The Best Oxygen Concentrators in India

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oxygen concentrators

A close look at some of the best FDA-approved oxygen concentrators that come with a ton of benefits. 

Oxygen concentrators are more than just a requirement, as they can end up being a life-saving option. Health professionals from around the world tend to recommend these products, especially when the need for fresh oxygen in the air is a major requirement. With simple features like compressors and filters, these machines do a fine job of helping you get what you need. 

However, purchasing them is not easy, considering the number of options that you have in hand. So to cut things short, a detailed list of the best oxygen concentrators can do the trick and the following list will help you get it all. 

The Best Oxygen Concentrators 

Philips Respironics Portable Oxygen Concentrator

As we all know, Philips is a top health technology company that has been making products for years. Their level of experience has provided us with top-class appliances and oxygen concentrators are one among them. Most notably, it is the Philips Respironics Portable Oxygen Concentrator that stands on top of everything. As an easy-to-carry machine, it is certified by FAA and has the power to deliver oxygen from 0.5 to 2 lpm. 

The touch-pad interface makes things simple and you will get the hang of it within a matter of time. Moreover, a 2-year warranty and easy-to-remove rechargeable batteries also get added to the mix. 

Top Features 

Portable machines

Capable of working 24/7

Touch-pad interface  

 GVS Oxygen 5L Oxy-pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator 

GVS Oxygen concentrator is another top product in the market that does not fail to deliver on all that it promises to provide. With an affordable price tag and various other aspects, GVS makes the step into an appealing product on all counts. The easy-to-use machine comes with a flow rate of 0.5 - 5L/min and will only use up to 300 watts of power. Since it has a humidifier, you can look towards moisture being added to the atmosphere and everything will begin to head in the right direction. 

Hence, in order to sum things up, here are the best features of GVS Oxygen concentrators. 

Top Features


Makes less noise


Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator 

Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator comes into the picture to offer great features at a price that seems ideal and affordable. Like the other two concentrators, Healthgenie is also easy to use and transport. In fact, it can be used for 24 hours straight and you will not have an issue or a problem at hand. The maximum flow of oxygen that comes into the scene is 5 litres per minute, which is unique for a concentrator that comes at this price. 

The low-noise motor is another welcome feature and if one had to sum things up, the following points would be it all. 

Top Features

Low Noise Motor

Easy to transport


GELE GE1 Oxygen Concentrator 

GeLe Ge1 is an impressive product that comes with a purity of 90% and 5 litres per minute. Since the net weight is just around 24 kg, you will find it easy to manoeuvre and move it all around the place. The in-built nebulizer and 1-year warranty tend to take things further down the road and help you get used to a top-class product. Apart from all that, the elegant design will also be admired and you will begin to like what you see. 

Due to all that, here are some of the best features of Gele GE1. 

Top Features

Elegant design

Digital display 

Built-in nebulizer 

VEAYVA Mini Oxygen Concentrator Machine 

Mini-oxygen concentrators are also a good idea, especially when you are aware of the right product. And Veayva Mini-Oxygen Concentrator is the right product for you. It comes with an in-built nebulizer, alarms for low-oxygen purity, an affordable rate and is lightweight. With all these features, the concentrator moves ahead to put on a deal that is too good to ignore. So here are its best features summed up as points. 

Top Features

Built-in nebulizer



Now that we are aware of the best oxygen concentrators in the market, it is time to look at some of the best benefits and other related aspects of these products. So if you have been wondering how exactly these products work out for the better, the following set of points will get things sorted. 

Top Benefits of Oxygen Concentrators 

A portable concentrator

Oxygen concentrators being portable is one of the best benefits that the product has to offer. Apart from providing you with oxygen, these concentrators are easy to transport and can be manoeuvred in a manner of your choosing. You can carry it along and if you wish to reduce its weight, you can also opt for a mini oxygen concentrator. Hence, the product comes with options and will always be of great help to patients who need it the most. 


The main alternative to oxygen concentrators is oxygen cylinders. However, when it comes to safety, oxygen concentrators take the lead and come with effective ways to prevent oxygen wastage and will not have cylinder leaks. These added benefits not only make it safe but also a better product than oxygen cylinders. The fact that it is also portable makes matters all the more interesting and eliminates cylinders from the conversation. 

Models and makes

As mentioned earlier, oxygen concentrators come in different models and make, thereby providing you with a choice. You can utilize this option to the fullest, go through our list and pick the one that you believe is the best. Since it needs to match your needs and requirements, you are the one who should be calling all the shots and making the right decision. 

Forget about refilling

It is oxygen cylinders that require refilling and not concentrators. Oxygen concentrators run on electrical power and thus are quite close to providing unlimited oxygen. They can not only change your life but improve the same in the right manner. Moreover, since these benefits have long term effects, you can expect things to create an impact for good. 

Maintaining an Oxygen Concentrator 

Products that last for a long time are the ones that are maintained well. As a result, it goes without saying that oxygen concentrators need to be maintained in the right manner and the following set of points will tell you all about it. 

Cleaning the outside of the concentrator

The first step can begin with cleaning the outside of the concentrator. For this purpose, you only need to dig a soft cloth into a solution of mild dishwashing soap and begin to squeeze the cloth and widen down the concentrator. While doing so, you need to ensure that the machine is cut off from the power source. 

Cleaning the particle filter & nasal cannula

When it comes to cleaning the filter and nasal cannula, you need to follow the manual. You are bound to find the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual and they will be mentioned in detail. Since the process varies for different products, you need to pick the right manual and get on with the process. A mild solution of dishwashing soap can be used again and you need not add anything else to the mix. 


Oxygen concentrators are products that are not only beneficial but important, especially when you take into account the various requirements raised by the Covid-19 pandemic. With their efficient use of providing oxygen, these products go a long way in helping you breathe. As a result of that, doctors have suggested these products for specific patients and using them is going to change things for the better. 



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