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Reading Between The Lines

Bhanu Prakash


The other day I stumbled upon one of the coolest guys in the twitter James Fridman @fjamie013 . His Photoshop skills are truly amazing.  He literally “Reads between the lines

Here’s what he does, when users send their picture for him to modify. He does something funny. Take a look at few of his recent pictures.  

Warning: Don’t send him any pictures that you don’t want to be made public. 

Here comes the Iron Man.

Image Courtesy :@fjamie013

The Mirror Cleaner

Image Courtesy :@fjamie013

Space Girl

Image Courtesy :@fjamie013

Eyefell Tower!

Image Courtesy :@fjamie013

I suppose it's your turn now.Are you ready to take the plunge? Let us know who it worked out.

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