Snapdeal is Looking to Revamp its Brand

Snapdeal Is Looking To Revamp Its Brand

Online retail giant Snapdeal is fighting hard to compete with the Giants like Amazon and Flipkart and is now planning to revamp its brand. To start with, they are now considering changing the logo and redesigning it with a single colour. As per reports by ibtimes, the new logo would be most likely similar to the DropBox logo.

Snapdeal which has been aggressively trying to rebuild its business had recently acquired Gojavas to ramp up the delivery services. It also had launched the next day delivery services. Rumour has it; Snapdeal is also planning to spend around 200 Crores in marketing this Diwali.

Apart from changing the logo, it also plans to introduce a new tagline to the brand (like they’ve been doing every year).The new tagline is most likely to hit the TV and Social Media during the 1st week of next month. The new logo might be unveiled during the Diwali festival as it is the time when the sales are at its peak.

It is very interesting to watch out how this new strategy turns out to them as there is a cut throat competition in the e-commerce space with new players like Paytm, who are already marking their presence and might officially rebrand itself as an e-commerce company in the next few months. Also, Flipkart which has made a slew of changes to its business by acquisition and revamping its management team has aggressively planned to launch its annual sale at the same time.

What does this mean for a customer? It is quite simple they can expect Discounts, Discount and much more Discounts! The customer is already having a variety of offers to choose from not to mention, they are bombarded with new offers every day at TV, Social Media and mobile phones. They are sure to love & get spoiled with so many choices.

As an interesting point that is noteworthy is that there have been tremendous changes in the last few months with regard to the investment side as the investors seem to have tightened their purses because of series of markdowns from the many Bankers and Investors.