Why Visit VV Puram: Bengaluru’s Very Own Food Street

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Bengalureans need not spend night and day describing the fine weather to their distant relatives because there is a lot more that this beautiful city has to offer. Whether you have stayed here for only a while or were born here or want to explore the City for the first time, there are a few spots that need to be on your radar.

Cancelling out the beautiful gardens of Lalbagh and the long trek that newbies take to Nandi Hills, there remains another spot that makes you fall in love with food. As the title suggests, we are talking about the most famous street food in the whole of Bengaluru. So continue reading to know more about the places at food street as your mouth continues to shed tears.

Essential Details 

The famous food street of Bengaluru is open from 12:30 PM to 1 AM on all days of the week and one of the best times to visit the place is in the evening. Located at Old Market Road, Sajjan Rao Circle, this food street is one that can capture your heart. 

Tip #1 - Leave before the traffic kicks in. 

Where to Eat From In VV Puram

A quick walk through the busy streets of Vv Puram is bound to leave you puzzled about all that is being cooked. From Bajjis to chats and whatnot, vendors are busy earning a living by keeping customers happy. However, that can also make you confused about all that you need to try and all that you want to try. So here’s a list of all that you should try.

Let Vasavi Chatnis serve you better 

Vasavi Chatnis has a long-standing legacy for being credited as one of the first shops to open up on the food street. The place is easy to spot and effortless if you are entering the food street from Sajjan Rao circle.

Their menu has everything from Raagi Dose to Noodles, Akki Roti and so on with the most famous one being Jalebis. Yes, that’s right. There is a separate fan base for the delicious Jalebis that are served here and it’s high time that you give it a try.

Bajji Stall: Home to all sorts of bajjis

While bajjis need to be eaten when it's hot and when the weather is cool, you won’t be saying no to the bajjis at Bajji Stall if you get it throughout the year. From spicy bananas to onion bajji, this stall at Thindi Beedi understands what you need and serves you with the same. 

So pack your bags and carry your purse because you need to go bajji shopping. 

V.B Bakery has always been open for business

A legacy of 50 years cannot be tasted in under five minutes. So we expect you to stay at V. B Bakery beyond the parameters of time and try their famous biscuits, honey cakes, masala rusk and everything else that captures your attention.

Since it is one of the oldest bakeries in town, we recommend that you free up your schedule and spend a good part of your time at the famous V.B Bakery. 

Idli Mane: A second home for the ones who have experienced it

Idli Mane serves the usual suspects of South Indian dishes like Dose, Idli, Khaar Bath and so on. However, the most famous one from the lot is the Holige. One plate of their Bisi Bisi Holige and you are going to want to buy more. 

Tip #2 - Always better to visit the food street on weekdays since the weekends can be crowded.  

Arya Vysya Refreshment - Refreshing lives for over 75 years

Soon after visiting Sri Vasavi Chatnis, you are going to find a second shop to your left called Arya Vysya Refreshment. As an establishment that is over 75 years old, you are going to want to try all that they have to offer. 

Their hot jalebis can be addictive, their idlis soft but their Curd Kodu Bele is going to take you on a ride to heaven. Made from rice flour and mixed with curd, these are the regular Kodu beles with a little twist. So come try these deep-fried rings.

Shri Vasavi Mane Thindi: Because God decided that Vasavi Chatnis wasn’t enough 

There was once a small extension to Shri Vasavi Chatnis and today that very extension is a large eatery called Shri Vasavi Mane Thindi. They serve a wide variety of dosas and rotties and know a wide variety of ways to enter your heart. 

While their common tiffin items include dosas, idlis, shavige bath and so on, their unique servings include akki roti, paddus, ragi roti, uttapams and other mouth-watering dishes that make you want to work at Vasavi Mane Thindi with the belief that you can have it all for free. 

Dev Sagar - Mumbai at Bengaluru

If you haven’t tried street food from Mumbai all you need to do is visit Dev Sagar at Thindi Beedi. With authentic food being served on a plate, Dev Sagar is a busy place in Bengaluru and you need to check it out. 

Whether you are a fan of Pav Bhaji, Gulab Jamun or Vada Pao, Dev Sagar has it all as they provide options from different categories. So be calm and have some delicious Rasmalai from Dev Sagar. 

Shivana Gulkun Center: A must for all human beings 

Shivanna Gulkun Center might seem like a provision store but the delicious recipes that they offer make it seem an innovative take on everything that food makes you feel. Out of everything, a must-have from this place is the Gulkun ice cream.

Unlike other ice-creams that you find elsewhere, the Gulkun ice cream is made up of dried rose petals and is served with gulkan and dipped with dried fruits, benne, banana and finally, a scoop of ice cream.

It is more or less a speciality and travelling all the way from Electronic City to try it out won’t be a move that you regret. 

Tip #3 - The trip from Electronic City to V V Puram is an 18 km journey. So carry a water bottle.

The Chaat Shop: Bengaluru’s take on Punjabi Chaats

There’s a reason why food street is also called chaat street. And if you are yet to figure it out it's because there are different varieties of chaat, including the ones you haven’t even heard of. 

So if Punjabi Chaats are something that you are yet to try, it’s time that you do try it at The Chaat Shop. Be it Pani Puri or the famous Papdi Chaat, there’s never a dull moment at The Chaat Shop.

Their menu also includes cutlets and bread pakoras, which are a few more dishes designed to make you feel hungry in an instant.

Sree Ganesha Fruit Juice Centre: Grab a seasonal fruit juice at all seasons 

Apart from the long list of chaats and whatnot that you will find at Thindi Beedi, you can always find a drink and it is none other than a delicious seasonal fruit juice. Sree Ganesha Fruit Juice Centre is right around the corner offering fresh orange, musk melon and grape juice among others. 

So if you are thirsty, it’s time to add healthy fresh juice to the mix. 

Mumbai Badam Milk & Lassi Center : For the love of lassi 

There’s no shortage of refreshing drinks at the food street because if you want some more, you can always check out Mumbai Badam Milk & Lassi Center. Their lassis are a blend of yoghurt, spices, water and if our taste buds are good, then it also includes something from heaven.

At times, you are also bound to find fruit in their lassis, making it a unique drink and a good choice. However, that’s not all. This famous lassi center also brings in a salted, sweet and mango version of lassi. 

Ramu Tiffin Center : An experiment involving a plate of dose

Bengaluru and dose go way back and have a better relationship than you and your best friend. And one of the best ways to understand that is to visit Ramu Tiffin Center. As a popular one on the street, this center has everything from the classic Masala dosa, filled with rice, to their special Baath dose, filled with love.

And if you are someone who relies on reviews then you can always read them because we are pretty sure that anyone who has tasted their Baath dose, turned into a poet and described the same through words that remind you of Shakesphere.

Tip #4 - Parking your vehicle at Food Street is a task that is close to being called impossible. So rely on the roads located near Sajjan Rao Circle.

Chinese Corner: Anybody up for some Chinese?

A plate of chowmein, gobi manchurian or even fried rice is quite hard to say no to. Which is why we have Chinese Corner at Food Street because what exactly is not available at Thindi Beedi?

The famous shop has always been an important choice for some spicy Chinese dishes whose irresistible flavours seem too good to be true.

Now that you are aware of how to keep your stomach happy at the food street, let’s explore a few other aspects of this place that are unique.

The Famous Averaka Mela

The Averaka Mela was started with the main purpose of aiding Avarekai farmers in order to help them promote their goods. While the iconic event first started as a movement, it quickly became a mega-event visited by everyone who understands the flavour of Bengaluru. 

Extending from December to January every year, the event is all about dishes made from hyacinth beans where even 1000 kilograms of the same are sold by the farmers. Due to that, visiting Thindi Beedi during this specific time of the year is something unique that helps you be a part of a project helping the farmers of our country.

Tip #5 - Checking the dates of Averaka Mela is always important before coming forward to explore the festival since it has been cancelled in the past. 

Getting to Thindi Beedi 

Considering the fact that Vv Puram Food Street is located in the heart of the city, there are different ways to reach the place. And the following points will tell you all about it.  

Taking the bus

Vv Puram food street is located close to Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens, making it easier to reach the place via the local BMTC buses. Since public buses travel Lal Bagh, they stop at the food market and you can go to National College in Pampa Mahakavi Road, where you will find the metro station. From here to the food street, the distance is barely a kilometre, making it easy for one to walk.


Namma Metro has a stop at National College, which makes it easy to travel via metro to reach the food street. However, you should always check the different stops that come into the picture and also the purple line and green line through which the metro passes by. 

Book a cab/auto

If a comfortable and hassle-free commute is what you are after, then it's better to either book a cab or an auto. Since they pick you up from any part of Bengaluru and drop you off at Thindi Beedi, it's an easier form of commute.


Vv Puram Food Street goes by different names including Thindi Beedi, Food Street, Chaat street and so on. And one of the primary objectives that it completes with ease is the fact that it unites different cultures. Not only will you find foods of different kinds but will also be greeted by people from all over Bengaluru and the country, making it an ideal place to eat and understand the spirit of Bengaluru.

So remember the places that we mentioned and go ahead to visit this place located at the heart of Bengaluru.

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