Zomato Pro Benefits: Everything You Need To Know

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Zomato has never disappointed us. What could be more amazing than bringing food from our favourite restaurants to our doorstep? More than often we do not find the motivation to go out for dinner after a hectic day at the office. This is when Zomato comes to our rescue! Zomato also has a special plan called Zomato Pro, which prioritises your orders over the normal users. Keep reading our blog to learn about the Zomato Pro Subscription plan and its details.

Zomato Pro Membership: What is it all about?

Zomato introduced an upgraded version of its Gold membership in August 2020 and named it Zomato Pro. All users who were Zomato Gold members were automatically provided with the Zomato Pro membership. The membership comes along with loads of benefits which include exclusive offers and discounts on dining out and delivery orders. If you are a foodie, this plan is something that you just can’t miss! If you are a Zomato Pro member, you also enjoy the benefit of priority delivery. 

Why should you get a Zomato Pro Membership? 

The Zomato Pro Membership programme is one of its kind. If food makes you happy, we advise you to sign up for the plan right away! KaroBargain has listed below the top benefits of the Zomato Pro Membership Plan for you:

  • Enjoy an additional discount on your order.
  • Enjoy 20% faster delivery of your Zomato order
  • Enjoy up to 40% off on dining out.
  • You do not have any daily, weekly or monthly limits on discounts.

Sounds exciting, right? You must be thinking, how much does this plan cost? Have a look at the Zomato Pro Membership price in the next section of our blog.

Price of Zomato Pro Membership

If you want to get the Zomato Pro Membership for three months, the price is Rs. 200. When it comes to a yearly subscription, you can get the Zomato Pro Membership at Rs. 750. Just like the Gold Membership, the Zomato Pro plans are subject to change or modifications with time. For your better understanding, KaroBargain has put the table below to give you a summary of Zomato Pro Membership prices.

3 monthsRs. 200
1 yearRs. 750

How to activate Zomato Pro?

Activating the Zomato Pro service for you isn’t a complex task. You can become a Zomato Pro member in just a few clicks on your smartphone. KaroBargain has put below the step-by-step method, following which you can become a Zomato Pro member in a few minutes.

  1. Step 1: Open the Zomato app and select the Offers option. You can find this option on the bottom right corner of your mobile screen.
  2. Step 2: In the second step, you will be directed to the offers page.
  3. Step 3: At the top of the offers page, you will find the Zomato Pro option. You will find all the benefits of becoming a Zomato Pro member here.
  4. Step 4:Swipe left to explore more. After that you can acquire your Zomato Pro membership.

Zomato Pro Membership: Terms and Conditions

Any offer or special benefit always comes along with certain rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are supposed to be followed by every user to enjoy the smooth functioning of the provided features. Zomato Pro Membership comes with certain terms and conditions you must go through before opting for the plan.KaroBargain has listed below all the terms and conditions of the Zomato Pro Membership programme. We would like you to go through it.

  • There are no daily, weekly or monthly limits, that you need to consider while using the Zomato Pro Membership plan.
  • The feature can be used only on a single account.
  • You need to carry valid ID proof when you redeem the dine-out discount.
  • Please note that the takeaway away option isn’t available.
  • Zomato Pro discounts can’t be availed on special occasions like Diwali, New Year’s eve, Durga Puja, Christmas etc.

Zomato Pro Plus

Zomato has recently launched its Zomato Pro Plus Plan. It is an invite-only programme which offers the customers added benefits like free delivery. If you are a Zomato Pro Plus member, you don’t need to worry about distance fees or surges in prices as well. Check whether you are eligible for the Zomato Pro Plus plan from the Zomato app.

How can I avail Zomato Pro Discount on Dining Out?

If you are a Zomato Pro member, you get to enjoy exclusive dine-out deals and discounts. Wondering how to use these discounts? We have explained below the step-by-step procedure for you.

  1. Step 1: Go through Zomato’s partner restaurants. You can check them on the Zomato app or the official website.
  2. Step 2: Visit any of the partner restaurants of your choice.
  3. Step 3: After having your meal, pay the bill using the Zomato app.
  4. Step 4: In the last step, show your transaction to the server.

It’s that simple! If you love dining out often, we recommend you take up the Zomato Pro Membership plan.

Can I get a Zomato Pro Membership for Free?

Yes, why not? But it’s a limited-time offer. You can get this plan free with Paytm, which is providing its First Members with a free 3-month Zomato Pro Subscription plan. All you need to do is get the activation code from the Paytm app and apply it on Zomato. For your better understanding, we have put below the step-by-step procedure for you.

  1. Step 1: In the first step, open the Paytm app and visit Paytm First.
  2. Step 2: You will find the Zomato Pro offer. Copy the activation code.
  3. Step 3: In the third step, open the Zomato app and then choose the Zomato Pro option.
  4. Step 4: Now, apply your promo code.

After you have followed all the above-mentioned steps, you will be eligible to enjoy 3 months of free Zomato Pro Subscription.

Zomato Pro vs Zomato Gold

Zomato initially had its Gold Membership. With time, the company revamped its programme and introduced the Zomato Pro Membership plan. If you closely look into both of these programmes, you won’t be able to find any stark difference. However, the most attractive feature of Zomato Gold was the 1+1 offers on drinks and dishes. This offer no more exists on the Zomato Pro Membership.

Zomato Pro, on the other hand, provides you discounts with no limits and it is comparatively much cheaper than Zomato Gold. While the 3-month subscription plan of Zomato Gold cost the customers Rs 1200, Zomato Pro is available just at Rs. 200 for a period of 3 months. If you want to enjoy the Zomato Pro plan for a year, you need to pay Rs. 750.

Zomato Edition Classic Card: Foodie Credit Card

KaroBargain has some good news for the foodies out there. Zomato is soon to launch Edition Classic, a credit card exclusively meant for the foodies. Usually, credit cards are offered by banks to maximise their profits. However, the Edition Classic is designed keeping in mind the benefits of the Zomato customers. You can manage the card within your Zomato app. Edition Classic lets you keep a track of your spending and you can also enjoy the benefit of instant redemption of cashback.

With Edition Classic, you get access to multiple cashback offers. KaroBargain has listed below the cashback offers for you.

  • Enjoy 5% cashback when you use the Edition Classic card at any restaurant
  • Enjoy a whopping 10% discount on all Zomato spends on your birthday.
  • Enjoy a 1.5% discount while making purchases from E-commerce sites such as Amazon, Myntra etc.
  • Enjoy 1 % cashback at all physical stores
Is Zomato Pro and Zomato Gold the same?

Zomato Pro is different from Zomato Gold. However, it is interesting to note that Zomato Pro is an upgraded version of Zomato Gold. Zomato Pro is available to the customers at a much cheaper price and it offers them amazing discounts and offers at the best restaurants in your city. You can apply the Zomato Pro discounts on all your dine-outs and deliveries.

Is there any limit on Zomato Pro?

No, Zomato Pro doesn’t have any daily, weekly, or monthly limits on usage. You can use the Zomato Pro offers irrespective of whether you are dining alone or with ten friends at a restaurant.

Is Zomato Pro available for everyone?

Zomato Pro is an exclusive paid service of Zomato. To enjoy the benefits of this service, you need to purchase it. The Zomato Pro Subscription plan costs Rs. 200 for a period of 2 months, whereas if you want the subscription for 1 year, you need to purchase it for Rs.750.

Is subscribing to a Zomato Pro Membership plan worth my money?

With Zomato Pro, you get access to dine out as well as delivery discounts. Additionally, you can enjoy express delivery of your online food order. So, if you are a foodie and you love dining out or ordering food online, the Zomato Pro Membership Plan is meant for you. KaroBargain assures you that you won’t regret subscribing to the plan.

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