Best Teen Patti Real Cash Games Available on Android

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teen patti real cash

Teen Patti is simply the most wanted card game among casino game lovers in India. After the introduction of the online Teen Patti, the world has witnessed enormous growth in the number of Teen Patti real cash games that are available online. Here we are going to list out some of the best Teen Patti games that are available on Android.

Best Teen Patti Real Cash Apps & Games

Teen Patti Joy: Earn Real Cash

Teen Patti Joy is clearly the best when it comes to online real money Teen Patti available on Android. It has one of the fastest payment services among all other Teen Patti games. Teen Patti Joy is distinctive among all other Teen Patti games because of the faster payouts, unlike others which may last up to weeks. Usually, apps and games related to real money would chew up so much time to process, but the faster payouts make Teen Patti Joy simply the best choice. There is also an instant welcome bonus of ₹40 at the time of sign up which can be used on every contest that is available inside the games. The app also offers several other games apart from Teen Patti like 3 Card Poker, Best of Five, Rummy, and Tiger vs Dragon.

Teen Patti Star

Teen Patti Star can be categorized as the best among the Teen Patti apps that offer real money. It has a refer and earn system. You will automatically receive a cashback bonus of ₹16 upon signing up which can be used to play any of the games listed on the app.
The referral link can also be shared with your friends to earn unlimited cash as well. There is also a 33% discount on the amount that you deposit on the Teen Patti Star app. In addition, you will receive a fee ranging from 1.5 percent to 33 percent on your referral Add Cash. If your referrer does not add money, you will still get Rs.30 for each client registration. As a result, with Teen Patti Star App, you may earn a limitless amount of referral revenue.

Teen Patti Master

Teen Patti Master is yet another fantastic app that has burst into the arena and has replaced some of the greatest games like Teen Patti Vungo. The best part about Teen Patti Master is that an amount of Rs. 20 as a cash bonus on sign up as well as a 30% lifetime commission for each referral. Teen Patti Master also has a fantastic collection of Teen Patti games with a variety to choose from, including Dragon versus Tiger and other online casino games. The withdrawal speed of the Teen Patti Master app is also impressive as the cashback is received to the accounts instantly. The transaction limit sum is $1,000, and it may be made via UPI or a banking account.

Happy Teen Patti: Real Money Apk

Happy Teen Patti is yet another real money Teen Patti game that is highly popular in India. There is a signup bonus of Rs.10 which is available inside the games. You will also have the option to refer the game to friends for earning unlimited cash to play games. A cash bonus of ₹5 is received for every new customer instantly and 1% of their stake is also available. As a result, there really is no maximum bound with how much money you can make by recommending customers to the Happy Teen Patti app. The money you make on the app is transferable to your savings account using Bank Transfer or UPI. The minimal transaction is $100. Transfer cases are handled inside 24hrs, although the money is usually paid to your bank within two min.

Rummy Modern: 3 Patti Paytm Cash Apk

Rummy Modern is a highly popular Teen Patti app that is quite similar to the Teen Patti Joy app. Both of them share the same UI and games including payment options and also referral programs. Rummy Modern, such as the Teen Patti Joy game, provides a 40 login reward when you register a profile. These factors combine to create one of the top money-making 3 Patti Paytm cash applications. You may recommend your mates and earn an infinite royalty on each game they are playing. There is also a vast collection of all the impressive Teen Patti games available online exclusively at the Rummy Modern app.

Rummy Nabob: Teen Patti

Rummy Nabob is a great Teen Patti app that offers real money gaming which can be termed as an alternate option to Rummy Modern because they both share the same outlook. It also shares the same collection of games just like the Runny Modern app and you will receive a cashback of ₹40 once you sign up on the app. There is also an option to earn unlimited cash by referring the app to your friends. YOu will receive a 30% commission of their tax amount for each person that plays the game through your referral. There are additional incentives if you can earn a specific sum of cash from their recommendations. The lowest withdrawal amount available is $100. You may also deposit your profits to your savings account through UPI or bank transactions. However, there really is no requirement to perform KYC.

Rummy Golds: 3 Patti Real Cash

Rummy Golds is one of the finest when it comes to real money games and it provides a variety of card games, including Teen Patti. Even though the app can be termed similar to many others including the Rummy Nabob app. You will receive an amount of Rs. 40 once you join the app which can be used to play any of the provided games including Teen Patti. The referral scheme is also quite similar in a way as you will also be able to get extra rewards weekly which are worth 30% of your friend's tax amount. The redeemable minimum amount from this app is $100.

Teen Patti Fun

Teen Patti Fun is another popular Teen Patti app that enables real money fun right from your home. There are numerous games available in the Teen Patti fun app and there really is no limit to fun while playing these games. There are a lot of games that are exclusively available on the Teen Patti Fun app. Apart from Teen Patti, there are also a lot of other popular games that are available in the app such as Andar Bahar, Roulette, Dragon Tiger etc. There are referral programs just like all other apps. You could also receive Rs.100 for each friend who deposits at least Rs.1000 into their wallet. Weekly bonuses are also available in the Teen Patti Fun app.

Rummy Loot: Best Teen Patti App

Rummy Loot is quite similar to other popular Rummy games that are available online. It is highly popular among people who wish to do real money gaming like Poker, Rummy, Teen Patti, and more. It is highly updated and has all the features of all other real money Teen Patti apps. When you tie your number, you will receive a sign-up bonus, limitless referral money, and additional weekly benefits. You can get 10 when you sign up and a 30% reward on your acquaintances' taxable income. As a result, there really is no restriction upon what you may make by introducing people to the application.

Teen Patti Wealth

Teen Patti Wealth is pretty new in the scene and has made a mark for itself in a short span of time. They have been successful in providing some of the best apps that are available online which includes real money Teen Patti as well. There is a registration bonus of ₹39 which also includes a 30% commission of the referred friends' stake amount. There is also a weekly bonus available on the Teen Patti Wealth app which includes an Rs.100 bonus for each referral to the app. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, and you may deposit it immediately into your savings account.

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