Exploring the Best Smart Watches Under 5000 in India

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The idea of a smartwatch being considered as a form of luxury is being removed from the picture with necessity being the word to describe it. Everyone wants to stay fit and it is more than important to take care of your health and well-being. With smartwatches coming in to mould that aspect into the minds of people along with several other benefits, everyone is starting to consider buying a smartwatch.

From glucose levels to calories burnt and whatnot, smartwatches have it all and can do it all. However, one cannot go ahead and buy a random product, if quality, price and durability are things that they consider while purchasing a product. As a result, you require a list. A list of the best smartwatches that take on the aspect of quality, affordable pricing and durability. So go ahead and start reading your list.

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Exploring the Best Smartwatches Under 5000

1. Fire-Boltt Beast SpO2

A price that is staggeringly low for a product that boasts so many features is a highly beneficial aspect that one needs to consider. The FIre-Boltt Beast SpO2 is a top product from a brand that is known for putting out quality and helping people get what they need. It comes with four colour options, a rectangular-shaped dial and a display that boasts a 240 x 240 px resolution. At 500 nits peak brightness, you can use this watch for all kinds of purposes and look towards a powerful battery that lasts for 8-15 working days.

The smartwatch is also compatible with both OS and Android, making it one of the finest products under 5000. Moreover, the watch also supports multiple sports modes like walking, outdoor running, hiking, yoga, freestyle, cycling, treadmill and so on. Since it is waterproof, you can also wear it while swimming in pools and open water.

Price - ₹. 2,499


  1. Long-lasting battery (8-15 working days & standby time of 360 hours)
  2. Comes with a 1-year replacement warranty
  3. Comes with a 1.69-inch HD touch colour display
We liked:
  1. A big screen that supports multiple sports modes
  2. Powerful battery back-up
We didn’t like:
  1. Does not offer GPS

2. boAt Xtend Smartwatch


A smartwatch from boAt tends to give you the right impression, especially when you consider the immense success of the brand in producing top-notch tech products. And the product that we are talking about is the boAt Xtend Smartwatch, which is quite unique as it helps you gain access to notifications, including birthday reminders and WhatsApp messages, Alexa voice assistance and more. A battery life of 7 days is another top feature that should certainly be of great help in monitoring your health.

The display is 69 inches and with Bluetooth connectivity, you can do a lot more with this device. With all these features being packed into one product with the added benefit of a premium brand being in charge, the boAt Xtend Smartwatch is the right one for you.

Price - ₹. 2,499


  1. Comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a 1-year warranty.
  2. The ambient light display can be used to adjust the brightness
  3. Battery life of 7 days
We liked:
  1. Powerful battery life
  2. Ideal in keeping track of blood sugar levels
We didn’t like:
  1. User complaints about the sleep monitoring sensor

3. Amazfit Bip U Pro Smartwatch


Having been launched in May of 2021, the Amazfit Bip U Pro Smartwatch is a new arrival in the market that has already been grabbing all the attention. It is the upgraded version of Amazfit Bip U and comes with all the right features to beat the original. Weighing only 30.8 grams, this smartwatch is super light and comes with a year’s warranty. The colour display of 1.43-inch forms a screen that is easy to read and the 360x380 resolution only makes matters better.

The smartwatch also has a 200 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery that only takes about 1.5 hours to be fully charged and can go up to 9 days with a typical form of usage and 5 days when it comes to heavy usage. The watch is also compatible with both operating systems and can be used for more than 60 sports modes including outdoor cycling, cricket, basketball, fishing, pool swimming, free training and so on.

Price - ₹.3,999


  1. Includes 60+ sports modes
  2. Waterproof to 5 ATM
  3. Comes with an Alexa voice assistant
  4. Offers 1-year manufacturing warranty
We liked:
  1. Built-in GPS & Alexa offers several benefits
  2. Music and camera control also makes headlines
  3. Anti-fingerprint coating
We didn’t like:
  1. Battery backup is low when compared to other devices in this price range.

4. Realme Watch 2 Pro


Realme has found recent success in the Indian market as they have a lineup of products that hit every category. From smartphones to smartwatches, Realme has a lot to offer and the one product that we are going to talk about is the Realme Watch 2 Pro. It has a good battery life, decent software and stands out as a premium quality product that adds value to the price that you pay for it. As it comes with a heart rate and blood oxygen saturation monitor, you can put it to good use and look towards making the most of it.

The 14-day battery life, which is based on usage, and 90 sports modes are two of the most important features that are a class apart. You can use this smartwatch while playing basketball, cricket and also while performing yoga, going on a hike and so on. As all these modes come into effect, you will begin to see the effective side of Realme Watch 2 Pro.

Price - ₹. 4,299


  1. Available in light grey and black
  2. Offers 90 sports modes
  3. Comes with a 1.75” HD Super Bright Touchscreen Display
We liked:
  1. Powerful battery life with an average of 14 days
  2. Offers GPS, heart rate monitor, activity tracker and so on.
  3. With 90 sports modes makes it an effective and efficient product.
We didn’t like:
  1. Expensive when compared to the rest.

5. Noise ColorFit Ultra Bezel-Less Smart Watch

Up next on our list is Noise ColorFit Ultra Bezel-Less Smart Watch. It comes with three different colour combinations and a ton of features that help you fall for all that the product has to offer. The 1.75-inch TruView TM display is another winner and it also comes with 320 x 386 px HD resolution, which makes the product all the more attractive. While it does not boast of 90 sports modes, it hits a good record of 60 which covers all the main activities that are beneficial for our well-being.

Apart from that, Noise has also fit this product with more than 100 different watch faces which is a unique benefit like no other. You can use it for its different sports modes, to receive reminders and notifications and a lot more purposes that make it a credible purchase.

Price - ₹. 3,299


  1. Offers a 1-year manufacturing warranty
  2. Comes in 3 different colour combinations.
  3. Long-lasting battery performance of 9 days at typical usage.
  4. Waterproof up to 50 meters
We liked:
  1. Good build quality
  2. Bigger screen for better visibility
  3. Provides three different colour options.
We didn’t like:
  1. Does not offer an in-built GPS

6. Realme S Smartwatch Pro

Realme has another top smartwatch under its belt and this time it's the Realme S Smartwatch Pro that has been held with high regard. Made of premium aluminium alloy, the smartwatch offers superior strength and at 90 grams, it is lightweight. Coming with a manufacturing warranty of a year, the product goes on to help you read critical results with its 1.75-inch HD Super Bright Touchscreen Display. The rectangle-shaped dial will always come in handy and offers a comfortable viewing experience.

And just like the Realme Watch 2 Pro, this smartwatch also arrives with 90 sports modes that make it useful for walking, cycling, running and so on. You can also use it while swimming as an IP68 waterproof rating of up to 50 meters comes in handy.

Price - ₹.4,299


  1. Comes with a year’s manufacturing warranty
  2. Offers 90 sports modes
  3. Equipped with magnetic charging
  4. Long-lasting 14-day battery life at typical usage
We liked:
  1. Powerful battery life with 30 days of standby time.
  2. Offers built-in GPS which piles on to the long list of features.
  3. More than 100 watch faces.
We didn’t like:
  1. Users have complained about the battery being drained completely while using GPS.

7. Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist Smartwatch

Noise is surely making all the right noise with their range of smartwatches. And the latest to join the list is their upgraded version of Noise ColorFit Pro 3, the Noise ColourFit Pro 3 Assist Smartwatch. Apart from arriving with several colour options, including smoke green and smoke grey, the smartwatch offers a 1-year manufacturing warranty, a 1.55-inch big TruView TMT display, a 210 mAh battery and 14 different sports modes.

With all these features, this smartwatch stands to offer people what they need and will also last for 10 days at typical usage with 30 days being standby time. Moreover, swimming is also a part of the 14 different sports modes as the smartwatch is waterproof. (5 ATM). On the other hand, you will also find 5 customisable watch faces and more than 60 cloud-based watch faces which makes things all the better.

Price - ₹. 3,599


  1. Comes with a 1.55-inch big TruView TMT display
  2. Offers a 10-day battery life (typical usage)
  3. Comes with 14 different sports modes (treadmill, running, yoga, etc)
  4. Offers a 1-year manufacturing warranty
We liked:
  1. Available in 5 different colour options to help you choose what you prefer.
  2. Super lightweight at 39-grams
  3. Different sports modes help you keep track of activities
We didn’t like:
  1. None

8. Huawei Band 6 Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

There’s a huge possibility that you have heard of Huawei, considering the immense success of their smartphones in India. And now they are in the market of smartwatches with the Huawei Band 6 Fitness Tracker Smartwatch. Built-in the sp02 detection system, this smartwatch is capable of measuring blood oxygen saturation levels all around the clock. With watch faces turning out to be a common feature, you can expect to find the same with this product and can choose from a variety of designs.

Huawei also offers a 1-year warranty and the product boasts of a good battery life that lasts for 10-14 days. The 1.47” Full View Screen is another top feature that will always be of great help in understanding results and keeping track of everything. And to top it tall, there are 96 different exercise modes that help you keep track of your health.

Price - ₹.3,990


  1. Comes with 4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity
  2. Huawei offers 1-year warranty
  3. Offers a variety of watch faces
We liked:
  1. Powerful battery that lasts for over 2 weeks
  2. The 96 different exercise modes can be used intensively to help you get fit.
  3. With the metrics being stored, you can easily monitor your progress.
We didn’t like:
  1. At times, sensors can give inaccurate data

9. Fire-Boltt Ring Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Fire-Boltt has once again come into the picture and this time it is their July arrival, the Fire-Boltt Ring Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch, that hopes on to the list. The smartwatch weighs 57-grams, comes in 8 different colours and also offers a manufacturing warranty of a year. With a rectangle-shaped dial that consists of a 1.7-inch large full touch colour display, the smartwatch goes on to project results in its 2.5D corning gorilla 3rd generation tempered glass.

Since the smartwatch only supports android, users can make the most of the multiple sports modes that it offers and also make and receive calls while using the device. Thanks to its Bluetooth calling function, built-in speaker and microphone, you can gain access to a quick dial pad on the watch and go ahead to make calls. The watch is also waterproof to 50 meters, thus making it effective while swimming.

Price - ₹.4,499


  1. Offers over 300 different watch faces
  2. Features Bluetooth calling
  3. Supports multiple sports modes
  4. Offers 1-year manufacturing warranty
We liked:
  1. Make calls and receive calls
  2. Features a classic remote control camera
  3. Displays a big screen for better reading
We didn’t like:
  1. Does not offer an in-built GPS

10. Noise Color Fit Pro 2 Smartwatch

Noise Colour Fit Pro 2 Smartwatch is another fine product that falls under the bracket of 5000. It comes in 6 different colours and is manufactured with good materials that bring in the essence of quality. With a year’s manufacturing warranty also making its way in, you will have a few features to start with and as you begin to explore the product, you will have a lot. The 1.33-inch colour display does wonders and with the 210 mAh battery, you have a smartwatch that can last up to 10 days at typical usage.

It is also compatible with both iOS and Android and offers 9 sports modes for the ones who like to perform yoga, run on the treadmill, go out on their cycle, hike, run and so on. With its IP68 certification coming clear in dust and water resistance, you can wear it in the rain and also sweat as much as you like.

Price - ₹.2,799


  1. Weighs 36.3 grams - Super lightweight body
  2. Offers 1-year manufacturing warranty
  3. Battery life of up to 10 days on typical usage
  4. Offers more than 100 cloud-based watch faces
We liked:
  1. Magnetic charging makes things easy
  2. With greater compatibility, you can connect your phone with ease.
  3. Effortlessly monitor your activities with 9 different sports modes.
We didn’t like:
  1. Fewer sports modes when compared to the rest.

11. Gionee Watch 4


Gionee takes a different approach with the Gionee Watch 4 as it certainly looks more of a simple analogue watch rather than a smartwatch. However, those aspects are only limited to the design because the features tell a different story. Gionee Watch 4 is a tough and durable smartwatch that comes with 12 days battery back-up and offers more than 7 sport modes. The 1.2’’ LCD display helps you understand results with ease and goes on to assist you while you go out for a routine walk, indoor run, cycling and so on.

Since the smartwatch is IP68 rated, you can use it while swimming because it is waterproof and splashproof. Apart from that, the smartwatch also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which can either be used to connect to your iOS or Android device.

Price -₹.1,999


  1. Powered by a 350mAh battery that offers 12 days battery backup
  2. Features a unique activity tracker
  3. Offers special functions like viewing texts, emails and social media notifications
We liked:
  1. Comes in a metal body with leather straps, making it a durable product.
  2. With several sports modes, you can begin to monitor all your physical activities and make it all count for good.
We didn’t like:
  1. Might require you to constantly reconnect.

12. NoiseFit Evolve Sport


With an AMOLED display and aluminium alloy body, this smartwatch from Noise makes it to this list in style. It features Bluetooth 5.0 and offers 9 different sports modes where one can keep track of all their physical activities and monitor their progress. With the smartwatch also being water-resistant up to 30 meters, you can sweat all you like and look towards putting this product to good use. Apart from that, you will also find several other functions like music control, camera control and compass that makes things effortless.

The charging dock inside the box can easily be fixed and when you have a battery backup that ranges from 3 to 10 days, you can use the product to the fullest.

Price - ₹.4,999


  1. Features an AMOLED display
  2. Arrives with 5 default watch faces
  3. Offers 9 different sports modes
  4. Monitors sleep, heart rate, sedentary alert and so on.
We liked:
  1. Powerful battery backup that lasts for days
  2. Analysis data generated from your physical activities.
  3. Comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for better support.
We didn’t like:
  1. Does not offer a built-in GPS

13. Fire-Boltt Supreme Smartwatch


Fire-Bollt seems to be getting right and the Fire-Bollt Supreme Smartwatch is the one that takes its place on the list. Launched in September of 2021, this latest smartwatch from Fire-Bollt comes in 9 colour options and is made of Polycarbonate and high-quality silicone straps material. As a result, it is durable and at 51 grams, it is lightweight. A warranty of 1-year also makes it to the list and you will be glad about getting a product that fits the bill to perfection.

With a rectangle-shaped dial and a 1.79’ Borderless LTPS UHD Pro Display, the screen is more than capable of displaying clear and accurate results that will keep you posted on your workout routine. The lithium-ion polymer battery is loaded with the capacity to provide 8 days of battery back and with 20 sports modes, you can see yourself using this smartwatch for a long time.

Price - ₹.3,799


  1. Offers 1-year manufacturing warranty
  2. Equipped with 20 sports modes (outdoor running, yoga, skipping etc)
  3. Waterproof smartwatch upto 3 ATM
We liked:
  1. Can keep you updated with mobile notifications
  2. Highly compatible (connects to both iOS and Android)
  3. Offers high picture quality
We didn’t like:
  1. Not the best from Fire-Bollt

14. Soundpeats - Watch 1 Smart Watch


With all the features, design and options that Soundpeats - Watch 1 Smart Watch provides, you will more likely classify it as a unique smartwatch. The 1.4 touch screen and the square faced shape add value to the list of features that this smartwatch from Soundpeats has to offer. The IP68 rated feature means you can take to the pool and check your results as the smartwatch helps you monitor everything. The 260mAh heavy-duty battery can last up to 10 days.

Moreover, Soundpeats has also fitted the watch with Bluetooth v5.0, which makes it easy for you to connect your device to the watch and enjoy a linear range of 10m without having to come across any obstructions.

Price - ₹.3,599


  1. Offers 10 days battery back-up
  2. Comes with 12 sports modes
  3. Waterproof (IP68 rated)
  4. Offers additional features like music, timer, find phone, weather etc.
We liked:
  1. With 12 sports modes, you can track and analyse your workouts with ease.
  2. Can record sleep quality, sleep activity and duration for additional information.
  3. Powerful battery that helps you use the watch for over a week.
We didn’t like:
  1. Installing apps requires a software update via SoundPEATS.
  2. Made of plastic.

15. Realme Dizo Watch


To end the list in style, we have Realme’s Dizo watch. A rectangle shaped smartwatch that is made of silicone and has a unique sensor which monitors your heart rate and calories burnt. With the smartwatch being compatible with both Android and iOS, you can expect to receive a simple flow of operations that make it easy for daily use. With Realme also offering an app to take things further, you can see yourself doing a lot with this 1.4 inch smartwatch.

Be it outdoor activities or indoor run, the 90 different workout modes will be ideal in helping you set up an easy exercise routine that will keep you healthy and fit. Apart from the usual modes of outdoor walking and running, Realme also offers rowing machines, jump rope, cricket, basketball yoga and so on.

Price - ₹. 2,299


  1. Comes with a 315 mAh battery that can last for 12 days
  2. Monitors average speed, heart rate, calories burnt, distance covered & so on.
  3. Offers different workout modes to get on with routine physical exercise
We liked:
  1. Ideal for using while working
  2. Powerful battery
  3. Lightweight body
We didn’t like:
  1. Does not offer auto brightness adjustment

Your Guide to Purchasing the Best Smartwatch Under 5000

15 of the best smartwatches under 5000 is certainly going to help you choose the one that you need the most. But before you do so, there are a few more factors to consider and it is quite important that you look into all of them. By doing so, the process to choose the best smartwatch becomes easier and you will be able to get things done in a jiffy.

  1. Price

By now it is obvious that the smartwatch you are looking for stays within the range of 5000. But if you have further limitations and want to keep the range between ₹.2,000 to ₹.3,000, you can always do so and our list provides smartwatches that also stay within this limit. When you are looking into these watches, ensure to get the best features.

  1. Top features

Features are everything for a smartwatch and are one of the main reasons why people go out to purchase them. So looking for the best set of features like workout modes, compatibility, waterproof and so on are a few ways to get things going. So look out for these features and ensure that your smartwatch has all of it.

  1. Durability

Durability is an important aspect for a smartwatch, considering the kind of usage that it is put through. As a result, it is important to check the built quality and understand how durable the product is. In case, you don’t seem to get a clear estimation, you can always ask an expert and look to purchase the best smartwatch that covers all your needs.

  1. Battery life

You want your smartwatch to be able to last for days since the portable device monitors all your physical activities. While certain smartwatches take 2 hours to charge, they last for at least a week and beyond and that should be able to satisfy all your needs. So look for a smartwatch with a powerful battery life.

  1. Watch bands

A watch band’s buckle or clasp needs to be easy to use or swap, considering the importance of finding a replacement in case you need one. Due to that, you need to use the watch and understand the type of material that has gone into making the smartwatch. If these requirements fit your description, you can purchase the smartwatch right away.

FAQs About Smartwatch

Where can I buy smartwatches?

With the advanced options for online shopping, the best place to purchase a smartwatch is through online stores that offer the best set of deals. However, before purchasing, make sure to understand all the factors that make a smartwatch one of the best in the market.

Can smartwatches replace smartphones?

Despite the advanced features that are offered by a smartwatch, it is hard to see them replace a smartphone. But we cannot predict the future and it is always important to wait and see how things turn out to be.

How do smartwatches measure heart rate?

Smartwatches tend to rely on a technology called photoplethysmography or PPG. It is a special system where a green light is projected on the skin hundreds of times per second with the reflection of the light being captured. With more light being reflected between heartbeats, this acts as an indication for heart rate and thus, it is measured. ‘Optical heart rate monitor’ is the common hardware that is used for this system and it always helps you gain access to results. While PPG is known to be a good indication of heart rate, you also need to know that it is not 100% accurate.

Can I make calls with a smartwatch?

Yes, you can make calls with a smartwatch and if you are in the market for such products, you need to look out for ‘LTE’ connectivity. Such smartwatches can also run without a phone and might cost a lot.

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