Flipkart Surpasses Amazon In Smartphone Sales

Last Updated on 27th December, 2021  • Akhil   • 2 Minute Read


The India’s leading E-commerce giant Flipkart is all set to claim the number one spot in the online marketplace. Flipkart has surpassed Amazon in smartphone sales and it now holds a great record with more number of smartphones selling rapidly on Flipkart’s website and mobile app.

In the month of March 2017, Flipkart recorded an awesome sales figure of around Rs.3,200 Crores through smartphone category alone. However, Amazon, on the other hand, could accumulate profits of Rs.2,400 Crores in smartphone sales for the same month. The number of units sold by Flipkart was considerably higher by 20% as compared to Amazon.

The gap between the number of units sold by Amazon and Flipkart is just reasonable and Flipkart continues to lead from the front when it comes to smartphone sales. Flipkart is the leading smartphone seller acquiring 57% of the total market share of smartphones. Amazon holds a market share of 27% in the smartphone category.

Amazon specialises in selling online e-books, fashion products and other accessories and Flipkart mainly generates profits through selling high- end smartphones. The flash sales and Flipkart discounts are the main catch and many buyers use the Flipkart’s platform to purchase any kind of smartphone device.

Apart from Flipkart and Amazon, Snapdeal also is now looking to sell more smartphone devices in order to offer a stiff competition to other sellers. Snapdeal strategically reduced the price of iPhone devices by Rs.2,000 to attract potential buyers to buy from their website.

When it comes to iPhone devices, all three companies- Snapdeal, Amazon and Flipkart offer these phones at similar prices. One of the biggest players in contributing profits is the Apple iPhone device. All the variants of iPhone are attractive and many users are attracted to buy these phones.

Amazon specialises in offering online groceries and daily use products are aiming to expand its reach in India by allowing more fashion products in their portfolio. Flipkart is also acquired Myntra and Jabong which would be acquiring the majority of market shares in the online fashion category.



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