, the usage of floor-cleaning liquids has significantly expanded because of the increase in the pollution level. With that, floor-cleaning liquids have become an essential commodity in our everyday life. These are some of the benefits of floor cleaning liquids in India:

  • Floor cleaners are comparatively cheaper and more affordable in India compared to other countries. 
  • It keeps the house squeaky clean and fragrant.
  • They are non-sticky and formulated in a way it does not bring adverse effects to our bodies.
  • Floor cleaners are effective in eliminating germs and bacteria.
  • The fragrance can help soothe our minds.
  • Carpets and rugs will last longer on a clean floor.
  • It can prolong the lifespan of hardwood and laminated flooring.

Factors to Check Before Buying a Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

Before you purchase the best floor cleaner liquid, these are the important factors to remember:

  • When you are shopping for a cleaner, you have to remember that the cleaner should be convenient and simple to use. There are several options in the market that comes in the form of a spray, refillable bottles, or wipes. The most recommended ones are refillable bottles. We require just a few drops of the cleaner to dilute with water to disinfect the floor. Moreover, it has a great fragrance that will fill the room, leaving a soothing aroma. 
  • Another important point to remember before purchasing a liquid cleaner is whether the product is formulated using safe ingredients. Especially if you have kids at home, it is crucial to use toxic-free cleaners to avoid any health scare. One way to check if the product is safe to use or not is the parameters of the toxicity and inflammability rating. 
  • Another factor to check is the time taken by the product to kill the germs on the floor. To know or check this, you will find the details on the terms and conditions on the brand website. Different brands take different times to eliminate the germs. 
  • You cannot miss the factor of stain removal when you shop for floor cleaners. Many floor cleaners on the market are formulated in a way that can clean even the toughest stains. Make sure to read the brand claim of the product before you go for it. 



What are disinfectant liquid cleaners?

Liquid floor cleaners are usually produced by mixing solutions like sodium hypochlorite, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other plant-based ingredients. They are used to disinfect surfaces like floors, tables, bathrooms, slabs, wall tiles, sinks, basins, stainless steel taps, and shower heads. Disinfectants like Dettol are also used in laundry, open wounds, bathing, insect bites, etc. 

What are natural floor cleaners?

It is exactly what you think it is. As the name suggests, natural floor cleaners are made with all-natural ingredients. Which means, they do not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals. This type of cleaner is an excellent choice to use when you have kids and pets around the house. They are normally produced using the ingredients like soapnuts, pine, eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, etc.

How to clean ceramic floors?

Ceramic floors are one of the most common floorings used in Indian households. It can be easily cleaned using phenyl, detergent, or other floor cleaners. We recommend the best way to effectively clean ceramic flooring and remove pigments is by using a stain-cleaning and germ-removing formula. If you are worried about the acidic smell, there is no need to worry, because we have a plethora of options now that comes with a pleasant fragrance. 

How to use a floor cleaning liquid?

You always have two ways to use the floor cleaning liquid- either by diluting it with water or using it directly. It depends on the condition of the surface you plan to clean. If the surface just needs to be disinfected and cleaned, it is best to dilute a capful of the liquid cleaner with half a bucket of water before mopping. However, if the surface has stubborn stains, take a good amount of undiluted cleaner and leave it on the surface for 5-10 minutes before brushing it off with a scrub and water. There are also clear instructions given on the back of the packaging.

Are floor cleaners toxic?

There are floor cleaners manufactured using toxic chemical substances, however, these are meant for heavy-duty cleaning purposes like removing hard stains. If you are not up for it, you will effortlessly find non-toxic, chemical-free, floor cleaners nowadays on the Indian market. If you do not prefer cleaners with toxic substances, avoid products that contain Ammonium Hydroxide. Using products with this ingredient may cause corrosive effects on the skin, respiratory systems, and eyes.

What are some of the best floor cleaner brands?

There is a superabundance of amazing brands in the Indian market today. The best recommendations are Dettol, Lizol, Harpic, and SacredEarth. These are some of the brands that make highly efficient cleaning formulas and are cost-effective

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