Some of the Best Resorts Within 50 Kms of Bengaluru

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Life hardly gives us any time to plan a long vacation and visit the places that we want to. However, life also provides us with plenty of opportunities to visit resorts that are a class apart. If going for a long vacation requires planning and whatnot, visiting a resort requires nothing but a close look at a list featuring the best resorts.

Once you know which resort to head to, you need to call up your friends, pack your bags and go ahead to enjoy a wonderful time at any of the following resorts that are within 50 km of Bengaluru.

Ramanashree California Resort, Yelahanka

Your weekend getaway is here.

If all your plans for the weekend have been cancelled, then there’s nothing to worry about because the Ramanashree California Resort is just 18 km from Bengaluru. With all the amenities and the facilities that they have, one can clearly consider the place to be an ideal spot for a family vacation. 


Kids can play badminton, table tennis and can also go for a swim at the pool. Moreover, the resort also brings together a few interesting sights like ISKCON temple and Bangalore palace, thanks to its location. On the other hand, food at the Dhaba restaurant is something worth trying as top-class chefs are busy keeping guests happy.

Holiday Village

The real vacation starts now

Be it day trips, various other outings or just a relaxing day at the pool, the Holiday Village, which is located off Kanakapura road, 13 km off Bengaluru, is the perfect destination for you. The luxurious resort has everything that you need and sums up the experience by calling it a holiday. 

If you choose to come with kids, you will be pleased to know that they provide facilities like board games, table tennis, UV paintball, football, cricket, swimming pool, rain dance, library and so on. With all these facilities, it might be hard taking kids home as they get attached to the luxurious facilities that you receive at the Holiday Village.

VAMA Retreats, Nandi Hills

The family resort of all family resorts 

Visiting VAMA Retreats helps you explore 180 acres of green campus that includes vineyards, organic farms, trees, lakes and so on. There are also facilities like BBQ & Bonfire, which makes this pet-friendly resort a lot more attractive. The comfortable rooms are also eye-catching as they help you have a good night’s sleep with ease.

Located around 40kms from Bengaluru, VAMA Retreats at Nandi Hills is worth the drive, especially for pet lovers because your dog needs a dog pool and lawns where it can run and live freely.

Bannerghatta Nature Camp, Bannerghatta

One with nature 

While city life can be adventurous, we all need a break because we all deserve one. And if you are willing to head out to the outskirts of Bengaluru, about 23 km from the city, you will reach the Bannerghatta Nature Camp. As a recreation of natural habitat, the camp is spread across 25,000 acres of preserved jungle that is also the first of its kind in bringing together India’s first Lion and Tiger Safari. 

Apart from all that, Asia’s biggest butterfly park is also here, meaning that you have a lot of exploring to do. So if you wish to spend some quality time amidst wildlife creatures and also sleep at a comfortable resort, Bannerghatta Nature Camp is the perfect destination for you. 

Golden Palm Hotel & Spa

Let’s celebrate life

A five-star resort for all your five-star requirements sounds about right and also stands as the perfect description of Golden Palm Hotel, located 25 km from Namma Bengaluru. Whether it is a complete outing or a weekend trip, you can get ready to go for a swim, cycle around the area, play indoor/outdoor games and do a lot more than what you can imagine. 

For kids, the resort provides other facilities like squash courts, badminton courts, tennis courts and so on. As a result, there is an activity for everyone and it’s about time that you experienced something of this sort because who says no to a break.

Mango Mist, Bannerghatta Road

An eco-friendly cottage like no other

While eco-friendly cottages are not rare, some among them stand amidst the crowd for all the facilities that they provide. And if there were a list of all the best eco-friendly cottages in Karnataka, Mango Mist would take the lead. The place not only charms you in with its features but also helps you be a part of an adventure close to nature.

From games to a fish spa, this verdant resort stops at nothing while providing guests with the kind of experience that they deserve. Kids also have facilities of their own such as a grand swimming pool, archery, land zorbing, rock climbing, water zorbing and so on. Moreover, the resort also has a ton of mango trees that just sets up the environment and opens it up for the world to explore.

Since it is located around 28 km from Bengaluru, you will have to leave early and beat the traffic when visiting this place. 

Olde Bangalore, Tharabanahalli

Charming, delightful & comfortable  

There’s no need to travel thousands of kilometres if all that you need to do is to stay in a tent house. Olde Bangalore is here and you just need to travel 29 km from Bengaluru to visit this beautiful resort. It is located close to the international Airport and features an old charm that hits you hard from the very moment you step foot on the place.

As a spacious resort, they have activities rolled up for everybody and kids get to choose between indoor activities, table tennis, ATV rides and so on. When it comes to accommodation, there are over 25 unique guest cottages that have been inspired by the nomadic traveller, making it a special experience to explore all of it. 

However, the luxurious amenities don’t end there because they also have a multi-cuisine dining restaurant, known for signature dishes, the Lounge Bar, the coffee shop and so on. Hence, you have a lot of exploring today at Olde Bangalore.

Club Cabana, Devanahalli

An outing at the pool  

A huge pool with water slides and various other exciting options is more or less the top attraction that brings people to Club Cabana. The different water activities that they have planned for their guests are both exciting and fun to watch because it is like an outing at the pool where the party never stops.

The club also has weekday packages for kids that will keep them busy playing badminton, basketball, carrom, archery, tennis and even going for a swim at the swimming pool. While pool and water sports may seem like their top focus, you need to know that they have a lot more in the form of parties, delicious food and so on. 

Hence, Club Cabana seems like the ideal destination for several reasons.

Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort

The modern-day spa & resort 

Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort is another top contender when it comes to a list of the leading spas and resorts in Karnataka. It has all the ingredients that a resort needs and splashes some greenery on the same, making it seem authentic. As a family vacation spot, you are also bound to find activities and facilities for kids like indoor games, squash court, table tennis and so on. 

The great food and service that they provide also make things better, seemingly helping you blend in with the experience of a lifetime. It is situated around 25 km from Bengaluru and thus getting there is a small ride across town.

Outback Farm & Homestay, Bannerghatta National Park

For a relaxed weekend

The moment we think about a place located at the outskirts of the Bannerghatta forests, our minds are going to be filled with images of greenery. So if you wish to relive those images and do a lot more, then Outback Farm & Homestay has all the answers that you need. It opens the door towards a relaxed evening where you get to go trekking, boating, bird-watching and even cycling.

And if those activities don’t seem to be of interest to you, then you can move on to enjoy a campfire and also stay in your private jacuzzi. For kids, the farm and homestay offer trail biking, campfire, angling and trekking among others. So come forward and enjoy a relaxed weekend. 

Clarks Exotica Resort

Exotic & luxurious

Visiting Clarks Exotica Resort helps you explore a 70-acre property that includes a swimming pool, indoor games, cycling tracks, a huge cricket and football pitch, mini theatre, junior spa and so on. Since they have a bunch of weekend packages, you can always select the one that you need and go ahead to spend a lifetime at Clarks Exotica Resort. 

Like every other top resort, Clarks also brings in activities for kids, including billiards, a children’s movie collection and a DVD player, cricket ground, cycling, swimming pool with slides, volleyball and so on. As all these features and amenities come together, you and your family are going to have the time of your life.

Radiant Resort, Bannerghatta

For a carefree experience 

At a distance of 16 km from Bengaluru, this resort is one of the most radiant ones on the list that offers a private area for you to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Filled with palm trees scattered all along the walking path, the resort takes you on a ride across nature and to make things better, it also overlooks the Bannerghatta National Park.

The large balconies and windows at this place seem to be specifically designed to help you look at the Bannerghatta National Park, which should rightly be named as the best view in the house. You can also choose your rooms based on your requirement because a particular theme is what they are after. 

So whether you are here to celebrate the weekend with your friends or on a romantic trip, the Radiant Resort meets your needs with ease. However, the main feature that is sure to capture your attention is the multi-cuisine buffet that everyone keeps talking about.

The Windflower Prakruthi Resort, Devanahalli Taluk

Setting the ambience on fire

Resorts aim to create an atmosphere that helps you relax, stay comfortable and think about nothing other than the fact that you are in a special moment of time. While a majority of resorts have achieved that, The Windflower Prakruthi Resort stands a class apart. They are known for their famous ambience that gets created with special amenities and features. 

From a spacious pool to football and cricket grounds, the resort ensures to meet your needs and never runs away from the same. Kids also have their take on the matter with adventurous sports activities, bungee jumping, indoor badminton court, ATV rides and so on. Hence, the real question would be what this resort lacks in terms of features. And the answer to that, none. 

Guhantara, Kaggalipura

A special cave resort 

One look at Guhantara resort and you are going to want to visit the place. Be it the scenic beauty or the facilities, the resort has turned into a special experience that is quite hard to say no to. At this place, you get to go on a horse ride, play paintball and even explore the zipline because all these activities and more are readily available. 

Since it is a family resort, kids can also find their ingredients on the menu as activities like badminton, beach volleyball, carom, chess, bicycle rides, kite flying, table tennis, rain dance and so on are a part of the deal. So to sum it up, we can say that at Guhantara, a place that is 32 km from Bengaluru, you will find what you need. 

Goldfinch Retreat, New International Airport Road

A resort deemed with luxury 

The Goldfinch Retreat is just 7kms from Bengaluru airport and boasts of facilities that are both excellent and eye-catching. As a trendy resort, it helps you sleep in clean and luxurious rooms, promotes you to look at the manicured lawns and also informs your kids about the several facilities that they offer.

While you begin to unwind and relax, kids can choose to play chess, foosball, caroms, billiards, table tennis and even go for a swim at the swimming pool. So it is safe to say that the Goldfinch Retreat provides you with everything.

Points to Remember 

  • It's always important to check the resort’s official website before heading out to enjoy the weekend. 
  • Bookings made through either the website or by directly calling the resort need to come with a confirmation.
  • If you are planning on bringing your pet along, do consult the resort about the same. 
  • While the 15 resorts mentioned above are some of the best in town, you can still read more about them, including customer reviews.
  • If you are someone who is specific about their food habits, request information on the same and ensure that everything is up to your requirement.
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