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best perfumes

Sometimes you find an old bottle from which the soul returns," said Baudelaire.

It can not be denied that the best ornament that adds glam to an outfit and can  boost your confidence with just a simple compliment is-PERFUME. Be it juicy, floral or sensual musks there's a whole lot of options available to suit your taste. The first form of perfume can be traced back to 4000 years which was brought in by the Mesopolitians in the form of incense. PERFUME consists of two words, “PER” accounting to “thorough” and fume meaning “smoke” adds life to your mundane routine. Be it an anniversary gift, birthday gift or a miss you gift Perfumes in this area as a present is just a go to option.

  Just like every individual has their own language of expressing emotions and that differs from region to region this bottle of packed essentials oils diluted in alcohol is called fragrance for the commoners, parfum in french and later has been referred as perfume by the Americans. Fragrances are the best friend to women.One can get to know a lot of traits of others  just by their choice of fragrance.

 As frequently this product is used in our daily life,it cannot be ignored the impact it has on users' minds. Perfume is just like a shield that protects the person from the sweaty odour and uplifts the mood instantly. The perfume industry has more than USD 33.69 billion market size alone in the year 2020.It is amazing to know that  Just how a simple bottle of diluted oils can bring back the nostalgic feeling of the early morning workout in the gym with friends, dinner dates with partner, birthdays at cousins and what not. No matter what the occasion is there's always a perfume for the event. 

With the wide range of products present all over the internet it might become a vicious and daunting  cycle to choose the best for you. In order to simplify this tedious task, here are some of the useful points while considering buying a new fragrance. Every perfume consists of different layers referred to as notes, mainly divided into three sections- base, top or head and middle or heart, these then together create the aromatic fragrance that you smell in bottles.Fragrances come in four different concentrations and with the increase in concentration the price goes up. Higher concentration level usually goes upto a day with just a single application and hence a reason people feel it's a good investment. The next lower level is eau de parfum, which typically can last about six hours after application on the peak places such as wrists, neck and the place behind the ear. The third level is called eau de toilette which can be brought in without breaking the banks but usually requires reapplication after a certain while. Now, with all such info here's a list of  the best of best perfume for oneself, to get your hands on: 

List Of Best Women Perfumes

Loewe: 001 Woman Perfume

This Classic  Spanish perfume has notes of jasmine, linen, and musk, and works best with the company's 001 Man Eau de Parfum to create a distinctive smell combination.

Dior: Miss Dior Eau de Parfum 

 The fragrance’s name was given after the designer’s sister, also a French resistance fighter Catherine Dior, popularly known as Miss Dior. The perfumes of this brand are so iconic that they even inspired a documentary to be made. The notes of this perfume resembles juicy blood orange and mandarin, the evergreen and fresh lily of the valley and earthy patchouli. 

Chanel: N°5 Eau de Parfum Spray

After completing a decade in the industry in 2021, there is no doubt that Chanel no.5 is the most famous fragrance of all time. The top notes of this fragrance which makes it popular among women are Aldehydes, Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Bergamot and Peach. Coming to the middle notes we have Iris, Jasmine, Rose and Lily of the Valley whereas base notes consist of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Vetiver and Patchouli.

Guess: Seductive Women Eau De Toilette

If you are someone who has a taste for Mandarin Pulp, Pink Pepper and Cardamom milk then this is the perfume for you. The middle most notes include violet leaves, vetiver and vanilla orchid.  Its long lasting quality makes it a high performance rejuvenating perfume. 

Versace: Eros FLame Eau De Parfum

If you really want to swim in compliments then this is a must add to your cart. The notes of the perfume are delicate in nature and the smell comprises lotus flowers, pomegranate grains, musk, acajou, shining Yuzu and amber. The heart notes have peonies and lotus flowers. It removes bad odour easily. 

Tommy Hilfiger: Girl Eau De Toilette

With its launch in 1996, this brand has made a huge customer base. This go to cart perfume has Floral-Fruity notes. Top layers are Apple Tree Blossom, Camelia, Mandarin Orange and Black Currant; heart notes are Lemon, Honeysuckle, Rose, Grapefruit, Lily, Mint and Violet while base notes are Magnolia, Jasmine, Cedar, Sandalwood and Leather.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

This sparkling Grenade shaped perfume is One of the most popular perfume among women. It has fresh and sweet sensations endlessly after sent. This Eau de Parfum belongs to the Amber Ford family has notes of fresh freesia, heady rose, osmanthus, and Sambac jasmine, set on a sweet-and-spicy stage of patchouli and vanilla.

Calvin Klein: CK One

This Eau De Toilette perfume will make you feel nostalgic by taking you over the sandy beach while you sip your cold cocktails. The top notes consist of pineapple, mandarin orange, papaya, bergamot, cardamom and lemon. There is hardly anything one could not like in this perfume. 

JimFever my Choo 

Jimmy Choo Fever is an elegant, sophisticated women’s perfume released by Jimmy Choo in 2018. It synergies fruity notes with a touch of simple floral and a deep base. Its primary notes are a rich fruity blend of lychee, black plum and citrusy grapefruit.

Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum

Created as a collaboration between the perfumer and Baccarat to commemorate  the crystal manufacturer’s 250th birthday, this popular scent is, honestly, a masterpiece. A combination of woody notes, amber, jasmine and other florals, it's sophisticated and never overpowering.

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