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Looking for a way to get K-Beauty products in your hand? These are the most trustworthy sites to get genuine Korean beauty products.

Beauty adds life to everything. Man's quest for beauty made him an explorer. Thousand years ahead or at present, nothing seems to have changed. We still explore the trends and practices to adapt and adopt. Well in the era of globalisation and the internet, the Indian community has gone on to explore Korean music, culture and their new innovation and tacky gadgets. The Korean beauty industry keeps surprising the world with its effective, new and innovative range of skincare and makeup products. Korean beauty also, in short, called K - Beauty is gaining attention for its promising flawless skin and its anti-ageing charm.

K-Beauty became so popular among the younger generation of India as the result of the booming Korean entertainment industry like K-Drama and music bands like BTS, Blackpink etc. The growing liking for Korean beauty products has inspired brands in India to come out with products similar to the K-Beauty industry and also opened up a marketing platform for Korean brands. The accessibility and availability of these products to the younger generation in Social and e-commerce platforms has also acted as a reason for the growth of the K-Beauty industry in India

Social media played a huge role in the growth of K-Beauty in the Indian and global markets. Celebrities promote Korean beauty products and demonstrate the efficiency and quality of these products in achieving flawless skin. This inspired the younger generation to become experimental. They are not shying away from trying out new Korean beauty products, adopting different routines and indulging in self-love through skincare.

The factors that made K-Beauty adhere to the Indian population are the exoticness and similarities it resembled with Indian products. Natural products are a critical part of the Korean beauty product which amplified the likeness of these products in the Indian market. Unfortunately, the  Korean beauty and Indian beauty standard which shows a preference for fair and bright skin over darker skin tones is common ground and it resulted in the growth of marketing skin whitening products. 

The growing demand for Korean brands in India made online platforms that sell Korean brands the need of the time. Seeing India as a promising market, Korean Industries have partnered with Indian companies to reach every region of India through various e-commerce portals. The market for K- business is growing extravagantly, and now shopping for Korean products has become easier

Given below are the names of a few e-commerce portals that helped the Indian community by bringing their favourite K-Beauty Products to their doorstep. 

Where to Get Your Favourite Korean-beauty Products 

Beauty Barns

It's a legitimate Indian e-commerce platform which sells India's favourite K-Beauty products. They sell products from famous brands like Cosrx, I’M From, Innisfree etc. This site is best to buy products at discount prices and if you are a subscribed customer you will be in for offers and surprises, rewards and other schemes. The products they offer are shipped from Indonesia and delays are to be expected. For selected items, they have a return policy. 

Belle Vous

Belle Vous is your one-stop destination for cruelty-free authentic K-Beauty products. It began its work in Sikkim, and now in 3 years time, they have flourished across many parts of India with access to many global products. They have reliable customer service and quality delivery service. For orders above 2000, you are eligible for free shipping across India.

Peaches and Cream

A favourite stop for K-Beauty cult shopping. They aspire to bring modern and innovative technology in Korea for dermatology and cosmetics to India. Peaches and Cream make sure that they deliver products that are 100% authentic. The products they deliver are directly sourced from the brand or other authorised agency. For selected items, they accept cash on delivery.

K Beauty Skin

 They have stores across major cities in India to help customers try out products. They sell products from almost 50 thousand brands. The products available on the site are quality assured and are available at a reasonable price. They provide you with free shipping orders and 24 hours customer support.


To provide high-quality products for their customers Kiwla has partnerships with various well-known national and global brands. They offer cash on delivery and free shipping across India in 2 to 5 days. They also ship products from the US, UK and UAE, the shipment from these places would take only 12 to 15 days.


Macaron started its work in May 2019 with the aim to make life colourful and delicious. They sell hand-picked 100% authentic skin care products from renowned Korean beauty brands. They do this with the purpose to bridge the gap between the Indian and Korean beauty industries. They bring products from Korea with natural ingredients to the doorstep of India.

Gwang Biocare

Start-up by two Indians Nikhil Khanna and Nishtha Kalia, Gwang Biocare works to bring Korean skincare and make-up products to your doorstep. Gwang Biocare works to bring Korean products of fabulous formulations that are curated after extensive research to your hands.


Limese sells products that are handpicked for Indian skin concerns. They bind Indian philosophies about skincare and wellness with the innovative products and technological advances of Korea. Limese has a variety of skin and make-up products to  cater to all types of interest


Nykaa has a range of products to put forward when it comes to Koren makeup products and skin care essential items. Nykaa never fails to give its customers discounts and authentic products. 


The mega global e-commerce, Amazon has everything for your needs and wants. It would be no surprise if they are on this list. Amazon provides effective, popular beauty care products.


India's favourite and trusted e-commerce platform Myntra is here on this list too. To impress us with its authentic collection of K-Beauty products. They have cash on delivery and accept cards and other payment methods  Visa, debit card, credit card, Grey, PhonePay, and more.


Dedicated to skincare and beauty, Purplle never fails to provide its customers with solutions for their skin problems. Being a purchase platform for Indians for beauty and skincare products, it is in fact a trusted e-commerce platform for its authentic and affordable products.


Just like in the name the company works to help its customers achieve healthy wonderful skin. They provide products that are suitable for both men and women. They provide only authentic products that are CDSCO and JEJU Cosmetic certified and dermatologically tested

India's Favourite K-Beauty Products 


The company was founded in the year 2000. It went viral for its use of volcanic clusters in beauty care for sebum absorption to prevent clogging the pores. The product works on the inside as well as dead skin on the outside to help with pore concerns.                          

The Face Shop   

The face shop is a leading cosmetic brand with its parenting company as  LG Household & Health Care of LG Corporation. The brand sells products that focus on natural beauty. They combine nature with modern Korean beauty technology to create effective products.                    

Etude House

One of the Koreas' personal favourites Etude House was established in the year 1966. Etude offers a wide range of beauty products to add to your natural shine. It is an affordable brand that sells potent high-quality products.                      

Tony Moly     

Tony moly sells products that address various skin concerns with the help of combining the goodness of vegetables with advanced Korean beauty technology. As well as in Korea this brand is also popular among the American people.                      


Laneige is a luxury beauty brand with affordable products. The brand creates high-quality and extremely moisturised products giving a glowy and healthy skin. Laneige is a dermatologist-approved brand free of phthalates, parabens and other hazardous ingredients


Is a popular Korean beauty cosmetic brand that works with the aim to give its customer youthful and fresh skin. They blend in purity, nature and science to give its customer an effective skin care solution. The SNP prep peptaronic hydrating serum is a popular choice among Indians looking for a  peptide-based water-gel serum which can give long hours of moisturisation.                         

Dear Klairs  

Dear Klairs is a globally recognized brand that provides high-quality affordable skin care products that promise solutions to different skin types and different kinds of skin problems. The brand is popular among Korean youth and others for its cruelty-free and vegan-friendly policy.                               


Cosrx is one of the top-loved brands in Korea and outside. This brand is widely popular for its use of snail mucin essence. The brand is a personal favourite of sensitive-skinned people with its skin-friendly ingredients. This innovative brand is sure to offer products that are at friendly price points. It follows minimalist eco-friendly packaging.                                    


Elizavecca is a young Korean beauty brand that was established in the year 2011. Although the brand was young and new it was under the wings of one of the old Korean beauty giants  MIZ Trade Inc, which is popular in Korea. The company targets on creating multi-purpose skin care products that are safe, effective and eco-friendly.                              

I ' M From 

The products from the brand are a popular choice for many for their transparency. The brand proves its authenticity by disclosing the ingredients used and also gives customers the name of the farms where the ingredients come from. Popular products from the brand are the honey mask, volcanic mask and ginseng serum. The ginseng serum is a thermal serum that helps with blood circulation and improves skin complexion.                             


It's a young company that was launched in the year 2016. It sells plant-based skincare and beauty products. The brand focuses on natural-looking makeup. The heimish’s All Cleansing Balm was the product that went viral for its deep cleaning  leaving skin feeling soft and protected                                


A 20-year-old South Korean-based company which sells a wide range of products like makeup, skincare, body and hair products of high quality and affordable price. Missha’s most popular product is the M Perfect Cover BB Cream with over 30 million sold worldwide. This product went viral for combining cosmetics with skin care, by giving natural-looking coverage and providing sun protection. 




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