20 Best Vodka Brands

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Best Vodka Brand

Vodka is a pretty popular beverage containing alcohol that originated in Russia, Poland, and Sweden during the nineteenth century. Over the time it has now spread throughout the world and is adored by thousands of drinkers. Unlike other popular drinks like whisky, vodka has no set structure or implementation. Best vodka brands come under several brands just like the best whiskey brands and best champagne brands available in the market. Several manufacturers make vodka using wheat, grains, maize, oats, sugar, and sometimes perhaps berries. Vodka is a condensed alcohol that was typically prepared from potatoes or cereals such as wheat. The colourless, odourless beverage seems to have a greater alcoholic concentration and is a popular choice at most gatherings. Vodka's flavour quality is likewise weak or rather insipid. As a result, it is ideal for everyone and the fact that it comes under many flavours in different brands makes it pretentiously popular.

List of the Best Vodka Brands with Their Specs and Pricing

Brand Name  Alcohol By Volume  Price
Magic MomentsMagic Moments Alcohol Content — 40% ABVMagic Moments Remix Flavoured Vodka Price India — INR 1,076 for 750 ml.

Magic Moments Premium Grain Vodka Price In India — INR 852 for 750 ml.

SmirnoffSmirnoff Vodka Alcohol Content — 35% to 50%Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka Price India — INR 1,462 for 750 ml. 

Smirnoff Flavoured Vodka Price In India — INR 1,477 for 750 ml.

Seagram’s FuelSeagram’s Fuel Vodka Alcohol Content — 42.8% ABV


Seagram’s Fuel Vodka Price In India — INR 852 for 750 ml.
White MischiefWhite Mischief Ultra Pure Vodka Alcohol Content — 42.8% ABVWhite Mischief Ultra Pure Vodka Price In India — INR 450 for 750 ml.
Vladivar Vodka Vladivar Vodka Alcohol Content — 42.8% ABVVladivar Vodka Price In India — INR 583 for 750 ml.
Romanov Vodka Romanov Vodka Alcohol Content — 42.8% ABVRomanov Vodka Price In India — INR 650 for 750 ml.
Eristoff VodkaEristoff Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABVEristoff Triple Distilled Vodka Price In India - INR 1,072 for 750 ml.
Absolut Vodka Absolut Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABVAbsolut Vodka Price In India — INR 2,884 for 750 ml.
Wodka Gorbatschow Vodka Wodka Gorbatschow Vodka Alcohol Content — 42.8% ABVWodka Gorbatschow Vodka Price In India — INR 700 for 750 ml.
Belvedere VodkaBelvedere Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABVBelvedere Vodka Price In India — INR 5,151 for 700 ml.
Red BlissRed Bliss Vodka Alcohol Content — 42.8% ABVRed Bliss Vodka Price In India — INR 500 (Approx.) for 750 ml.
Grey Goose VodkaGrey Goose Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABVGrey Goose Vodka Price In India — INR 5,200 for 750 ml.
Finlandia VodkaFinlandia Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABVFinlandia Vodka Price In India — INR 3,056 for 1L
Ketel One VodkaKetel One Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABVKetel One Vodka Price In India — INR 3,210 for 750 ml.
Wyborowa (Pernod Ricard)Wyborowa (Pernod Ricard) Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABVWyborowa (Pernod Ricard) Vodka Price In India — INR 3,000 for 750 ml.
Stolichnaya Vodka Stolichnaya Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABVStolichnaya Vodka Price In India — INR 2,224 for 750 ml.
Beluga Vodka PriceBeluga Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABVBeluga Vodka Price In India — INR 3,850 for 1L.
Ciroc VodkaCiroc Vodka Alcohol Content — 35% ABVCiroc Red Berry Vodka Price In India — INR 8,620 for 750 ml.

Ciroc Coconut Vodka Price In India — INR 5,450 for 750 ml.

Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka Price In India — INR 4,850 for 750 ml.

42 Below Vodka42 Below Vodka Alcohol Content — 40% ABV42 Below Vodka Price In India — INR 2,550 for 750 ml.
Artic VodkaArtic Vodka Alcohol Content — 38% ABVArtic Vodka Price In India — INR 1,600 for 750 ml.

Magic Moments

Magic Moments is simply everyone favuorite due to its richness and purity. Magic Moments, which emerged back in 2006 for the first time, markets upon offering the greatest diverse beverage inside the liquor category. They have now received over 36 global honors, in addition to their compelling quality and magnificent foreign presentation, as well as its enticing tastes. Magic Moments, formerly branded as Rampur Distillery, arose through Radico. It can be classified as the second-largest refinery in Asia itself, that officially opened in 1943, and indeed the company established itself as a sensation immediately. Magic Moments is indeed a blended drink,  made using the best cereals inside the nation. This is incredibly creamy and wonderfully combines into the tastes. This beverage commands well over 50% pricing power throughout various value levels inside the vodka sector which also effectively established itself in almost 24 nations worldwide. Now, Magic Moments had also risen to the position of unquestioned frontrunner and a commander in the market and the globe enthusiastically embraced the variety of its tastes. Magic Moments can also be termed as a symbol of pure innocence which literally draws enchantment into reality.


Smirnoff is one of largest famous vodka in the entire USA largely because of the fact that the beverage is brewed thrice and purified ten times prior to being in the market. Following the invention of this whole beverage, the renowned cocktail- Moscow Mule- was discovered. The name Smirnoff is largely inspired following a real guy, Pyotr Smirnoff, who began to develop the nation's finest drink. The flavorings in the flavored variants may include minute quantities of wheat, however basic Smirnoff liquor is manufactured from maize and is thus allergen. Smirnoff is offered in 39 different tastes across the globe.

Seagram’s Fuel

Fuel Vodka comes under the deluxe section among vodka beverages and it is the second largest one among them. The label alone represents its distinctiveness, inventiveness, and vitality. Fuel Vodka comes in three flavors: basic, apple, and orange. Fuel vodka is refined using a succession of modified sludge filtration that have been particularly created. It goes well together with fluids, fruits, and carbonated beverages. This alcohol product was introduced in 2005 and has done well in knocking off the inactive brands of alcohol in the country. The long lasting filtering procedure of triple silver-impregnated carbons reduces harshness and lends great taste features to Fuel vodka, resulting in an extremely pleasant encounter.

White Mischief

White Mischief, among the biggest and best vodka brands, presents themselves being a fresh and playful amusing product, having an overall goal of capturing the interest among the youthful alcohol consuming population. This is by far one of the biggest Vodka manufacturers across the whole of India, which is produced by United Breweries with a gigantic industry stake of nearly 48% inside the ordinary alcohol sector.  The vodka is meticulously purified using a quintuple procedure to provide the highest degree of authenticity, allowing the quality, flavor, and texture to meet the flair of India's booze fans.


Vladavir, can be officially classified as the UK's second positioned vodka beverage, which attributes their clear flavor and extraordinary fluidity to something like a threefold simple filtration invented through its 3rd line vintner. It is composed of 100% clean grains with carbon that has been purified to the utmost degree. It's a fantastic blend which helps it smell really pleasant. Vladivar brags about his exceptional value. The vladivar alcohol brand is offered in several flavors for the Indians: Orange Zest, Green Apple, and Vladivar Lemon Zest.


Romanov, being the finest cheapest best vodka brand in India, takes its origin after the Romanov Dynasty, who governed the Russian Empire spanning from 1612 to 1917. United Spirits Ltd, based in Bengaluru, manufactures and markets this budget-friendly alcohol product within India, that is also a popular celebration drink especially for students. This alcohol is brewed and thoroughly processed numerous rounds so that it provides a different quality of flavor with a nuanced spice. Premium, Orange, Lemon, and Apple are some of the most preferred flavors with vodka aficionados in India.


Eristoff is a powerful booze from Georgia which goes via a basic but genuine procedure of treble distilling and carbon filtering. This comes under a unique technology created in Russia in the 17th and 18th centuries to raise the quality of alcohol towards the highest feasible extent. The unusual emblem of the Eristoff displaying a werewolf wailing once at moonlight highlights ancient Persian title for Georgia, Gorjestan, denoting the "country of the Wolves". The alcohol  boasts a highly neutral taste derived from the nation's greatest wheat.


Absolut, which has rich Swedish heritage, is undeniably among the top popular liquors and the second biggest product of intoxicating beverages, selling in 126 nations. Absolut had promised to keep the freshest and most traditional Swedish Vodka heritage alive by adopting the finest Swedish freshwater in the local city of Ahus and grain cultivated in the adjacent area. It's a high-quality 100% grain which comes in 27 varieties and is packaged in the utmost exquisite containers featuring wonderfully appealing design. This terrific brand of whisky is exceptionally creamy and well deserved of every single penny, especially given the delectable flavor it imparts towards the beverage.

Wodka Gorbatschow

Wodka Gorbatschow, which was created in Germany in 1921, is accessible in apple, strawberry, and citrus flavors in addition to the original flavor. This particular brand has  evolved into the one among the top popular German drinks. This alcohol label represents excellence, purity, and softness. This elevates towards the pinnacle of fine drink, which is accomplished by a quintuple filtering procedure.


This best vodka brand is popular in India for three flavors: Belvedere Red, Belvedere Silver, and Belvedere Strong. It is made using the best Ryne throughout Poland and contains 40% liquor. It is exceedingly clean and rather famous within India's wealthy children. This is cheaper than Grey Goose however offers a wonderful flavor as well as a greater sensation after drinking it.

Red Bliss

This drink has succeeded in infiltrating the society and tradition of several countries across the globe well over course of the top alcohol companies. The Red Bliss liquor is created by Hermes, a freshly formed Indian company. It is fermented in multiple rounds. Red bliss distinguishes itself above other best vodka brands offered in India owing to its unparalleled cleanliness, taste, and richness. It is imperceptible but extremely potent, making it great for accentuating the tastes of every complementing beverage.

Grey Goose

Gray goose distinguishes itself from others due to the fact that its substance is transparent, flavorless, and odorless  which is now manufactured in France. This brand was created by a US entrepreneur, Sidney Frank, who is also the creator of the Sidney Frank Trading Corporation. The title originally was prompted by white wine. The extraction and manufacture of such an alcohol were done in accordance with the trademark.  Sidney identified a void in the alcohol industry for a lacking "elevated liquor" and proceeded to establish Grey Goose.


This vodka, as the name suggests is manufactured in the Scandinavian country of Finland and is produced using the best grain and purest glacier mineral freshwater. It creates an excellent cocktail and remains a bar favorite. The basic features delicate chocolate plus lemon undertones, while the green variant does have a light aroma and a highly pleasant flavor.

Ketel One

The Dutch liquor has been produced since 1691 and is produced using 100% grain in copper pots. A fresh, clear, and extremely balanced character, with just a touch of citrus, making it a fantastic drinking cocktail, best served plain with ice.


Wyborowa is one of the upcoming best Vodka brands accessible in India. It is available in 70 countries other than India. Pernod Ricard markets the Wyborowa trademark of alcohol in Poland. The alcohol is entirely wheat cultivated in Poland and is produced utilizing techniques that have been used for almost 5 decades. Wyborowa is absolutely devoid of all synthetic colorants as well as other similar additives, which makes it a really distinctive alcohol. A vodka composed entirely of wheat, alcohol, as well as various beneficial compounds.


Stolichnaya offers whatever you look for from the traditional Russian vodka  which was founded in 1901, and presumably one among the foremost Russian alcohol offered in the global industry. Stolichnaya liquor is offered in several varieties, although access could be limited in particular regions because of the reason that this best vodka brand is exclusively supplied by upscale alcohol stores and offered at elite establishments.


Beluga belongs to the class of Russian best vodka brands, which can be particularly termed as a newcomer to the scene but already a cult favorite, is intriguingly made by distilling wheat grain and therefore is lightly flavored using sugar and grains. The cocktail is excellent for sipping dry and is frequently coupled alongside oysters creating a flawless fit.


It is indeed essential to step on your refinement using these fantastic liquor, which is made with exquisite French berries, imparting a particular richness and makes it ideal for a cocktail. Ciroc vodka's strawberry flavor goes great alongside lemons, while the tropical flavor is also wonderful.

42 Below

The 42Below booze is a passionate representation of its own provenance and one among the nation's best acclaimed vodkas. The distinctive title for this extremely famous vodka is because of the fact that it is made at a place where you will find the purest form of air in the world which is situated in New Zealand. It is renowned for the reason that the are is situated 42 degrees below of the equator. 42 Below is considered some absolute finest versions of Vodka, wonderfully silky and beautifully tempered having touch of fruity flavor, that makes it ideal for sipping upon that stones or paired alongside a sprinkle of herbs and grapefruit. This magical elixir captures the authentic spirit of a forest and therefore is composed of non-GM grain and the nation's freshest igneous flowing freshwater.


The Artic is indeed a 100 percent clean wheat liquor made using hidden Italian components plus rich spring waters which is produced in both basic and flavored versions. Its vodka is meticulously tripled, distilled and filtered numerous times to provide it a particular characteristic and wonderful taste, that finally made our tasting pleasure just heavenly. This best vodka brand has a clean and creamy texture featuring a floral note, providing them an excellent basis for just every drink.

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