Flipkart Plus Membership Benefits: Live up to the Hype?

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Flipkart Plus Membership

Flipkart Plus membership is a subscription service that offers exclusive benefits to its members. It is a way for the company to keep their customers loyal and increase sales. As of now, it is available in India only.

Introduction: What are the Benefits of Flipkart Plus Membership?

Flipkart has introduced the Flipkart Plus Membership Program as a rewards programme for its consumers. Through Flipkart Plus, customers will receive rewards for each purchase they make on the Flipkart app or website. One of India's top loyalty programmes is the Flipkart Plus Membership programme. Benefits of Flipkart Plus membership include free and quick delivery as well as access to exclusive marketplace launch previews. Currently, Flipkart Plus members have reached a base of 88% of Flipkart's monthly active users. The loyalty programme has grown by 100% each year since beginning.

The Flipkart Plus Membership process is straightforward. Due to the coins' one-year expiration date, just 200 Super Coins are needed. They must be picked up in that window of time. The loyalty programme has several advantages, including the chance to earn twice as many super coins. Getting priority customer service, acquiring only Flipkart Pay Later choices, and receiving selected incentives from ecosystem partners are further advantages (across travel, OTT, F&B, lifestyle, and health and fitness).

Flipkart Plus Membership members are eligible for free shipping for their shopping via the Flipkart app or website once they are qualified for the membership programme.

Flipkart Plus Membership members get early access to Flipkart sales which come all year round and the big billion days have been the biggest rewarding sale the country has always been waiting for.

Superior customer support to its plus customers is the most privileged benefit for a plus member of Flipkart.

Flipkart Member Perks - Who Is Eligible For Flipkart Member Program

A user needs to acquire 200 Super coins or more in the during the 365 days or in prior year,terms and conditions listed on Flipkart to qualify for membership under this Program. After the user has activated this Program, his membership will last for a year.

How to Earn Super Coins?

The user can earn the super coin on the Flipkart app by buying the products via Flipkart, myntra or cleartrip, the partner websites. Plus user gets 4 super coins on every 100rupees spent, which is capped at 100 super coins on each transaction. However, a non-plus member gets 2 super coins on every 100 rupees spent, capped at 50 super coins per transaction. 

Flipkart offers various promotional events and games throughout the year to its users, a user can collect coins and various coupons by just joining the games or playing the events. In the end, a user has to make a total transaction of total 200 super coins in 12 months period to renew its Flipkart plus membership for free. 

The 200 super coins earned by the user during the renewal phase stay in the user account throughout and the user can use it.

How To Use Flipkart Super Coins?

Flipkart super coins can be used on various platforms and for various purchases like flight booking via the Flipkart app or cleartrip. Using the Flipkart coins on myntra or Flipkart itself for getting a certain percentage of discount or a user can get 1 rupee product. 

Flipkart super coin can also be used for buying brand vouchers of different brands such as food vouchers, clothing vouchers and entertainment vouchers too. 

Below mentioned is the step to step on how to use Flipkart super coins. brands

On Flipkart:

  • Go to the Flipkart app, you will see the tag bar at the bottom, where the super coin icon is visible. Tap on super coin icon. Then,  the user will be directed
  • When you click on the super coin icon, then Flipkart displays use super coin, earn super coin.

On Cleartrip:

  • Once, the user has logged into his cleartrip account via the same registered email or phone number of Flipkart, the user can access his super coin and use it to redeem bookings 
  • 1 super coin is equivalent to 1 rupee and the user can use it without any capping


Is Flipkart Plus membership a paid subscription?

  • No, the membership is completely free for everyone who qualifies for 200 super coin criteria.

What is the validity of super coin?

  • The super coin is valid for 1 year from the date of earning.

Is delivery free for Flipkart Plus members?

  • Yes, the plus members have the advantage of free deliveries on their orders, if the order value is below 500 rupees, then the user will be levied a rupees 40 shipping fee.

Is there any extra discount for Flipkart plus members? 

  • Flipkart super coins can be used by the plus members for eligible products with a 10% discount or sometimes 99% off for a few listed products under a 1 rupee deal.


Being a Flipkart Plus member a user gets free delivery and earns coins on every purchase which can be redeemed at partner stores and on purchases made via the Flipkart app or on bookings. Join the Flipkart plus membership programme by just earning 200 super coins and enjoying the various perks.

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