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best modular switches

Electricals have been the silent hero, which certainly adds value to our lives and spaces. We cannot imagine a day without it! Another blessing, which adds value to your space is a switch. Every appliance and gadget requires a switch for its operation. Over time, switches have experienced a complete transformation journey as per their design and functionality. People are becoming conscious about their home interiors and look for elements that elevate their vision. Switches have also become a design statement for your home, which can extenuate your overall design and can add to your convenience. We will provide you with the latest best modular switches in our country, which is more than a functional piece at your beautiful home. The brands listed here will consider the aspects of design, functionality, and most significantly safety by highlighting pros and cons. You can choose from a number of brands in India, which differ in operation, design, features, and sizes. 

Advantages of Modular Switches 

Electrical switches are basically network breakers, which help in disconnecting and connecting essential circuits for home appliances, electrical gadgets, light bulbs, and even computers. The process involved in circuit breaking leads to a minor electrical spark. In the case of an old or broken switch, this spark can easily trigger huge flames. However, in the case of modular switches, you can expect complete safety due to its feature of better resistance, which makes it appropriate for holding heat waves. With the primary component as polycarbonates, modular switches have a more extended life expectancy in comparison to porcelain and plastic switches. Despite better features, designs, and functionality, there is a minimal cost difference between traditional and modular switches. Modular switches are not only targeted towards the upper-class population, the middle-class population in India can also benefit from its functionality.

The benefits offered from modular switches can be divided into the following categories:

  •     Safety: The most important advantage of the use of modular switches is their safety feature. Modular switches do not have any form of exposed metal parts or screws, which restricts the risk of experiencing shock or any mishap. Moreover, the modular switches have the capacity for withstanding heat waves, adding to the overall safety of the products. The safety features enable the modular switch to be the best option for designing a home especially with kids at home. 


  •    Elegant Design: Modular switches have a stylish look, which appeals to the décor of your perfect home. Modular switches offer a wide range of colors, designs, finishes, and styles. You can select any design based on your color scheme and preferred aesthetics. Moreover, you can also select from various designs like glass switch plates, designer switch plates, and even color block switches. The modular switches offer sleek designs with the minimum appearance of the screws, which makes the design clean yet functional. 


  •     Ergonomic and Efficient: The modular switches are ergonomically designed for a unique experience of noiseless operation and softer touch. The efficiency of modular switches is unmatched. Brands offering modular switches undergo a stringent process for checking the endurance of each product, which confirms the efficient performance of the switches. The internal wiring in modular switches is long-lasting and durable. 


  •     Versatile and Multi-functional: Modular switches are very versatile, which can be utilized for various purposes such as, data transmission, security, signaling, and automation. Moreover, you can also choose the different capacities of modular switches for various parts of a building. These switches can also be used for corporate settings, as they are very heavy-duty in terms of their performance and durability. Modular switches are also very flexible serving your specific needs. 


  •     Convenience and Affordability: Modular switches can be very conveniently replaced and maintained in any of the operating locations, which adds to its usage value. Moreover, the modular switches have a wide range of options, which also include an array of affordable models, marking a minimum difference between the price of a traditional and modular switch. 


  •     Compatibility: Along with the aesthetic outlook of the modular switches, they are also seamlessly compatible to connect with numerous appliances and gadgets. The modular switches are extremely flexible as these can be removed and added based on individual requirements. Modular switches also offer numerous applicability such as protection, innovation, protection, and automation. 


  •     Environmentally friendly: Modular switches also recognize the significance of minimizing negative environmental impacts. These switches are energy efficient with long-lasting durability and reliability. 


Best Brands or Company offering Modular Switches


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Fybros is a well-known brand offering a wide range of smart electrical products, which seamlessly associate with today’s expectation of innovation. The company began its operation by designing and marketing electrical cables, which naturally progressed to other innovative and modern-age electrical products such as modular switches. The Fybros modular switches are well-built, sleek design and operate under different conditions. These modular switches are absolutely safe to use and most significant are energy efficient. Fybros is one of the best companies offering modular switches that are environmentally friendly. 

 Anchor Modular Switches:

  Anchor is one of the most reliable and trusted brands offering a wide range of modular switches. Anchor switches offer protection and security with a modern-age design. The modular switches are equipped with IP 20 Protection, 1000mAh USB charging port, shield protection, and sockets. The brand offers a 6 Amps 240 Volt switch. The modular switches can be easily maintained and used. Changing the connection of these modular is very easy as it just requires a simple pull of the frame of the switch and taking out the screws, which will lead to your desired result. 

 Wipro Modular Switches: 

Wipro abides by the belief 'Innovation is the key to success', as it can be witnessed in their electrical products. Wipro is one of the best brands for offering customized modular switches, based on the preferences and tastes of the customer groups. The company ensures avoidance of electrical shocks with extra security by using flame retardant plastic material in the modular switches. The ease of installation and maintenance leads to the minimum costs and time required for its operation or usage. The modular switches of Wipro are not only innovative and seamlessly functional but are aesthetically pleasing. 

 Havells Modular Switches:

 One of the most popular brands offering modular switches in our country is Havells. The company is also known for other products such as Power batteries, Cooler, Fans, and many more. The brand offers eco-friendly modular switches without compromising on their looks. The switches have a wide range of sophisticated and unique designs. Striking a perfect balance between innovative technology and design, Havells also equips its modular switches with maximum compatibility with other gadgets and appliances. The switches are mostly white and are made with retarded polycarbonate, arc shield, and brass terminals. 

 GM Modular Switches:

GM offers a wide range of distinctive modular switch models. The company introduced a newer identity of switches in India. The company established out-of-the-world products such as home automation, switches, home security devices, music players, and contemporary LED lighting. The brand highly prioritizes the Research and Development department for cutting-edge technology and amazing designing process. The modular switches of GM are targeted at both commercial users and Indian homes. GM is the very first company, which launched new-generation innovative modular switches in our country. The modular switches of GM are equipped with a Wi-Fi automation system, which adds to your lifestyle. 

 Philips Modular Switches:

 Philips is a well-known brand in India for its bulbs, heaters, styling appliances, and of course modular switches. The modular switches of Philips are highly durable, which is backed by a 10-year warranty. With its styling looks, the modular switches of this brand are innovative, water-resistant, and safe to use. Adding Philips modular switches in your home can be a smart choice. 

 Legrand Modular Switches:

 Legrand can also be counted as the top-most modular switch brand of India. Legrand is renowned for its end-to-end solutions, especially for home switches. With exceptional quality and design, Legrand offers a wide array of exceptional modular switches. Legrand's modular switches are artistic and modern, which adds to your beautiful interior designs. Along with its sophisticated designs, it also offers an array of moody designs with dark switches, which mainly serve the intent of emergency in the dark. In comparison with other brands of modular switches, Legrand is expensive but is totally valued for its technology. With 16A current, Legrand’s modular switches are also made up of retarded polycarbonate. 

 Polycab Modular Switches:


The company is known for manufacturing wires, cables, and other electrical products. A wide array includes distinctive designs, colors, and shapes of modular switches. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in India, which is significantly valued for its superior technology. The switches are manufactured with the intent of bringing innovative vision into life, which adds luxury to the ordinary lifestyle of customers. 

 Simon Modular Switches:

 Simon, a Spain-based company offers one of the best ranges of modular switches in India. The brand is globally reputed and is known for electrical equipment, gadgets, and wiring accessories. The modular switches and other products of this brand are built-in with electrical protection systems along with an electric vehicle charging system. Simon as a brand largely focuses on building a strong connection with its customer base, so that they can trust them while extenuating their home interior design, convenience, and safety. Simon also offers the assurance of 'electrical shock proofing', which avoids any form of risks regarding shocks. 

 Siemens Modular Switches:

 Siemens is another popular brand working towards the innovation, safety, and loyalty of the customers. The modular switches offered by Siemens are manufactured or designed with the top consideration of safety, especially because the products are majorly targeted at families. The modular switches are well-equipped with energy-saving provision, which does not harm your pocket concerning electricity bill. Although safety is the main priority of the company, it should still be kept away from children due to the presence of polycarbonate. The dimension of the switches is mostly 9 cm long and 7 cm wide, marking a sleek and sophisticated look. 

Schneider Modular Switches:

 Another top-most brand in offering modular switches in our nation. The popularity of these switches in India is mostly marked due to their exclusive design, which can be used with the intent of decoration along with its safer and innovative technology. The design of Schneider's modular switches is extremely beautiful with distinctive shapes. These modular switches are targeted at both commercial and personal purposes. The modular switches are of standard size with 6A one-way switches. Schneider also offers premium quality shockproof metal-layered switchboards. The reason for its loyal customer base can be the brand's priority on these four parameters: safety, control, connectivity, and convenience. You can be worry-free by making this choice for modular switches. 

 Wrap Up 

 We presented a description of modular switches with their significant advantages. Modular switches are predominantly of premium quality with long-lasting durability. Modular switches are easier to operate and maintain in any circumstances. These switches evidently add value to the magnificent interior design of your homes. With this article, you will be able to choose from the top-most brands offering modular switches in India. You can now decide on your final purchase by selecting priorities in terms of design, safety, energy efficiency, and maintenance. Amongst every parameter possible in consideration of buying modular switches, the one that needs to be the ultimate priority is safety, whether the products are intended for commercial purposes or home. The above-mentioned brands are easy to operate, add to your convenience, and are easily accessible in the Indian market. Now you can ensure high-end technology and innovative features for your switches with the luxury of a statement décor. The modular switches offered by the brands mentioned in the article are not only user-friendly, safe, and with a long lifespan but also do not burn a hole in your pocket for its installation and maintenance. Regardless of the offerings and functionality of the aesthetically pleasing switches, they are energy-efficient and are usually built with technology, which avoids the negative impact on the environment. 










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