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Enticing as it may seem, travelling is not just roaming on the beaches and jumping off cliffs . It may seem like all fairy tales and if it were a fairy tale then everyone should be a nomad right?

Then what makes it all seem impossible? What leads to a tranquil journey? What is the problem? What are the small changes needed?


Let's start this on a very practical note, MONEY is the prime problem and solution alike!! Our main concern is money and the hindrances caused by it. You want food, clothes, temporary shelter, transportation to the prime locations or even your Wifi at the hotel/lounge! You need money! Let’s be clear, travelling is fun!! And we all have that common interest to become the Jack Sparrow of our life!! 

So where does planning start? What do you contain in your plan? 


Stay “free”, Stay “secure” - You Need A Roof?!!!!


The first thought in any traveller's mind would be, where will we live? Rahenge kahan? Especially when it comes to India it is a tedious task to find a safe, luxurious yet, in-budget hotel. The more the options the harder it is to filter out!!! So here goes the first informative piece that will make your life easier. 

There are 5 factors when considering a place to live in or rent in, in India: Price(ofcourse) Transportation(rentals, daily cost), Price history(many a times ignored), Discount seasonal coupons(even ignored due to misinformation and fraud) and availability of basic amenities and needs. 

All this can be done on different pages on google but what if I told you that everything will be ACCURATELY available on the tip of your fingers. 


Use KaroBargain, coupon bazaar to measure your needs and wants in line with your budget!! Not only this but you could also cross-reference with other LEGITIMATE sources. 


Food is the Key to a human’s Heart 


Let's say you are passing by a restaurant on your travelling journey. You are at the peak of your hunger strike. The smell of the delicious food hits your nostril with a piercing force. What will you do? What if you enter and, to your surprise, you find the dishes to be expensive. Especially the ones that you are craving. 

You visit McDonalds. You have less budget than needed to buy your favourite double cheese combo meal. What will you do? Finding an alternative is not an option, and shouldn’t be one. You should instead get discount coupons to reduce some burden on yourself and increase your chances of buying one of your favourite meals. Looking at the latest offers, tricks, hacks, tips and more!! 

Saving money should always be a priority for you! So use your resources and websites to increase your awareness and decrease your stress during your purchases. For example, you could use google maps to know the reviews, you can also use apps like swiggy, zomato to look for reviewed places. 

Get a good place to eat good food at a good price.  


A Reliable Cheap Bag is a Traveller's Best Friend!


If you do not want to waste your precious time travelling in search of a best friend then you would need to know everything about online shopping. This may get tricky as you are unknown to the possibilities of price reduction in the local market. Reliable material, lower price, and higher resistance- the basics to look for.  A little research can go a long way but what if you get all the information needed on just one site (including the trending offers). 

Save your precious asset - TIME!! 


Free WiFi


This is an issue that is never overlooked. The world runs on technology and communication is primarily done through the use of mobile phones. But even a mobile phone needs network connection to prove useful. And if the connection is worth more than your budget then the dilemma arises again. 

Using the local sim is the first step to this problem but searching for an in-budget recharge is a mountain to cross!!! It's hell of a task. Now if you are assuming where to get all the information regarding the latest offers from Vi, Airtel, and Jio from research on the net then good luck!! Because it will be an extensive task for an unfamiliar person like you. 


The best wishes to my fellow people who are willing to enter the world of digital nomads/travelling. Use the tips in your daily life and surely they will help you when you come to India. What is the need of the hour? What is the locality like? All this should be kept into your account while you are on your adventure. Using websites like KaroBargain and CouponBazaar will be a huge benefit!! 




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