Best Money Earning Apps to Try Online for FREE in 2023

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In the modern era, no one wants to sit idle. Individuals look for ways to make the most of their free time. With the increase in the cost of everything and the desire to lead a luxurious life, a lot of people search for additional income sources. 

When it comes to making money over the internet, there are a number of ways. One of the most common ways is by selling the personal data of users to marketing and advertising companies. Another way is by using the cashback and wallet recharge apps such as Google Pay and PayTM. However, one of the most legitimate ways of earning extra money is through money earning apps. 

Are you in search of ways to utilize your free hours and earn extra money? If yes, then you are at the right place! In this article, you will find a long list of the top money earning apps that can serve as a source of extra income for you. Let’s dive in!

Best Money Earning Apps List

Google Opinion Rewards

Google is a very familiar name and a popular search engine. Whenever you have a query, you will most likely turn to Google in order to get your answers. However, did you know that you can also earn through Google apps? Well, you read it right! Google Opinion Rewards is Google’s survey app. Downloading and using the app can provide you with a great opportunity to earn extra money.

All you need to do is do simple surveys and get Google Play credits quickly. In the app, Google will ask you questions relating to your personal experience, and you need to answer them in order to earn money. The questions may be related to your experience of a product or a place that is in high demand. However, make sure not to answer the questions simply for earning money. This can result in the rejection of your survey, and you won’t get paid. Google has smart algorithms to detect the genuineness of the answers. 

Download the app, log in using your Gmail credentials, give answers, and start earning. You can withdraw the earned rewards for movie tickets, online shopping, and much more.


As the name suggests, you have to do different exciting tasks on TaskBucks in order to earn money. You need to earn coins first and then get the coins converted into cash. Through the TaskBucks app, you can play a number of games and take up quizzes to earn money. You can also participate in different daily challenges. 

Moreover, you can also take part in daily contests and get a chance to win mobile charges. It even allows you to easily earn money by watching some videos. Well, that sounds quite easy and interesting! The best thing is that the TaskBucks app allows you to earn through referrals too. All you have to do is refer the app to your family members and friends. Once they download and start using the app, you can get some money credited to your account. 


Are you a shopping freak? Are you fond of shopping from the eCommerce platforms? If yes, then this app is a great option to earn more money. CashKaro is a popular eCommerce website that allows you to get lucrative cashbacks on the purchases you make through the eCommerce platforms. 

CashKaro is connected with a number of top eCommerce platforms such as Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Amazon, Pharmeasy, Mamaearth, Beardo, and many more. So, whichever platform you buy from, you can get a cashback through CashKaro. In order to earn even more, you can copy and share the links with your friends and family. Whenever they make a purchase using the link, you will be entitled to a cashback. Doing this on a regular basis can enable you to earn somewhere between 500 to 700 rupees. 

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is excellent money earning app for all Android phone users. Simply, by signing up on the app, you get to earn Rs. 50. It is a multi-category app where you can easily earn by doing surveys, sharing and reading articles, watching video advertisements, playing fun games, logging into the app regularly, and playing quizzes. Moreover, you can even earn by inviting your friends in order to download and use the app. 

The best thing about Roz Dhan is that you can withdraw your money just after using the app only for 2 days. The minimum payout on this app is Rs. 300. Using your PayTM account, you can withdraw your earned amount without any hassle.


AppTrailers is one of the most interesting money earning apps. The app shows you celebrity videos as well as movie trailers. Watching these videos can help you earn certain points. Once you earn the points, they can be easily converted into cash. Through this app, you can enjoy celebrity gossip and DIY videos while earning points. 

The points are usually displayed before you start watching the videos. When you play the videos, you will see ads in between the video. Make sure to close the video only after the ad is completed. This will ensure that you earn the points. In order to get a bonus, you have the option to play trivia and answer some simple questions.

Current Rewards

Current Rewards is a great money earning app for young people who are willing to make money through games and music. Earning money is quite simple and easy through this app. In order to start earning money, all you need to do is sign up using your Facebook and Gmail accounts. 

There are a number of ways in which you can earn money through this app. On this app, one of the best ways of earning money is by simply unlocking your mobile screen. It may seem to be unbelievable to you, however, it actually works. Once you sign in, you need to choose the screen lock ads option. After doing so, every time you unlock the screen of your phone, an advertisement will be displayed. Watching the ad will enable you to earn points.

Apart from that, you can earn money by listening to music, trying out the free games, providing your opinions on different surveys, and watching short videos. You can even earn by referring the app to your friends and family members. 


FreeCash is one of the fastest growing money earning apps. The app allows you to earn money completing different tasks, filling out surveys, playing games, and more. To ensure the convenience of the users, it offers a wide range of payment options. You can easily withdraw money through PayPal and crypto such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Doge, or Litecoin. You can even use the gift cards from Google Play, Amazon, Xbox, Spotify, Netflix, and Zalando. 

With FreeCash, you can expect the highest payouts and instant cashouts. Moreover, the withdrawal amounts are also quite low. The user-friendly and modern design of the apps are something that you will surely enjoy. You can even get active direct support on FreeCash. 


GetMega is another money earning app that provides the users with an immersive experience. The app allows you to engage in a number of interesting games such as poker, pool, rummy, carrom, and more. While experiencing the joy and fun of gaming, you can get to earn a good amount of money through this app.

GetMega enables you to play the game with your friends or make new friends through the app. You can even engage in audio as well as video chats with your friends through the app. Referring your friends to download the app and play the different games can give you the opportunity to make more money.  The best thing about this app is that you can withdraw your earnings in just 60 seconds without any hassle. 


ySense is a money-earning app that allows you to earn money by signing up for websites and apps, doing some paid surveys, trying new services and products, and watching videos. You can also get to earn through affiliate marketing. The earnings on this app is in the form of USD. One can easily earn up to Rs. 1000 per day. 

The payout of ySense takes about 5 to 7 business days in order to be transferred to your account. It allows you to withdraw your earned amount through Skrill, PayPal, and Payoneer.


Swagbucks is a reputed money earning app in the world. It allows you to get exciting free gift cards as well as real cash. More than 10,000 gift cards are redeemed by users on a daily basis. In order to earn money through this app, all you need to do is participate in different surveys, watch videos, and engage in tasks. You can also get cashbacks when you shop online. 

It is an American app. So, you will earn money in USD. Make sure that you have a PayPal account in order to get your payouts. You can get to earn about Rs. 1000 daily through this app. Moreover, when you join this app, you get a welcome bonus of $10. 

The Panel Station

Are you looking for an excellent and reliable money earning app? If yes, then The Panel Station is definitely the best option for you. It is a survey app that allows you to make money by filling up a number of surveys. Most of the survey forms are from trusted companies, communities, and individuals. Moreover, you can also fill out surveys of government bodies. So, payout won’t be an issue with this app.

The time required to fill out the surveys varies from just 30 seconds to 10 minutes. The higher the time duration of filling out a survey, the great will be the payout. Through the surveys, companies can get meaningful insights from the users. Top brands such as Amazon, PayTM, as well as Flipkart, are associated with the app. The app functions well on both iOS and Android devices.


Databuddy is an interesting app that allows you to earn cashbacks when you shop from the eCommerce platforms in India. You can even earn by getting the app installed on your mobile device. In order to increase your earnings, you can share the links on different social media groups. When anyone makes a purchase using the link, you will get exciting cashbacks. 

The best thing about this app is that you can get to know about the deals that can provide you with maximum cashbacks. This, in turn, can help you make more money through the app.


Awign is a relatively small app consisting of a number of part-time job opportunities. It offers jobs for graduates, post graduates, as well as school pass-outs in over 450 cities of India. The duration of all the projects varies between 1 week to 12 weeks. Through this app, you can get to work with some of the renowned companies such as Oyo, Swiggy, and more. 

The training for the part-time jobs is provided free of cost. Using this app, you can earn up to Rs. 7000 in a week. Moreover, the good news is that you will also get an experience certificate that can be helpful for you in the future. All the payments are made through bank transfer, PayTM, and UPI.

Ludo Supreme

Do you enjoy playing the game of Ludo? If yes, then Ludo Supreme is an app that you must download on your mobile device. It is an app that will not only allow you to enjoy your favorite game but also give you the opportunity to make real money. Through this app, you can show your Ludo skills and make more money. 

There are plenty of options available on the app. On the basis of your gaming skills, you can choose the best option. Using this app, players have successfully earned about 10 lakhs. You can instantly make withdrawals using the payment methods such as UPI and PayTM.

Task Mate

Task Mate is a money-earning app that is in the early access mode as of now. It has been launched by Google LLC. It is a little different from the rest of money earning apps present in this list. In order to earn money through this app, all you need to do is transcribe sentences, record spoken sentences, and check the details of different shops. 

To get started, you will have to log in to the app with the use of your Gmail account credentials. Then you can participate in a number of tasks and start earning money. Currently, there are limited tasks available for the users. The minimum payout of this app is $10. You can easily withdraw the earned amount using payment methods like mobile wallets and UPI.


Meesho is one of the most trending money earning apps in recent times. More and more people are using this app in order to make good money. If you want to start your own business online with zero investment, then Meesho is the perfect platform for you. In order to make money, all you need to do is get products from Meesho and resell them to your customers. 

To get started, you will have to first get yourself registered as a reseller on the platform. Once registered, you can sell products using your big networks. The best thing is that you can add commission to the selling price of the products. When anyone makes a purchase using the link provided by you, you can get the commission. In order to earn more, you can share your links on Telegram groups, WhatsApp groups, as well as Facebook Marketplace.


Earny is one of the best money earning apps that is available on Chrome Extension, Playstore, and iOS. This app not only enables you to make money but also saves money through online purchases. It allows you to get cashbacks after you make a purchase online, and the prices get dropped. 

On every purchase you make online, you can get a cashback of 20%. The app can provide you with recommendations relating to the offers on the basis of your past buying. This can make your purchase more convenient and easier. 


Frizza is another great money earning app. You can easily make money through app installations. Apart from that, other tasks that can allow you to earn money include watching videos, playing fun games, and participating in a number of daily quizzes and contests. Moreover, you can also refer the app to your friends and family members and get to earn money. 

You can withdraw your earnings instantly with the use of PayTM wallets. You can also earn PayTM cash for free bill payments as well as recharge.


Are you looking for a reliable reseller app? In that case, GlowRoad can be a great option for you. It is one of the biggest social commerce apps in India that allows you to purchase thousands of products at wholesale prices. Now, you must be wondering how to earn money through the app? 

Well, you need to first look for the high-quality products that customers will want to buy. Then you can share the link to the product on different social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. When people purchase those products using the link provided by you, profits can be added to your bank account.

Media Rewards

Media Rewards is another excellent money earning app with more than 1,00,000 downloads. This app has a close association with the top apps such as Gillette, Google, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Specsavers, and Pampers. It provides you with the opportunity to make good money.

In order to make money through this app, you will have to watch TV, fill out different surveys, or listen to music and radio. You can withdraw your earned money using the PayPal Gift Vouchers. 

Dosh App

The Dosh app allows you to earn money by shopping through the app and getting cashbacks on your purchase. You can dine as well as shop at different places such as Papa John’s, Grap, Domino’s, Wendy’s, Grubhub, and more. 

In order to get started with the app, all you need to do is download the app and connect it securely with your debit and credit cards. When you use your debit and credit cards, the Dosh app looks for lucrative offers and redeems them automatically. The offers are converted into cash and deposited in your Dosh wallet. Through this app, you can also earn money by referring the app to your friends and family members.


WONK is a popular tutor-student app that enables you to earn money by registering yourself as a tutor on the app. Once you get registered on the app, it displays your complete profile along with your specific charges on an hourly basis. The app allows you to provide tuition to the students as per your own convenience. 

Basically, the WONK has three options. You can choose to provide tuitions online, at your location, or at the location of the students. This app is a great option for individuals who have strong knowledge and expertise in a particular subject. Simply, by giving just 2 to 3 hours on a daily basis, you can get to earn a decent amount of money.

Click Worker

Click Working is a popular money-making app that consists of a number of online data entry jobs. On this app, you can easily find interesting jobs relating to proofreading, content writing, and more. The app allows you to make a decent amount of money without having to spend much time. You have the freedom to work full-time or just part-time.

In addition to the data entry jobs, you can also make money by taking a number of surveys, testing apps, and doing some online research. Moreover, you can also make money by recording audio as well as videos. Through this app, you can earn about Rs. 1000 per day. It has a weekly payout option, and it is done mainly through PayPal and bank transfers. 

ET Money

ET Money is yet another excellent money-making app. It is basically a mutual fund investment and savings app. In order to earn money, you will have to invest in a number of tax saving schemes and mutual funds. It is a highly reliable and trustworthy app as it has been developed by the Times Internet.

So, why wait? Download the app and start investing in mutual funds. You can easily make withdrawals as well as deposits through the payment options like bank transfers, cards, and UPI.

My11Circle Online

If you want to earn money by playing different games, then My11Circle Online is undoubtedly the right platform for you. Through the app, you can play a number of games such as football, cricket, and kabaddi. You can choose your favorite fantasy games and get to win real cash. The app provides you with a safe, secure, and fast platform to enjoy the games. The best thing is that there is no loading time. That means once you download the app, you can start enjoying the games instantly. 

With real-time updates, the app makes the games even more interesting for you. You can also make money by referring the app to your family members and friends.


Have you heard about Loco before? Well, there is a high chance that you might have come across the Loco app somewhere. It is one of the favorite apps of people for making extra money. Earning money on the Loco app is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is watch other people play different games online, such as Carrom, Ludo, and others. By watching others play, you can easily make money sitting in the comfort of your home.


Zareklamy is a money-earning app that can enable you to make money in five different ways. The different ways through which you can earn money on this app are surveys, browsing videos, ads, and websites, engaging on social media, subscribing to the newsletter and YouTube channel, and commenting or providing product reviews. 

Your earnings through the app will be in the form of USD. You can easily withdraw your earned money through payment methods like Revolut, PayPal, and Payoneer. 


Cointiply is a popular money earning app in India. It allows you to make money by playing various games, performing tasks, and taking surveys. The tasks mainly include installing apps, participating in contests and quizzes, and viewing different ads. 

As the name suggests, all your earnings will be in the form of Dodge Coins and Bitcoin. Therefore, you will require an exchange app such as Crunchbase, Unocoin, and WazirX in order to withdraw your earnings. You can also invest your earned money by selling Dodge Coins and Bitcoin at a higher price. 


Userfeel is also exciting money earning app. As you can infer from the name of the app, all you have to do is check the user interface as well as the user experience of a number of websites and applications. Providing your feedback on user experience will enable you to earn money. Your feedback proves to be helpful for the companies and allows them to make the necessary changes in order to enhance the overall user experience.


MooCash is also a popular money making app. It can meet all your entertainment requirements while allowing you to make money. In order to make money through this app, all you need to do is play different games, watch entertaining videos, and complete various surveys.

Big Cash

Big Cash is one of the highest and fastest money earning apps that you can find. To earn money, you will have to complete different surveys or download free apps. You can also make money through the completion of email submits and daily check-ins. Moreover, referring the app to your friends can also enable you to earn even more.


If you are looking for a money earning app where you can earn through referrals, then mCent is the right app for you. The more people you refer to the app, the higher your earnings will be. It is especially an ideal app for the school as well as the college students. As they have a number of friends’ groups, they can easily refer to the app and enhance their earnings.


SkillClash is a great for entertainment as well as earning money. It can help you turn your boring times into interesting and fun times. It provides you with a plethora of skill-based games. You need to participate in tournaments or battles in order to earn money. However, you will have to pay cash in order to participate in the tournaments as an entry fee. You can easily withdraw your earned amount through bank transfer or PayTM. 


The name of the app clearly states that it is an app designed to allow users to make more money. This app works on the concept of affiliate marketing. In order to earn money, you need to share different product links with your friends and family members through different social media groups. When someone uses the referral link and makes a purchase, you will get to earn money. 

Gamezy Fantasy

Do you have a special inclination for cricket? If yes, then the Gamezy Fantasy is a great app for you to make money. The app can offer you a delightful and seamless fantasy cricket experience. However, if you are not a cricket enthusiast, do not worry, there is a game for you too.

Apart from cricket, Gamezy hosts a number of games such as pool, carrom, ludo, snakes and ladder, and much more. In order to make money, you will have to first add cash to your Gamezy wallet and then use it for playing the different cash games. You can participate in different contests and get a chance to make money.

MPL Online Sports

MPL Online Sports is one of the largest gaming and esports platforms in India. It provides the enthusiastic gamers with an opportunity to compete with other players online and earn extra money. There are a number of leagues and tournaments available on the platform. You can choose the best one as per your preference and win money. On average, the entry fee for the games of MPL is just Rs. 15, while you can win up to Rs. 200 on winning the games.

U Speak We Play

U Speak We Play is also a great money earning app. The app has some lakhs of users. Making money through this app is very simple and easy. All you need to do is speak the text and get money credited to your account.

Winzo Gold

Winzo Gold is another entertaining app that can help you make extra money in your leisure time. It allows you to play a number of games and earn money. There are more than 100 games that you can engage in. Most of the games available on this app are very easy to play. That means you can easily make money without any hassle. You can also earn money by referring the app to your family members and friends. 

Zupee Gold

Zupee Gold is one of the popular money earning apps. There are various ways through which you can make money on this app. You can earn money by simply answering quiz questions and playing different games. With regular tournaments and contests, you can get plenty of opportunities to win money. 

You can also make money by referring the app to your family and friends. The app also offers sign-up bonuses to the users. All the transactions of the app take place through secured payments channels such as Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, and more.

Mode Earn

Mode Earn is a popular rewards-based app that allows users to earn an additional income of up to $600 annually. On this app, you can earn money by playing a number of games as well as playing music. The app has more than 100,000 radio stations through which you can enjoy free music and earn money. 

Apart from that, you can also make money by shopping from your local convenience stores or department stores. You can even earn by dining at your favorite restaurants. Charing your mobile phone is yet another easy way of making money through the Mode Earn app.


MiniJoy is a money earning app where you need to play a number of games in order to win game coins or real cash. You can also earn money by referring the app to your family members and friends. There are also daily tasks or activities available on the app. Completing the tasks can help you earn more money on a daily basis. 

Conclusion: Should you use Money Making Apps?

In the evolving world of today, an extra source of income has become a necessity for a majority of people in order to lead a comfortable life. For this reason, they keep looking for sources that can offer them extra money. The good news is that there are plenty of money making apps available that can help people get the additional money they require. The apps not only provide money to the individuals but also act as a source of entertainment. So, they serve a dual purpose. All the apps that have been added to the list are tried and tested. Download the apps and get to earn unlimited money quite easily. 

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